Feb 012017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my forty-one day journey to the star system designated “Our Infinite Love of the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. Ship functions are nominal and I continue to operate well within efficiency standards.

I have been receiving transmissions from other ships travelling this area of space but the transmissions appear to be coded. A typical transmission from a freighter read as “4OS4P-C/HO” or “2P2OS4ANY-GH/C”. I recognize the C/HO and the GH/C as navigational directions that were taught at the Polite Visitor Welcoming Center. The first letters reference a planet of origin within the Carefully Managed Democracy and the second letters refer to a destination planet. These planets form a line that mirrors the course of the ships. With this in mind, I believe this is a coded system communicating ship needs to other ships in search of barter. I am currently trying to crack the rest of the code. End Transmission.

Explorer’s Personal Log: As I was masturbating in the shower, I made a breakthrough with the code. I made my own broadcast of “3OSANYP – HO/PK” and received a response. We are now rendezvousing to make the transaction and we will see if I am correct.”

“Five minutes to interception,” the navigation computer reported.

Vaquel Di moaned and leaned back on Chairbot. The space explorer’s brown body was naked. Hard dark nipples topped massive breasts. Short pink hair crowned her head while curly pink hair covered her sex. Her bright eyes were half closed as she enjoyed the vibrations radiating from the seat of her faithful robot.

A part of the seat rose to press firmly against Vaquel’s sex. She instinctively leaned into it. The vibrations of the raised contoured increased.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel groaned. “Too much. We still have five minutes.”

“Sorry, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Your clenching ass inspires me to serve you better.” The raised contour retreated back into the seat.

A navigation screen showed the relation between Vaquel’s probe ship and the approaching freighter. Both ships were headed in different directions but they shared an interception point. For one brief moment, they will be close enough to touch.

The ship’s computer made a few course corrections to Vaquel’s trajectory. The freighter made similar corrections. The single point expanded to become a segment. For eighteen point nine minutes, the two ships will share a course path before diverging back to their original destinations.

Vaquel’s ass grinded on Chairbot’s vibrating seat. Eighteen point nine minutes wasn’t long but that was the cruelty of space travel. Even this small of a course correction would require tremendous power expenditures to make up for lost vectors. Any longer and Vaquel’s journey to the next star system would be delayed past acceptable limits and the freighter would have to expend fuel that would cut into its profit margins. Eighteen point nine minutes would have to do.

This is why Vaquel was on Chairbot. She needed to get ready. There would be no time for foreplay.

There were other ships on the navigation screen. Vaquel marveled at the multitude of course interceptions. After six years of traveling alone, Vaquel easily understood why so many ships were willing to risk their schedule to make contact with another stranger.

“Freighter approaching,” the navigational computer said.

Vaquel reluctantly left Chairbot’s vibrating seat and stood up. She went to the airlock and looked out the window. The freighter was an ugly thing, mostly a large rectangle with other rectangles attached to it.

A tube emerged from the freighter. That would be the docking tunnel. Vaquel’s ship adjusted speed and orientation to line up with the tunnel. When the tunnel reached Vaquel’s ship, powerful magnets latched onto Vaquel’s hull.

The ship shuddered slightly as the connection was made. Vaquel clenched as if she had been entered. Her hand went to a hard nipple and tweaked it.

“Preparing docking environment,” the computer announced.

Vaquel licked her lips. The clock was already ticking. Adding air and heat to the tunnel was essential for survival but she still resented it. Eighteen point nine minutes was not long at all. She twisted her nipple; taking out her frustration on her own body.

“Environment complete,” the computer announced.

Vaquel opened the airlock and kicked her way down the tunnel. There was no gravity but that was fine. She didn’t need gravity, just friction.

The freighter airlock opened. Out came a naked Zatty male. Like others of his species, he was three meters tall, red, highly muscular and little body hair. His large cock was already hard. Three other Zatty makes were close behind him.

“Are you the three orifices seeking any plugs?” the Zatty male said.

“Yes, I am,” Vaquel said. They were ten meters away and closing fast.

“What kind of species are you?” the Zatty asked. “You have tiny tits like a teenager.”

“Euphorian,” Vaquel said. She wasn’t bothered by the insult to her tits because she had seen the enormous breasts of Zatty women. “And I thought you wanted my orifices, not my tits.”

“Positive,” the male said. “I’m Captain Kerpar by the way.”

“”I don’t give a fuck,” Vaquel said. She rotated her body in the air so that her feet were pointed to the Captain. Her legs spread as she stroked her sex.

