Jan 022017

I made it through the end of December without watching or reading a single “Year in Review” for 2016. Talk about a period of time I don’t want to think about. There was too much death and too much death of hope.

In the past I have scoffed at the idea of the focus of New Year’s as some sort of special time where you should do new things but man, this year I get it. I haven’t been this desperate for a new beginning in a long time.

My wife has a job possibility in Wisconsin. The holidays slowed down the hiring company and we are expected to get some sort of an answer January 10th. All indications are that they would want her to start working by the start of February. That is an insanely short amount of time to move but hey, weirder things have happened. If it plays out, she would be at a much better, higher paying job at a major company. By any definition, that would be a fresh start for 2017.

Of course, if it doesn’t work out, we start 2017 with a big disappointment. Well, shit happens.

I am about 2/3 of the way through my next interactive erotica book and the plan is to finish it this month. That plan goes out the window if I have to pack the apartment but I will happily take that delay. The book is about adultery and it is very different from my usual writing but that was on purpose. After spending two years writing about aliens, it was nice to write about banging your sister-in-law at a family reunion. It might be the most mundane thing I have ever written. I am curious how it will be received.

My other project is I want to create a grimoire of modern demons. Researching medieval demons, I was impressed by how there was a demon for almost every bad habit, slight misfortune or minor inconvenience. There is something therapeutic about having a demon name for the shitty thing that is bothering you. Once you name something and can visualize it, it gets a tiny bit easier to deal with the problem. I would like to try my hand at labeling and containing some of my own demons as well as addressing other demonic perils we all face. Plus, I think it would be a fun project to work on for a year.

This year marks seven years of writing Vaquel stories. Last year, Vaquel traveled through a region of space inspired by the wild frontiers of the Wild West. This year she will travel through a civilized part of space controlled by a government called the Carefully Managed Democracy. I wanted to play around with bureaucracy and contrast the problems that civilized space brings. This was an idea I have planned for since the end of 2015 so I had no idea I would be writing these stories at the time of a possible new dictatorship in my own universe. My goal is to write about a perfectly well meaning but cumbersome government as opposed to parodying real events but hey, you never know what inspirations 2017 may bring.

My other goals this year are more vague. I want to do another comic script for Gnosis College but I am not sure about what. I would also like to write a comic script for Lon Ryden’s Little Green Bastards. The next interactive erotica story after the one I am writing will most likely be about being in a sex magic cult, complete with a description of your initiate rank when you complete the book.

Other than that, I leave the rest of the year open. New opportunities will arise as well as new ideas. It is always good to have something in mind to write when nothing else is there, as well as making sure you don’t overbook yourself to the point that new ideas have to wait until 2018.

I wish you well in 2017. May you this year be better than the last. May you find new delights that you weren’t expecting.

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  1. Wow, you are getting close to my neck of the woods (Iowa, though I usually spend 4-6 weeks/year in northern Wisconsin).

    Sounds like a fantastic year for you, I can’t wait.

    … even if I have to catch up on your posts. :( Just a *little* too many things going on.

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