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Larina tightened her thighs around the farmer. His muscular body heaved and writhed on top of her. She sunk her fingernails into his back and he thrust faster inside her.

“By the Gods, you are beautiful,” the farmer said.

Larina smiled but didn’t return the compliment. The farmer had a rough odor and a misshapen nose but he was young and fit. Maybe tonight she would finally quench the thirst that had plagued her these past few weeks.

“Red hair,” the farmer grunted. “Big tits, pretty lips, big tits.”

Larina’s smile turned into a smirk. It wasn’t necessary to list her attributes while fucking her but she appreciated the adoration.

It was too bad that adoration wasn’t enough. For some reason, the farmer wasn’t able to bring her to bursting. It didn’t make sense. She had enchanted his cock to be just a little bit bigger and it was the right size. His thrusting was fast and steady. He had a farmer’s strength and endurance. The bed beneath them was barely a pallet but Larina had rutted on far harder ground. She should have burst by now.

She was close. Her nipples were hard. Little tremors ran down her spine. She kept biting her lip. The inside of her sex kept clenching. All the signs were there that she would burst at any moment but nothing was happening.

“Oh, oh, oh,” the farmer grunted.

“No,” Larina moaned. Not now! She needed to delay his bursting. There was a spell for this, taught to her by a witch of nine children. Larina had to act fast.

“By wind, by stream, by root-“

“AGHHH!” the farmer cried and his body froze. Larina’s spell remained unspoken as he his cock burst. Hot seed flowed into Larina. The farmer shuddered, smiled, and shuddered again.

“By the Gods,” the farmer groaned and then rolled off of the witch.

“Fuck!” Larina snarled to herself. She put her hands between her legs. Caring little for the farmer’s pride, she rubbed at her sex. Maybe she could push herself over the edge and burst.

It was useless. Larina could maintain the fires of passion but she couldn’t get them hot enough to make her burst. She stroked nosily on the bed, refusing to give up.

Something white leaped between her legs. It was Cotton, her winged cat familiar. Bright eyes looked at Larina in silent judgment.

“You’re right, I won’t be able to do it myself,” Larina said.

The farmer began to snore.

“Well, what do you suggest?” Larina asked. She was young and new to the ways of witches. Without a coven to guide her, she was used to asking her familiar for advice.

Images filled Larina’s mind: grass fields under moonlight. Musky smells left on bushes. Sharp teeth from behind. Penetration followed by submission.

Larina frowned. The message was clear; go out and find pleasure.

“Fine, it is not like I was going to sleep anyway,” Larina said.

She rose from the bed. Moonlight danced across her naked body. A tattoo on her back may have moved. Red hair flashed on her head and over her goddess lips. Sex sweat shimmered on her skin.

It was easy to dress in darkness. Larina had done it many times the last few years. Witches were often welcome in the magic of the night but less so in the early fires of dawn. Lovers who swore worship in the heat of passion would forget their vows the next morning and ask if you were the reason their horse broke a leg last fall.

Larina left the farmhouse, wrapped in a purple tunic. Red hair flashed like candlelight from beneath her purple hood. There was the clink of charms as she walked. The smell of hazel followed her.

Cotton flew away from the road and towards the woods. He sat on a tree branch, his white fur a beacon in the forest. He feigned interest in a leaf.

Had he seen something he wanted to chase? Larina wondered. She had already asked him one question tonight; his cat nature wouldn’t answer another for some time. The plan had been to take the road but now she wasn’t so sure.

Larina stepped off the road and into the woods. A flush came over her body. She felt hot despite the cool wind.

This was intriguing.

Larina walked into the forest. The crackle of leaves announced her coming. Branches brushed her cheeks in greeting.

Cotton flew ahead and waited for her at another tree. This time he scratched his head with a hind leg.

She kept walking. The heat in her body increased but now her nipples were hard. Their sensitivity made her aware of every jiggle of her round breasts.

A stream blocked her path. Cotton flew down and sat on a hidden log that crossed the stream. He drank, pretending this was the reason he was on the convenient path.

Larina walked across the log. A shiver ran down her back despite the heat flowing within her. Her buttocks clenched in a pleasant manner.

After the stream were briars. A fence of nature ran east and west, north and south. Rabbits sat openly within the protective coils of thorns.

This was no obstacle. Larina remembered a trick taught to her by a Druid couple. She cupped her hands, summoned her power, and then blew a kiss.

The briars moved. Rabbits fled in annoyance. The path was clear once more.

Larina smiled, remembered the long night that the Druid couple helped her practice that kiss. They meant to teach her to open briars and hedges but the kiss also opened thighs as well.

