Dec 042016

001Today’s piece is a bookmark custom made for me from Betty Munich. I was a fan of Munich’s work on the Occult Activity Book and I knew I wanted her to draw me a personal bookmark.

Bookmarks are one of my favorite kinds of art.  It is my tendency to anthropomorphize just about everything and bookmarks are no exception. Bookmarks becomes steady companions on the journey of reading a book.

I used to get frustrated with the range of bookmarks available for purchase until I realized that hey, a bookmark is just a bigger sketch card. I commission bookmarks now and I pretty much have a specific bookmark for every subject I read.

When it comes to magic books though, I tend to use a lot of bookmarks. On average I will bookmark a particular three or four times for easy reference later. This means I need a lot of bookmarks and when it comes to the occult, it feels right to have a bunch of unique bookmarks rather than a dozen of the same kind.

Munich has a pretty strong occult sensibility so when I commissioned her, I think I just requested that there be a lot of purple. Everything else was her choice and her choice was fantastic. It is a lovely bookmark and a treasured member of my paper coven.

  2 Responses to “Sunday Coven #4”

  1. That is pretty cool. I like it!

    I tend to write notes on my bookmarks. Typically I take two sheets of printer paper, fold it three times and use that. As I read, I jot down all my notes. I can then unfold them and put them into my research folders. I have several dozen “witch” bookmarks that I go back too every so often.

    • That is a pretty clever idea. I was thinking of how I would do it and then remembered that my handwriting is nigh-indecipherable.

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