Jan 152017

This is a 8×11 of Vanessa Ives from the show, Penny Dreadful as drawn by Michael Powell.I am not kidding when I say that Michael is my go-to artist as the man can draw like no one else. From crazy sex fantasies to superheroes to likenesses, Michael can do it all.

Vanessa was played by the wonderful Eva Green which means she is a character that is simmering with dread sexuality of a type I can barely put words to. Vanessa had a strange, weird, sexy arc through the series and even with the series over I have a hard time explaining just what the fuck Vanessa’s deal was but it was always fascinating.

In the series she reads tarot cards, has visions, learns herbalism, has weird mind links, and might be the key to the apocalypse. Powers aside, what really made Vanessa magical was her aura of mystery. She was smart and often holding secrets for your own good. She was doomed, oh so very doomed, but she kept fighting. And when she was cornered, or pissed, then you best run because she will fuck your shit up.

What more could a witch aspire to be?

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