The Captain nodded. He rotated his body vertically so that his body was ninety degrees to hers. His red cock pointed towards her in a biological imitation of the docking tunnel.

When they were close enough, The Captain grabbed her legs. He pulled her to him and she slid easily onto his red member. The docking maneuver was complete when Vaquel wrapped her legs around his large waist.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. Like all Zatty, he was hung like a riding beast. He filled her tight sex to the limit. Fortunately, Chairbot’s teasing had properly lubricated her pussy.

“Shit lasers!” the Captain roared. “Your fuck-station is as tight as a black hole!”

Vaquel grabbed one of his nipples and pinched it. “Shut up and fuck me.”

The Captain laughed and grabbed one of her breasts with his giant hand. His fingers completely engulfed her breast and he squeezed hard. He used his other hand to grab half her ass. Holding her firmly, he held her in place as his hips thrust towards her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. He pounded her with a desperate fury that only comes from a long space voyage. His cock was a ram, plunging deep inside her with unbridled desire.

The other Zatty males gather around them. They held their cocks and stroked as they watched. None tried to join in and Vaquel understood. Being the Captain has its privileges.

“Shit lasers, shit lasers, shit lasers,” the Captain groaned. The force of his thrusts sent their bodies into a slow spin. Around and round they rotated inside the docking tunnel.

There was nothing for Vaquel to do except take the furious pounding. It had been awhile since she had been fucked in such a primal manner. There was no attempt at technique or seduction. She was just an orifice to be used and used and used. It was damn nice. She made a vow to intercept a lot more ships in the coming days.

The Captain changed his grip. He let go of Vaquel’s breast and she realized it had gone numb. Keeping her on his cock, he spun her around so he could look down on her ass. His hands encircled her hips as he resumed fucking her.

Vaquel cried out. He was giving his hips a break and using his hands to fuck her. She was like a sex toy that he was using to jack off with.

A thousand prickles assaulted her previously numb breast. Circulation was returning to her poor tit. Vaquel cried out from the discomfort and clenched down tighter on the massive cock.

Around them, the three Zatty men continued to masturbate. Vaquel wondered if they would join in or if they would be forced to only watch. The idea of being unobtainable turned her on. She imagined them going back to their ship, jacking off for weeks thinking about the brown alien they couldn’t fuck.

That thought sent Vaquel over the edge. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. As she climaxed, her pussy quivered around the Captain’s cock.

“Shit lasers,” the Captain moaned. His fingers tightened painfully around Vaquel’s waist. He slammed her down hard on his cock. His balls bounced against her in the zero gravity.

The cock erupted in side Vaquel. A gush of hot seed filled her sex. It was too much and it overflowed her tight pussy. He kept her pinned to his twitching cock as seed flowed from her pussy lips.

The Zatty men came closer. There was a gleam in their eyes. One by one, they smiled.

Vaquel looked at them and knew they would be joining in after all.

The Captain pulled out of Vaquel. He gave her a gentle push to the ground. “Have at her boys,” he said. “I need to go relieve Squeaky so he can get a turn.”

“There’s a fifth crew member?” Vaquel said. Her hand went to her sex. It was tender from the cock punching it had taken.

“Hey, your ad did say ‘For any’,” The Captain said.

Vaquel laughed. She was going to be more specific in the future.

The Captain kicked his way down the tunnel. The three Zatty men stayed around Vaquel. Their red cocks throbbed in her direction but no one moved.

“This was the difference between officers and crew,” Vaquel thought to herself. She said out loud to them, “You heard him boys, fuck my brains out.”

The Zatty men lunged at her. The first to grab her claimed her hips. He pulled her sex to his cock and slipped in. It didn’t seem to matter to him that her pussy was still full of the Captain’s seed. He plunged right in.

Vaquel wrapped her legs around him and grabbed his shoulders. She looked him in the eyes as he thrust inside her. He tried to return the gaze but his eyes kept going to her bouncing floating breasts.

“My name is-“ he began to say but Vaquel clamped her hand over his mouth.

“Don’t care. Just fuck,” she said.

One of the other Zatty men floated to the ceiling. He grabbed a handful of Vaquel’s short pink hair. His red cock was already on an intercept course for her mouth.

Vaquel opened her lips and his cock slid right in. It was hard to get her jaws around such a big member but Vaquel had a lot of practice. She got the head between her lips pushed on the Zatty’s thighs to keep him from going any further. He made a groan of disappointment but once her tongue went to work, he didn’t seem to mind anymore.

