Mar 012017

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Our Infinite Love of the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. This is a busy system with fourteen inhabited worlds. I have surveyed the primary functions of all of the worlds and will be making my landing on the sixth world.

This world used to be called Battle Planet but has been renamed by the Carefully Managed Democracy to now be known as Healthy Violence Outlet Center. The world has been terraformed to be a giant battle ground where armed gladiators fight each other. These battles are broadcast through the Democracy for the entertainment of the masses. I have watched a few of the fights and I am impressed by the production values. It is my duty as a Royal Navy Explorer to investigate further and relay what I can learn so that Queen Erishella may incorporate these techniques for her own amusements.

It is a shame that Royal Navy protocol forbids me from participating in these games. I feel I could learn more if I was involved but I understand that my exploration mission is too important to risk just for a chance to kill some aliens for money and prizes. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have entered myself into a deathmatch game. The first prize is a year subscription to a pornographic entertainment stream. I have seen how these aliens fight; I have no doubt that I could kill all of them. They play to the cameras where as I will fight to win.

Plus, this is going to be a lot of fun.

Vaquel Di ran across the open street. Her orange spacesuit clung to every jiggling, pumping curve. Laser fire hissed behind her and Vaquel ran faster. She reached the corner of a battle-scarred building and dived behind it.

Something slammed into the building and it shook. Vaquel stayed where she was and readied her plasma pistol. Nervously, she ran her fingers through her short pink hair. Her heart was racing and she almost out of breath.

“Fuck, this is fun!” Vaquel whispered. Fighting for her life was remarkably relaxing. There were no exploration surveys to complete or reports to compose. It was nice to just run and shoot things for a change.

From the street came the sound of running feet. Whoever had shot at her was chasing after her. They had thought Vaquel had kept running.

Vaquel smiled. All of her opponents were Zatty, a race of three meter tall aliens with highly developed musculature who thought that since Vaquel was smaller, that she was afraid of them. They didn’t know her very well.

The sound of running feet came closer.

Vaquel stepped around the corner and took aim. The Zatty fighter wore a suit of armor covered in sponsorship stickers. He had a large laser rifle that he carried at his hip. Faster than Vaquel thought was possible, the Zatty fired his rifle.

The laser shot went over her head. The Zatty made the same mistake that the other fighters had today: he had instinctively aimed for where a Zatty’s head would be instead of where the much shorter Vaquel’s head was.

HISS! Vaquel’s plasma pistol spat a charge of super-heated matter. It went through the Zatty’s crotch and out the other side. The rest of his body turned to sludge or caught fire depending on its melting point.


Vaquel smiled. The speakers around the battlefield announced every special feat. She hadn’t read all of the rules but she knew you got bonus points for hitting people in the crotch, stabbing someone and weirdly, pushing someone off a ledge. Head shots gave you the most points though, which is why so many Zatty kept trying and failing to shoot hers.

Something shimmered at the edge of the street. Vaquel almost took cover before she recognized the source. It was one of the many flying cameras that broadcasted the event.

Vaquel turned and presented her profile to the camera. She grabbed one of her heavy breasts through her thin spacesuit and gave it a squeeze. The camera stayed pointed at her as she wiggled her ass.

Millions of beings were watching her. They had seen her kill five Zatty today as well as shake her ass. The thought of being admired sent shivers down Vaquel’s spine and down to her very wet pussy.

She thought about stroking herself on camera. Was that allowed? Fuck them if it isn’t.

Her hand was halfway down to her crotch when “HEADSHOT!” rang out.

“Someone is getting their points,” Vaquel said. She stopped posing and took cover behind a damaged wall.


“Was it the same fighter?” Vaquel wondered.



“Hmm, same fighter,” Vaquel said. She took a cautious look around. This battle zone used to be an agricultural town. What few buildings remained were burned out husks or just partial walls. There was plenty of cover but no where truly safe.


Wait, there was an old grain silo. It was the tallest structure remaining. If one had a sniper weapon, it would be the perfect nest.

Vaquel crouched low to the ground and started to run towards the silo. Thankfully nothing tore her head off. She kept to the shadows and tried to use whatever cover she could find.

Headless bodies dotted the street; telling her places not to go.


Vaquel dove to the ground, only realizing belatedly that it wasn’t announcing her head being shot. She crawled another meter and reached the broken door to the silo. A smile broke across her face. Now all she had to do was jump the sniper. Maybe she will push the sniper over the ledge and get those bonus points?


That meant there were only two fighters left. Vaquel purred. It was almost over too soon. She had really enjoyed killing people today.

