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Explorer’s Log: Twenty-three days after leaving the star system designated “Queen’s Amazing Sexual Stamina” by Royal Astronomers, I have encountered a space station. It identifies as Beta Yellow and advertises itself as an independent trade station. From what they tell me, we are close to the border of a large political entity known as the Carefully Managed Democracy. Beta Yellow serves as a gateway between civilization and the wild frontier star systems that I have passed through.

Comparing star maps, I see that I will be spending quite a bit of time in Carefully Managed Democracy space. The station tells me that docking fees are required on all populated worlds. I will also need to get a Visitor’s License and maybe a passport. I am currently examining my inventory to see what I may have for trade. Once I am familiar with the currency, and my projected financial needs, I will explore Beta Yellow to prepare myself for what kind of culture the Carefully Managed Democracy has. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Beta Yellow serves as the only trade station available to frontier inhabitants which mean it probably functions as a brothel as well. I don’t know what passes for whores in this part of the galaxy but I intend to find out.

“Fourteen grams of weapons grade Kok-fungus, high quality Frost-Ogre furs, personal telesonic pleasure device, ninety-two pornographic spaceship logs, information regarding the whereabouts of a child of a wanted traitor, and point two micrograms of Orgasmiam. Wow, you had a profitable run!”

“Is that a lot?” Vaquel Di asked. The space explorer was wearing her gold spacesuit to create the subconscious impression of wealth. Her short pink hair was freshly washed and she wore tiny pseudo-diamond rings to add a sparkle to her brown face.

“Look for yourself,” the station merchant said, turning the display screen to her.

Vaquel tried to look at the display screen. It was hard because the counter was made for the Zatty race who average three meters in height. Vaquel’s head barely came above the counter. There did seem to be a lot of zeroes in the number displayed.

“How is this paid out?” Vaquel said. She didn’t want to give away that she had no idea what kind of currency they used.

“We pay in standard CMD cryptocurrency,” the Zatty said. “It is nearly impossible to hack.” The Zatty slid a green rod across the counter. The rod looked small in the Zatty’s giant red hand but when Vaquel picked it up, it was much heavier than it looked and nearly twice the width of her hands.

Vaquel studied the rod. A digital screen showed how much money it had. One end was slender while the other end had a wider base. It was remarkably smooth. She couldn’t tell how she was supposed to use, but other intimate applications came to mind.

“Are you sure that you don’t need any supplies?” the merchant asked. “We have new environmental suits, some mining lasers and three different flavors of protein bars.”

“I’m good,” Vaquel said. “Tell me, what do people around here do for fun?”

“There is a bar on the second level, and next to it is a game arcade,” the merchant said.

“No, no,” Vaquel said. “I meant, what do people do for satisfaction? Like, on a sexual level. Where are your beings who trade affection for money?”

The merchant shook his head. “We don’t have anything like that. Do you know what the overhead is for sex workers? Besides the feeding, clothing, and housing, the psychological support that sex workers on the frontier would need would be immense. There’s no money in it.”

Vaquel’s sex felt like it had been submerged in ice. “Are you telling me that you have no one here who fucks for money? Am I going to have to fuck another station visitor? Queen’s tit, are you telling me that I have to socialize if I want to get laid?”

“Oh, if you want to lay down, then there are the Comforters on the third level,” the merchant said. “You seem awfully tense, they will help you relax.”

“And how much do they cost?” Vaquel asked.

“They don’t charge anything,” the merchant said. “They are a sacred order, they pay the station to do their holy work here.”

Vaquel sighed. Did she want to deal with religious freaks? Religions existed to convert and Vaquel wasn’t in the mood for a hard sell. On the other hand, the Royal Navy did pay a bonus for every religious group that was encountered and reported on.

Fuck it, if she couldn’t pay to get her brains fucked out, she could at least get paid to listen to a cult’s sales pitch.

“Third level?” Vaquel said. When the merchant nodded, Vaquel started walking to the elevator. She might as well get this visit over with so she can get back into space and find someone to fuck.

The rod was awkward to carry. It was too heavy to carry on her hip and too large to fit into one of her pouches. The idea of storing it inside her came to mind but she didn’t know if that would be frowned upon in this culture. She settled for just carrying it in her hand but she made a mental note to try masturbating with it later.

The elevator shook as it ascended. The single light flickered. There were cracks in the walls and Vaquel could see cables and pipers in the shaft. It was not a comforting sight.

When the elevator stopped at her destination, Vaquel eagerly stepped out. The third floor wasn’t much better. The lights were slightly brighter but that just let you see the fault lines in the floor better. Stale air came from the ventilators. Maintenance panels were loose and in some cases, missing altogether.

“Maybe I should just get back to the ship,” Vaquel thought.

She turned a corner and saw a Zatty male. He wore a white sash around his body that glowed in the dim station light. Shiny black hair cascaded down from his red face. While the previous Zatty that Vaquel encountered appeared to be muscular and fit, this one was of such a superior muscle definition that she realized the other ones must have been out of shape examples of their kind.

The Zatty saw her and raised both hands in a greeting gesture. “Hello traveler, do you seek comfort?”