The Zatty inside her fucked her slowly. He had none of the Captain’s desperate fury. That was fine with Vaquel. Her pussy was still tender and a nice slow fucking by a big dick was just what she needed.

She kept sucking on the cock head in her mouth. As long as she kept sucking, the Zatty didn’t try to thrust down her throat. He kept his fingers in her hair as she licked and she liked constant tugging he gave her scalp. Large red balls floated and bounced against her face.

“Where did the third Zatty go?” Vaquel thought to herself.

Something wet spattered against her ass. Large hands spread her butt cheeks. A thick finger rubbed something wet and slippery against her anus.

“There he is,” Vaquel thought. “Oh well, I did advertise three orifices. Thank the Queen that I took that Sphincter Relaxer.”

The unseen Zatty pressed something impossibly large against her asshole. Vaquel’s medicated ass relaxed as the familiar shape of a cock pushed in. Her anus stretched to accommodate the bulky head.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out with a cock still in her mouth. Even with the Sphincter Relaxer, it was a tight fit. She almost forgot about other cocks as her focus shrunk down to the invader in her ass.

All three Zattys fucked her at every hole. Slow thrusts filled her pussy. Slower thrusts filled her ass. The cock head in her mouth throbbed and twitched, ready to thrust as soon as she stopped licking. The thrusts generated a slight spin as the four bodies rotated together in the zero gravity tunnel.

“I am a docking station for dicks,” Vaquel thought. “No, I’m a dicking station.”

She giggled at her own joke. The giggles created vibrations around the dick in her mouth. The Zatty groaned and his balls twitched against her face.

The Zatty cock in her ass delved just a little bit deeper. Vaquel shuddered as she slowly invaded. Her ass clenched tightly despite the sexual supplement she had taken.

An alien grabbed one of her breasts. She couldn’t tell which one. Someone else, or maybe the same Zatty, grabbed her other breast. Both hands held onto her tits with powerful grips. Was someone being selfish or were they sharing?

Vaquel’s pussy quivered round the cock inside it. The cock was going just a little bit faster inside her. Pussy juice and the Captain’s seed lubed the way. Stroke by stroke, she was being brought closer to orgasm.

Who would come first? The cock she was sucking? The cock that filled her pussy? The cock that stretched her asshole? Maybe it would be Vaquel, impaled on three alien dicks.

It was Vaquel. She felt her orgasm rising in slow motion. The double thrusts of the cocks inside her pussy and ass inched her closer and closer. When it finally burst, screamed her pleasure onto the cock in her mouth.

As she screamed and came, the cock in her mouth exploded. Thick seed filled her mouth and flooded her throat. She choked but also swallowed as she kept coming.

While she choked, the cock in her pussy released. More seed filled her stuffed sex. The cock pulsed, expelling load after load inside her.

The cock in her ass came soon after. If she thought her pussy was filled with seed, it was nothing compared to the feeling of what was rushing into her tight anus. Seed filled her from the inside out.

Vaquel thought she was going to burst. Alien seed was filling her at every orifice. It felt like it was bloating her body and would come spilling out of her spores.

The Zatty men pulled out of her. Vaquel gasped for air. Her pussy ached from her seed that filled her. Once the cock left her ass, she felt strangely incomplete.

Vaquel drifted lazily in the tunnel. She was spent and exhausted. It didn’t matter how much time was left, she was done.

That was when she noticed a newcomer to the tunnel. It looks like a strange robot with four long legs at first but Vaquel realized her mistake. The metal legs were some sort of harness for the organic creature manipulating the legs. The animal looked like some kind of meter long blue fish but the dual blowholes signaled it was perhaps a mammal. It had a snout with far too many teeth for Vaquel’s comfort and the narrow eyes suggested a carnivore’s diet.

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel asked.

“You never seen a Pinzee before?” one of the Zatty men said. “They thrive in zero gravity and are hard workers but horny as fuck. You’ll like him.”

“He fucks bipeds?” Vaquel says.

Another Zatty laughed. “Squeaky fucks anything that moves and sometimes things that move too slowly.”

Squeaky emitted a long series of high pitched squeaks. Some of the squeaks were outside the range of Vaquel’s hearing but she felt the sonic vibrations in her tits. The Zatty laughed and she wondered if it had said something funny.

The Zatty men began their float back to their ship. Squeaky’s four legs extended in cardinal directions to grip the sides of the wall. He raced towards Vaquel with determined narrow eyes. Something blue extended from a slit under him. It looked thankfully narrower than the Zatty cocks.