Next was a fork in the path. Cotton sat indifferently on a stump. He washed his wing, uncaring of Larina’s questioning look.

The witch took a few steps down the right-hand path. The heat within continued to burn. Her nipples ached against her clothes. Shivers ran up and down her spine.

She returned to the crossroad and went down the left-hand path. The heat roared to an inferno. She bit down on a lip. Her buttocks clenched and wouldn’t relax. A surge of wetness flowed from her sex and down her thighs.

This was where she was meant to go.

Larina took the left-hand path. Cotton took to the sky. The fickle guide wanted her to learn something for herself. Or just as likely, the winged cat saw a bird it wanted to bring down.

Flames beckoned from a clearing. Someone had set a fire. Around the fire danced a shape, twirling and leaping into the air.

A groan escaped Larina’s lips. Longing rose within her. The heat became unbearable. She tore at her garments with frantic hands. Clothes dropped behind her as she walked to the fire until only the cloak remained on her nude body.

As she came closer, the dancing shape became easier to see. It was a woman but of a beauty that made Larina’s mouth water. What she thought was an intricate headdress was the woman’s own white hair, woven with sorcerous skill. A simple shirt stretched across enormous round breasts. Lithe legs danced and twirled from within a short black skirt. The woman moved and writhed with the flames as if they were one.

What strange dance was this? Was it a ritual to an unknown spirit? Could it be a spell from an unfamiliar school of magic?

Larina didn’t care. All she saw was a lovely body. All she felt was the burning pyre between her legs. Right now, all Larina could think about was that this woman might be what she had been craving.

The woman kept dancing, her focus solely on the fire. Larina came closer and reached out. Her arms encircled the strange woman with the white hair and before she knew what she was doing, she was pulling the woman towards her.

The woman ceased dancing. Instead of struggling, she fell back into Larina’s arms. Her neck dipped to the side and a single drop of sweat glimmered on her skin.

Larina kissed the spot. Her tongue lapped the sweat.

The woman groaned. She grinded back towards Larina. Firm buttocks separated by a black skirt rubbed against the fiery bush of Larina’s sex.

“More,” the woman moaned.

Larina groaned. Her hands pulled and tugged on the woman’s clothes. The frenzy in which she had disrobed herself was nothing compared to the fury in which she stripped the woman in white. Within seconds, the woman’s chest was bared and Larina was exploring those bewitching mounds.

Shivers ran up Larina’s arms when her hands gripped the woman’s breasts. When her fingers touched the woman’s nipples, shocks ran through her hands. As she caressed and teased the woman’s plentiful mounds, they grew warmer and warmer until they were almost too hot to touch.

“What is happening?” Larina whispered in the woman’s ear.

“Shh,” the woman said and she turned Larina’s mouth towards hers.

They kissed. Sparks fell from their lips and scorched Larina’s breasts. Any pain was obliterated in the soothing coolness of the touch of the woman’s tongue. When Larina surrendered her mouth to the kiss, she felt lightning’s touch travel her body all the way to her clenching toes.

The kiss continued. Larina felt Cotton’s eyes upon them. She felt another animal’s eyes and somehow knew it was a fox. Through their eyes, Larina saw two women, one cloaked in purple with red hair, the other pale as snow, devouring each others mouths.

The kissing intensified. Larina tasted woman and magic. Her lips nibbled and played. Their tongues danced.

When the kiss broke, Larina’s lips tingled. She stared into eyes as clear as glass. Deep within those eyes were fire; fire that was the twin of the fire between Larina’s thighs.

The woman sat on the ground, pulling Larina with her. It was unnecessary; Larina would have run through a hundred forests to be with this woman.

As soon as they touched the ground, Larina crawled on top of her. She explored the strange woman with her mouth and hands. Fingers groped while lips kissed. The woman’s nipple tasted like meadowsweet. Teeth bit while backs arched. The woman’s sex was covered in fur as white as snow. Nipples were pulled as thighs rubbed together.

The white-haired woman was equally enflamed. She bit down on Larina’s hard nipples. As Larina shuddered, fingernails dug into her buttocks. The woman’s talented tongue did something mystical with Larina’s belly button.

Together they rolled on the grass. Larina giggled as their limber intertwined. Breasts pressed against breasts. Thighs pushed against damp sexes. Lips found each other again and were reunited.

Larina groaned into the woman’s mouth. Their legs were raised against each other’s most intimate place. Slowly they began to rock together, the friction of their thighs grinding into slick grooves.

Magic ran through them as rocked back and forth. Sparks leapt between their rubbing breasts. Small thunders in the air echoed their moans. A light mist formed in answer to the every increasing dampness between their thighs.