Vaquel’s felt a flutter in her stomach. “I do now!”

“My name is Balgon, and I shall be your Comforter,” he said. A previously unseen doorway opened behind him in the station wall. He offered his hand. “What is your name?”

“Vaquel,” she said, taking his hand. His giant hand encompassed hers but his touch was as gentle as holding a fragile egg.

“Come,” Balgon said and they stepped through the doorway together.

A warm mist greeted Vaquel. Dirt crunched under her boots. The light was bright and it took Vaquel a moment to adjust. When she could see properly, a forest of green stretched out before her.

“Is this a hologram?” Vaquel asked. She touched a leaf and it was solid.

“No,” Balgon said. “This entire level is a hydroponic garden.”

“Amazing,” Vaquel said and she meant it. After experiencing so many ramshackle frontier constructions, this garden was a technological marvel.

A breeze pushed through the trees. Vaquel felt it on her bare breasts. She sighed and raised her arms so the wind could wash over her naked torso.

Wait, why was she topless? She still had her belt on and the gold spacesuit covered her legs. Had she pressed the button to retract her top? She didn’t remember doing it.

Maybe Balgon has a deft touch. That was bold of him.

“Balgon?” Vaquel said. “Did you-ahh!”

Red arms came down over her shoulders from behind. Massive hands gently cupped her breasts. She leaned back into the broad hips behind her and felt the thickness of his bulge pressing between her shoulders. Strong fingers coaxed and massaged her breasts.

“There are irritations on your beautiful brown skin,” Balgon said. “Are you in discomfort? Were you exposed to rad-toxins?”

“That’s one way of putting it,” Vaquel said. “A giant creature blasted me with something that dissolved my clothes before slapping me on his cock. Speaking of which, how did you take off my-“

“Come,” Balgon said.

He released her breasts and took her by the hand. They came upon a small pool of water fed by a short waterfall. Steps had been carved into the pool to allow easier access. Blue fluffy spheres floated in the water.

“Let me wash you and may your skin be comforted,

“Sounds good to me,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button and her golden space suit retracted from her long brown legs. Another button press and her boots unlocked for her to pull her feet out from them. Last, she unbuckled her belt and laid it on the ground.

She started to walk towards the pool but Balgon scooped her up in his massive arms. He easily lifted her and carried her down the steps into the pool. Vaquel felt safe and protected on his strong grip.

“Watch it, Vaquel,” she warned herself. “This is how religions get you. They get you nice and relaxed and then demand you go exterminate some infidels.”

Balgon lowered her into the water. Refreshing coolness washed over her naked skin. He set her down and on the ground and she was not surprised to find the bottom was made of a soft padded material. Everything here seemed to be designed for comfort.

Vaquel soaked in the cool water. How long has it been since she was in a bath? Water was a luxury in space and one she rarely got to indulge in.

One of the blue fluffy things floated closer. Balgon picked it up and pressed it against Vaquel’s shoulder. There was a slight vibrating sensation from the fluffy thing that made Vaquel groan.

“There are stress flaws in your shoulders,” Balgon said. “Have you encountered violence?”

Vaquel laughed. “I got claim jumped half a dozen times in a mining belt. I also fought and lost to an ice monster. There was also that rough sex with the fungus eater, so yes, I have seen some violence.

Balgon’s cock throbbed between her thighs. She closed her thighs around it. The thick member pulsed within her grip. Sitting on his lap like this, all Vaquel had to do was shift and she could sit on top of his cock.

Wait, wasn’t she on the pool bottom a moment ago? When did he move under her?

Balgon brought the fluffy thing down over her chest. She lost her train of thought as the fluffy thing vibrated against her breasts. He wiped the fluffy thing back and forth, up and down, over and under her wet brown breasts.

“That is nice,” Vaquel moaned. “Look, I seem to be losing track of time. When did you get-“

Balgon moved the fluffy thing down under the water and onto her sex. Whatever was on her mind was lost in a buzz of sensation against her pussy. She opened her legs and leaned into the muscular alien. Her hips lifted to grind against the fluffy thing.

“You have seen many hardships,” Balgon said. “Your breasts have been tormented.”

“Yes, this farm kid loved to bite them,” Vaquel said.

The fluffy thing pressed harder against her sex.

“Your thighs have been pushed to their endurance,” Balgon said.

“Well, I have ridden a lot of Zatty cocks and they are pretty big,” Vaquel said.
The fluffy thing pulsed with stronger vibrations as Balgon rubbed it up and down her sex.

“Your ass has been tormented,” Balgon said.

“My robot did that but it is okay, I came hard from that play session,” Vaquel said.

The fluffy thing floated away from Vaquel’s sex. She whimpered at its loss but Balgon’s hand cupped her pussy. She groaned as his fingers pressed against her.

“Vaquel, I offer you comfort for your travels,” Balgon whispered.

“Yes,” Vaquel said.

A cock pressed against her mouth. She opened her lips and took it in. The cock filled her mouth and it tasted like her favorite drink. Her lips closed and sucked at the delicious flavor.

