Dec 012016

A group of men ran out of the forest. Their gait was strange for they carried something large under their crotches. As I peered closer, I saw that these were their scrotums. Testicles the size of baseballs shifted inside their hair sacks. Carrying this burden made them much slower their

The men ran into an open field of grass. Despair washed over their faces. Each of them knew that they had made a mistake.

A green beam of light felled one of the men. A shimmering net entangled another. One was brought down by a spinning thing that wrapped around the man’s ankles. One by one, they fell to devices or green beams.

That was when I saw the women. They were tall and each wore a fearsome mask of steel and light. Netting covered their bountiful breasts and muscular legs though I could not discern what purpose it would provide. Their sexes were hairy and proudly exposed.

The tallest of the women raised a spear. The other women looked to her as a leader. I scryed closer to examine her. Metal bars pierced her nipples. Around her belt were tattered remains of cloth, arranged as if they were trophies. In one hand she carried a spear while the other hand was sheathed in a massive glove made of metal and claws.

The leader lowered her hand and the woman separated, each going to a different fallen man. Those of the men not felled by the green light, squirmed and screamed. The woman would use a clawed glove to grip the men by their turgid cocks. This always subdued the man to lie still.

As for the unconscious men, their women merely rolled them over for what was to come next.

The leader raised her spear again and each woman stood over the phallus of the man they had captured. When she lowered her spear, the women all squatted in unison to mount their men.

The sex was brutal, rough and almost frenzied. The women humped, grinded and fucked like wild animals. Claws rendered flesh,

The men screamed or moaned, it was hard to tell through the glass.

Eventually, the leader of the women raised her spear again. A green bolt pierced the sky. Most of the women stopped their fucking and dismounted their spent men.

One woman continued to fuck. The leader came to her and loomed over her in a threatening manner.

The woman continued to fuck.

The leader stabbed her with the spear. The fucking woman didn’t try to defend herself. She died and fell off the man she was fucking.

The women gathered her dead comrade and left.

The men stayed on the ground, their giant scrotums now greatly reduced.
“In a Purple Mirror”
-Jennifer Glasse

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