Mar 062017

I have successfully moved to Wisconsin. Our town is part of a blend of six or seven towns that overlap one another in the Fox valley region. They call it a valley but everything as far as the eye can see is on the same level plane. I have never seen so much flat space.

So far Wisconsin is really nice. Rent, utilities and insurance is low but food is a bit pricey. People are friendly and forgiving of this awestruck Southerner. Best of all, I have seen zero Confederate Flags which is a very welcome change from East Tennessee.

Writing wise, I finished the first draft to my next interactive erotica book and will start editing it next week. This week I am still unpacking and making sense of where everything goes. My study consists of a computer desk, computer, writing altar and 89 boxes. I have no idea where to put the stuff in those boxes as the apartment layout is a bit smaller than my last. I foresee a lot of things going into the garage.

I have a rather overly ambitious idea for a series of novels about a magical cult leader who tries to change the world. Each book would be about a different member of this cult and it would have equal amounts of pulp action and magical erotica. The more I think about it, the bigger it gets and I feel that at my current rate of writing, it is too big of a project to attempt. It doesn’t help that my interactive fiction sells three times as much as my normal fiction. I have every reason NOT to do it but the idea won’t leave my head and as creative folks know, that pretty much means I will be doing it anyway.

Oh well, time for me to open more boxes and hopefully find the stand that the monitor goes on. Tune in tomorrow when I will talk about my favorite erotica book I read during the moving process.


  7 Responses to “Greetings From the Valley of Foxes”

  1. Awesome, glad you are liking Wisconsin so far. I love it and consider it my second home, at least up north. I hope it grows on you and you remain productive and happy.

    • Thanks! Today it is windy and I am used to seeing this kind of wind only when there is a hurricane around so that might take some getting used to.

  2. My only knowledge of Wisconsin is from the Dells, hence beer, pizza, and moose balls on delivery cars… I will be interested in hearing how everything goes.

    • The amount of beer everywhere is amazing. Seems like every non-chain restaurant also doubles as a bar.

  3. Fantastic.

    I live in an area right outside the Fox Valley, well the portion that extends into Illinois. It is quite huge really.

    Glad you are enjoying the move. WI is nice. You will have to check out the Bristol Renaissance Faire this summer, or as we like to call it, Breast-Fest.

    • That is so cool! Once we get settled in, I’ll have to make a pilgrimage to your neck of the plains.

      • Bristol Renaissance Faire, I loved going there. We used to be friends with Richard when it was King Richard’s Faire.

        Strangely enough, I also used to live in the Fox Valley, though down in Aurora, IL.

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