Jan 262017

My wife got the job offer for Wisconsin so yay! She still has the drug test and background check to go which shouldn’t be a problem and then we scramble. Our target date for her to start work is the first week of March.

Which means we have roughly a month, and the shortest month at that, to pack. I had planned to finish my interactive erotica story this month but fuck that. Life comes at you fast and quick.

I am grateful that after two plus months we finally have some sort of answer on this job. Finding a place to live, packing and actually moving is going to absorb a ton of my time but it is much better to have an impossible task in front of you rather than sitting around waiting to see if you are going to stay around for a year. I remind myself that we moved to Tennessee in a shorter amount of time and that involved packing a house as opposed to the current apartment so it should be easier. Should.

It is strange how moving to a new state has been a wonderful distraction from the Orange Shitstain ruining the country. I plan to enjoy that a bit.

  4 Responses to “Wisconsin Bound”

  1. *weep* First we lost you both from the immediate area, and then… Working on it, but it’s complicated.

  2. Wisconsin is nice. Not a lot going on there, but still nice. I live in Chicago so we try to get up there when we can. Hope everything works out.

    • Wife has already made grand plans to visit Chicago once we are up there. I want to see if the city is as windy as alleged :)

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