Mar 172017

Today I finished my 2nd draft of my next interactive erotica novel. It is a smaller book in the number of choices this time, about a third of what Taken by the Aliens was, but oddly enough it is a little over half the size of Taken by the Aliens in word count. I wanted to shrink the branches a little but expand on the scenes themselves. It feels good after a second draft although I am tempted to put in one more small branch of choices. I am resisting for now because once you start adding choices, it can get hard to stop.

Now I take a week off from looking at the book before doing my final edits. My process looks like this.

Write the Thing.

Take a week off and not look at it. In my case, I moved to Wisconsin and unpacked so it was closer to three weeks.

Next I open it up and add the bookmarks and hyperlinks for the choices. As I do this, I also read everything and fix typos and rewrite some parts. For some reason, I used the term “balls deep” like eighty times.

Now I take a week off and probably outline my next big project. If I am feeling brave, I may start writing said big project.

After the week off, I go back and do my last read and weed out any more typos. If I feel confident that I got them all, I will publish to Amazon. If the number of typos was high, I may take another week off and come back later to do another run through.

My original goal was to write this Thing and have it published in three months. Moving, wife’s gall bladder surgery and the freaking holidays messed with that a bit and now it is looking like a six month project. I am disappointed but that is offset by the fact that I am proud of this book. It deals with infidelity from several different angles and has a nice mix of vanilla and kinky sex. I wish my speed was faster but at least I am happy with the quality.

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