Mar 072017

Bad girls have more fun and in erotica they certainly have more sex. Queen of Swords by Alana Melos is the first book in a series about a telepathic, telekinetic swordswoman for hire in a futuristic mega-corporation world. Caprice readily admits to having some mental issues when it comes to empathy as she likes to kill and fuck while telepathically linked to her victims/lovers. This is a very bad woman who likes her sex dark and nasty.

What was pleasantly surprising to me is how much good non-erotic action there was in this book. For every wonderful dark sex scene, and there are a lot, there is an equal number of action sequences that are equally riveting. Come for the hot sadistic sex and stay for the often equally sadistic fight scenes.

Another nice touch is how this book is filled with special characters. There is a vampire partner who is far more interesting than the usual vampire character in porn. There is a mysterious fixer who is not what he seems, a submissive magician and even the security guards have something different about them to elevate them above standard mooks.

I do want to stress that Caprice is a villain, so if you have problems with a character who murders an entire family to make a point, you may want to read elsewhere.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like one I’ll have to check out

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