“I did say any plug,” Vaquel sighed. She rolled over and floated with her ass up and her pussy presented to the alien fish.

Squeaky squeaked in what Vaquel hoped was a positive manner. It stood over her and small metal arms reached for. Manipulator grips grabbed her thighs and pulled her to him.

The creature’s narrow dick poked at her pussy. It wiggled and stroked her sensitive lips. It had a nice slick texture but it wasn’t going inside her.

Vaquel took matters into her own hands. She reached for the slippery appendage and guided it in. Once inside, it wiggled with increased fury.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. It was almost vibrating inside her sex. After all the large alien dicks, this is exactly what she needed.

Squeaky squeaked. A second set of mechanical arms grabbed her tits while the first set of hands held onto her hips. The fish humped her, his cool body slapping against her ass.

“Fuck, Squeaky, you’re pretty damn good!” Vaquel cried. She clenched down on the wiggle appendage inside her.

Squeaky stopped squeaking. A powerful vibration grew inside. It intensified and filled her entire sex.

Vaquel thought it was coming from the appendage but no, it felt like a sonic tool. She remembered how some aquatic creatures navigate by sonar. Could Squeaky be using his sonar in a sexual manner?

Whatever it was, it felt wonderful. Squeaky’s wiggling cock was like a primitive vibrator by itself but the sonic field was a whole other level of bliss. It felt like two vibrators were inside her, their vibrations in symbiosis with each other.

Zatty seed floated around them. It was everywhere. A floating sphere of seed touched her lips and stuck to them. More seed floated into her body and clung to her skin.

Vaquel was dimly aware of these sensations. All of her attention was on the vibrations inside her. Squeaky was also thrusting, filling her body with much needed friction. Vaquel lacked the awareness to participate in the fucking as she succumbed to the vibrations.

“Two minutes, Squeaky,” the Captain’s voice announced in the tunnel.

Squeaky emitted a sharp squeak and the sonic vibrations inside Vaquel’s pussy vanished. She whimpered but they soon returned, this time with double the intensity.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed as the vibrations continue to hum inside her.

Squeaky kept fucking her. The wiggling cock spun and thrust inside her. The sonic field intensified.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

The metal arms creaked as they held Squeaky in place. A nebula of seed floated around the two mating bodies. The cool slick flesh of the fish creature kept slapping against Vaquel’s sweaty ass.

“Glory!” Vaquel croaked before her voice gave out. She came again as she hung loosely in the metal arms.

The sonic field disappeared but the wiggling cock telescoped deep inside Vaquel. As she gasped, she felt the burst of something thick and sticky inside her. There was one burst, a second and then a third before the wiggling cock pulled out of her completely.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Metal arms released her. She floated down to the floor of the docking tunnel. Seed gushed from her over-stuffed sex to add to the mess already floating.

Something sharp nipped her ass. Vaquel cried out and looked at Squeaky. It had bitten her ass! Was that a smile on its long snout?

“One minute warning,” Vaquel’s ship announced.

Squeaky emitted a sharp squeak. Vaquel agreed.

“Time’s up,” she said.

The metal legs quickly traversed the length of the tunnel and in not time, Squeaky was back inside his freighter. Vaquel wasn’t so lucky. She had to move on her own power. Summoning what was left of her strength, she crouched and then launched herself through the tunnel back to her ship.

Vaquel groaned. She ached inside and out. Her breasts were sore from being squeezed in the vice grips of the Zatty. Her asshole hurt. She had a tender jaw. Her pussy sensitive and she was leaking seed with every jump.

But still, she kept jumping through the tunnel. She was naked, sore and exhausted but death by vacuum was a hell of a motivator.

Vaquel reached the airlock and dived through. Gravity pulled her down to the ground and she landed hard. She didn’t care. The door sealed on its own behind her. The tunnel disengaged. The ship hummed as it resumed course to her next destination.

“Are you alright, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Would you like to sit on my nice relaxing seat and rest?”

Vaquel laughed. “I think I will stay on the floor a bit.”

“The computer said a second ship has responded to your broadcast,” Chairbot said. “They are sending rendezvous coordinates and propose intersecting in nine hours.”

“Nine hours?” Vaquel said. She slipped an arm under her head. Something was sticking to her arm. She licked it. It was Zatty seed.

“Wake me up in eight hours so I can take a shower,” Vaquel said, still on the floor.

She was snoring before Chairbot could answer.

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