Vaquel stepped through the door way and took a look. A ladder led up to a ledge. On the ledge was a bald Zatty woman, looking through the lens of a long rifle. The woman wore black bands across her red muscular body.

The sniper woman was completely oblivious to Vaquel’s presence. If Vaquel wanted to, she could probably shoot her from here with her plasma pistol. That would be the safe thing to do.

Where was the fun in that?

Vaquel crept to the ladder. As quietly as possible, she put her foot on the first rung. Stepping up, she grabbed the next rung. Ever so slowly, she worked her way up to the ladder.

As Vaquel climbed, she felt her nipples harden. The tight suit seemed to be pulling on her pussy lips. The excitement of the impending kill was making her body come alive. She had to bite down on her lip to keep from moaning.

The sniper woman still had her back to Vaquel. She scanned from left to right, looking for the last fighter, never knowing that her death was right behind her.

Vaquel stood up on the ledge and drew her plasma pistol. As tempting as it was to push the sniper woman out of the silo, Vaquel remembered how damn heavy these Zatty were. It was safer to use her gun. Besides, at range she could finally get a headshot.

HISS! The plasma pistol fired and super-hot matter shot through the sniper woman’s head and kept going. The woman’s head however remained and kept scanning the battleground.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. She just shot a hologram.

Something hard smashed into her hand. Vaquel dropped the plasma pistol and cried out.

A hard blow slammed into Vaquel’s knee. Pain flared through her leg and she dropped to the ground.

A large hand grabbed the back of her head. Vaquel was helpless as it slammed her face first into the floor. Stars exploded in front of her eyes.

Vaquel was in a daze. Pain gripped her hand and knee. She couldn’t focus her eyes. Dimly she was aware of being picked up and dragged to the silo opening. Cameras hovered in the air, ready to record her demise.

Shit, someone is going to get those falling ledge points after all.

“What’s your name?” the Zatty woman asked.

“Fuck you,” Vaquel said weakly.

“Nice name, Fuck-U. My name is Sureshot.”

Vaquel tried to kick Sureshot but the red woman easily blocked her kick.

“Just go ahead and finish me,” Vaquel said.

“Whatever you say, Fuck-U.”

Sureshot grabbed the front of Vaquel’s spacesuit. Powerful fingers sunk into the fabric and then pulled. RIP! The flimsy material tore away to expose Vaquel’s heavy brown breasts.

“What the?” Vaquel asked. She was spun around and held up to the cameras.


That was a thing? Vaquel really wished that she had read the rules manual. For that matter, she realized that she probably should have watched an entire fight play out instead of channel surfing.

Still holding Vaquel up with one hand around Vaquel’s neck, Sureshot used her other hand to slap Vaquel’s breasts. The large red hand flattened Vaquel’s soft flesh.


Vaquel growled with rage. No one was going to score bonus points on her! She grabbed the fingers around her neck and tried to pry the iron grip apart.

Sureshot chuckled and grabbed Vaquel’s breast with her free hand. Sureshot’s giant hand fit over her breast like a bra. The red fingers sunk into her soft tit and squeezed. Next, she twisted Vaquel’s breast with sadistic glee.


Vaquel winced. Her breast felt like it was about to be torn off. If the Zatty wanted to, there was nothing Vaquel could do about it.

There was another twist and a bolt of pain flashed from Vaquel’s tortured breast. The bolt shot through her body and slammed into her pussy. There it transformed into pleasure as a wave of dampness flowed through her.

“Like that, Fuck-U?” Sureshot asked.

Vaquel was groaning too hard to answer. Whether it was from pleasure or pain was too close to call.

Sureshot released Vaquel’s breast. Fingers tore into the crotch of Vaquel’s spacesuit. They ripped away the fabric to reveal the pink pubic hair of her bush.


The cameras zoomed closer. Vaquel knew they were broadcasting her dripping wet sex to the paying customers. Her cheeks burned with humiliation but her pussy clenched with desire.

Still, Vaquel had to fight. She wiggled as Sureshot adjusted her grip, Vaquel smashed an elbow into the bald woman’s face. Unfortunately she hit Sureshot’s forehead and it felt like she rammed her elbow into a stone wall.

“Nice try, Fuck-U,” Sureshot said. She slammed Vaquel face first into the floor.

Pain exploded in Vaquel’s head followed by grateful unconsciousness.


Vaquel awoke with a start. Something thick and wonderful was inside her sex. It was ramming in and out of her. She was taking an incredible fucking.

The floor pressed against Vaquel’s face. A powerful hand held Vaquel’s head down. Her knees were together and propping her ass up in the air. A boot nudged her slumping tit.