Something was happening, something more magical than simple lust. Larina felt the magic soaring through her but it wasn’t leaving. It simply grew inside her and with every grope, kiss and grind, the magic swelled.

The white-haired woman felt it too. Larina could see the magic in those clear eyes. The only difference was that while Larina was curious, the woman appeared completely unconcerned.

“It is time,” the woman said.

Larina was on her back at the moment, and the woman was on top of her. The woman turned around on top of Larina and her head was near Larina’s sex while her thighs encompassed Larina’s face. The white bush of the woman’s sex dripped desire onto Larina’s lips.

It tasted like rosewater.

The woman dipped her head between Larina’s open thighs. Fingers pulled apart the petals of Larina’s sex. An eager tongue drank all that Larina had to offer.

Larina cried out. A flash of power surged through her and she saw herself in the distant future, crowned with magic and a Queen among witches. A finger slipped inside her sex and the vision was gone, replaced by the blindness of pleasure.

The tongue kept licking and Larina kept moaning. The fire raged within her body. She writhed and twisted under the woman’s skilled mouth. Her hips rose in a vain attempt to copulate with the woman’s face.

Still, she could not burst. Never had she ever been this aroused but yet she still couldn’t cross over the threshold of bliss. No amount of magic or willing tongue could push her over.

Larina reached up and pulled the woman’s hips down to her. The snow bush lowered to Larina’s waiting lips. She channeled her frustration into her lips and tongue. All of her passion she put into licking the strange white sex of the mysterious woman.

Magic surged through Larina once again but this time, it flowed through the stranger as well. Tongue to sex, sex to tongue, the circle had been completed. The power spun within them, being swapped back and forth

Larina discovered the name of the woman’s fox familiar and his role in her freedom. She knew the secret of the white hair. Spells, charms and forbidden lore passed into her mind and stayed in her memory.

She kept licking. So did the woman.

Larina also knew that the woman was learning just as much about her. Larina felt her spells being shared with the woman. A secret tryst never told became known to the woman. The mystery of her tattoo was laid open as easily as Larina’s damp thighs.

Finally, after all this time, Larina felt she was about to burst. The sexual frustration of weeks rose within her like a storm and like a lightning bolt, when it came, it was accompanied by thunder.

“Great Astarte!” Larina cried as the heavens, as well as her thighs, shook.

The woman shouted too and the shudders of her body on top of Larina made clear that she had enjoyed a similar breakthrough.

After a moment of mutual shaking, the white-haired woman rolled off of Larina. They laid side by side, their hands joined. Both of their mouths were slick from the other’s pleasure. Above them, stars shot across the sky. Larina wondered if it was brought on by their mating or was that just another magical act completely unrelated?

“What was that?” Larina asked. “What we just did. I feel like I know but it is slipping away.

“That was witchfire,” the woman said. “The inner flame of passion is stoked by witchcraft. Normal lovers are useless when the witchfire strikes.”

“I’ve noticed,” Larina said. “Is this the only way to quench it?”

“Oh yes,” the woman said. “That is why we have covens. You never know when you need to sate the fire, so it might as well be with a friend.”

“I never had a coven,” Larina said.

“I felt the burning in my flesh,” the woman said. “I knew someone had witchfire and I knew they were near. I assumed it was one without a coven so I built the fire and hoped to lure you.”

“It was a test,” Larina knew. “You built the fire so that only one with skill and intuition would find you.”

The woman giggled. “And why would I be testing you?”

“Because you want me to join your coven,” Larina said. “You want to know if I am worth teaching.”

“Maybe” the woman said and her hand moved to Larina’s thigh. “Or maybe I just wanted to be consumed in the flames of a lovely redhead.”

Larina rolled over onto her side. She looked at the woman’s beautiful body by campfire light. Shadows danced across pale curves and sweaty skin.

“I think the witchfire is gone,” Larina said. “But I have other fires that need to be quenched.”

The woman laughed and rolled back onto Larina’s waiting body.

*This story was inspired by Friend of the Blog, Tim’s wonderful Larina character.*

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  1. LadyDeddelit’s rendering of Larina on Tim’s blog caught my attention a while back. A worthy addition to your Collection of Witches (and a future Queen, no less).

    Thank you for adding a tasty peek into her past, that has helped fix her in my mind’s eye.

    • Thanks! It is always nice to know that your work feels in line with what fans enjoyed about the character.

  2. Fantastic. We all know how promiscuous little witches can be. I am glad my little witch was able to have so much fun over here!

    Great story. Loved it!

  3. This was a deliciously hot read – I really liked where it went!

    xx Dee

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