The thrusting came faster. Vaquel groaned. It was large, thick and hard. She might be fingers but it was too rigid. When it pushed deep inside her sex, something thicker pressed against her lips.

Vaquel groaned. It was a pistol. Sureshot was fucking her with a pistol. If Vaquel tried to move, one squeeze of the trigger and that would be it.

So Vaquel took it. She stayed where she was as Sureshot pounded her sex with her weapon. Unwilling and unable to escape, Vaquel decided to enjoy the moment.

A camera floated next to Vaquel’s face. She saw her moaning face reflected in the lens. Drool was flowing from her open mouth and pooling on the floor.

The fucking got faster. Vaquel groaned and clutched at the dirty floor. The thrusts came harder and she welcomed the rough rutting. She rolled her hips and tried to hump the pistol.

Vaquel’s orgasm came closer. She reached under her and rubbed at her pussy lips. Distantly, she realized that she should be trying to escape but she was beyond caring. If today was the day she died, she was at least going to get off.

The pistol pulled out of Vaquel’s sex. Sureshot yanked Vaquel’s hand away from her sex. Vaquel yelled a primal scream as she prevented from coming.


“Seriously?” Vaquel shouted. She really should have read the rulebook!

Sureshot picked Vaquel up and spun her upside down. Vaquel was too disoriented to fight back. The sniper pulled both of Vaquel’s arms behind her back and then wrapped her massive hand around Vaquel’s wrists. With one hand, Sureshot immobilized Vaquel’s hands.

Vaquel realized she was facing Sureshot’s bare crotch. The woman must have stripped when Vaquel was unconscious. The red sex lips were hairless and had a small bulls-eye tattooed above her sex.

Sureshot pulled Vaquel’s head to her sex. The sniper leaned forward and her powerful thighs enclosed around Vaquel’s head. There was no escape.

It was clear what Vaquel had to do. She opened her mouth and went to work licking at Sureshot’s sex. A river of desire flowed from the red pussy and into Vaquel’s mouth.


Vaquel kept licking. Strong thighs clenched around her head. It was hard to breathe but Vaquel kept at it.

Sureshot moaned and shivered. In complete control of Vaquel’s body, she rubbed the space explorer’s face against her sex. She humped Vaquel like she was a sextoy.

It didn’t bother Vaquel. She had lost and it was Sureshot’s right. Back on Euphoria, the strong conquered and the weak sucked and licked. Vaquel licked, nibbled and sucked on Sureshot’s pussy with a fervor that was almost patriotic.

“You’re going to make me come, Fuck-U,” Sureshot groaned.

Vaquel licked faster.

Sureshot trembled. Her grip loosened around Vaquel’s wrists.

Hope sprang within Vaquel. She might not be dead yet. Sureshot might get careless when she comes.

Vaquel used all of the tricks that she had learned from her space travels. She moaned to make her lips vibrate like that one alien did. She rubbed her nose against Sureshot’s clit like she learned on that ice planet. She spelled the alphabet of a dead planet with her tongue.

Sureshot screamed her climax. It was a powerful yell that shook Vaquel’s rib cage. She grinded Vaquel’s face into her spasming sex until she could take no more and then she dropped Vaquel to the floor.


Vaquel landed hard. Her lips were bruised and her head was splitting It didn’t matter. She opened juice-covered eyes and looked for a weapon.

There, her plasma pistol was right beside her.

Vaquel lunged for her pistol and grabbed it. Her hands were numb from being squeezed but she kept a firm grip. She aimed the pistol towards Sureshot, who already had a pistol of her own in her hand.

ZAP! Pain overtook Vaquel. The pistol dropped from her fingers. She couldn’t tell where she had been shot because her entire body hurt. It didn’t matter. Darkness overtook her.


Vaquel awoke in a bed. She tried to sit up but her head hurt too much.

“Careful, Fuck-U,” a voice said. It was a Zatty male in white robes.

“I’m not dead?” Vaquel asked.

The Zatty laughed. “No, you’re lucky that Sureshot invoked her incapacitation option. It was a stun beam that struck you. She must have taken a liking to you. You’ll live.”

“Praise the Queen!” Vaquel said. She had faced death and decided that she didn’t like it much.

“We aren’t familiar with your species to do a full medical treatment but feel free to rest here until someone else needs the bed,” the Zatty said. “Oh, and Sureshot said to give you this.”

He handed Vaquel a small disc. Vaquel recognized it as the primary method of transferring data among the Zatty.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“It is the year long access to pornographic entertainment stream,” he said. “Sureshot said she gets all of her orgasms from her opponents.”

“I bet she does,” Vaquel said. She laid on the bed, wondering if she was stupid enough to ask Sureshot for a rematch.

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