Vaquel relaxed against the wall of the pool as she sucked Balgon’s cock. Wait, when did he stand? It had happened again. How was he able to change positions without her noticing? Was there a sinister application to these jumps that she wasn’t catching?

Balgon reached down and caressed her breast. A shiver went through Vaquel. His touch was perfect. He squeezed just enough to make her feel used but not enough to hurt. His thumb brushed her nipple at random moments but with the delicate precision of a tongue.

Vaquel sucked on Balgon’s delicious cock. She took long loving licks. The thick member filled her mouth but never made her gag. It seemed to know her limits better than she did.

A fluffy thing floated nearby and Vaquel grabbed it. She pressed it against Balgon’s balls and the Zatty moaned. The fluffy thing’s vibrations traveled up Balgon’s cock and into Vaquel’s mouth.

“You are beautiful,” Balgon said, looking down at Vaquel as she sucked him. “Your mouth is a treasure of the galaxy.”

A feeling of pride swept over Vaquel. Finally, someone acknowledged the skills she had picked up on her six-year mission! She felt completed in a way that she didn’t know she was missing.

Balgon’s cock plunged into her sex. Vaquel cried out and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist. She laid back on the grass beside the pool as Balgon continued to fuck her from inside the pool.

It happened again. They had moved and she didn’t know how. Explorer instincts kicked in and she wondered what else was happening in the time loss she was experiencing. Was she being examined? Were implants being inserted? Was she being probed?

The cock pushed deep inside her and Vaquel laughed. If this was probing, she didn’t want it to stop!

Balgon held onto her thighs as he fucked her. He looked down at Vaquel with something akin to worship. His thick red member drove in and out of her tight wet sex.

Vaquel grabbed the grass around her. It felt good to be fucked on soil again. Something soft was under her head and she realized it was a patch of resilient flowers. Perhaps they had been designed as head rests for getting fucked.

The lights dimmed above them. With the lights gone, she could see that the ceiling was made of glass panels. A thousand stars shined down on Vaquel as the Comforter fucker her.

Tension left Vaquel’s body. The traumas of six years were fucked away with each thrust. The pressure of fourteen more years of exploring lifted away. The daily routine of ship maintenance, daily reports and planet surveys became a half-remembered dream as she enjoyed the rhythm of a good fucking.

“This is how they get you,” Vaquel thought. “The Comforters fuck you silly and give you a great time until you don’t care about doing anything else. Clever!”

“You haven’t told me about your beliefs,” Vaquel said between thrusts.

“We bring Comfort to the Comfortless,” Balgon said. He fucked her a little faster.

“That’s it?” Vaquel said. “No tenets about superiority? No fables about piety, devotion and heresy?”

Balgon fucked her a little harder. “What do you believe in?”

Vaquel thought about it. “Where I come from, we worship the Queen. She takes our worship, our loyalty and our service and in exchange, she is fabulous.”

“And that comforts you?” Balgon asked. He pounded Vaquel’s sex with his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!” Vaquel said as she climaxed.

She was back in the water. Balgon was facing her, holding her by the ass while he raised and lowered her onto his cock. The water splashed with the power of their fucking. She held onto his broad shoulders although the strength of his arms made it unnecessary.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Now she was on top of his face. They were back on the grass and water dripped down her writhing body. Balgon laid on his back, his clear white eyes staring up at her with adoration. His mouth was busy, licking and nibbling on her sex in all the right places.

“YES!” Vaquel cried as she climaxed again.

They were once again back in the water. He fucked her from behind. Powerful hands held her arms behind her back as she was bent over. Her breasts were in the water, swinging and making waves as he fucked her.

“GLORY!” Vaquel cried out as she came again.

Time changed. She floated in the water. Every muscle in her body was relaxed. Her sex was exhausted in the best way. She tried to move her arms but lacked the desire. She felt too good.

Balgon sat on the pool edge. His sash was back on. The bulge under the sash was noticeably smaller. He smiled at her.

Vaquel laughed. This is how they get you. They give you a wonderful fuck, do something tricky with time and make you feel wonderful. Now comes the pitch to convert.

She floated. Balgon didn’t say anything.

Hmm, maybe the fucking was the pitch. Instead of asking her to join, he’s waiting for her to ask. Ha! Like that would happen!

Was it so ridiculous? Last month a giant monster stripped her and rubbed her on its cock. Several systems ago, she met a universe consuming intelligence that wanted her soul. She had lost count of how many tentacle creatures had violated and used her. It was almost as many times as she has run across hostile plants that tried to fuck and eat her. The galaxy was doing its damn best to kill her and it was getting closer every time.

And that was the last six years. Vaquel still had fourteen years in her explorations to go. That was a long time to be alone trying to survive with only the help of an ass-obsessed robot. She had seen her possible futures and they usually involved painful deaths at worse and horrible mutilations at best.

For what exactly was she doing all this? The Royal Navy promised amazing wealth and privileges for when she returned but she had to return first. The Queen was counting on her to find new worlds to conquer but there was no guarantee that the Queen would be pleased with her discoveries. That was a lot of uncertainty for a twenty-year mission.

Maybe Vaquel should join this religion. She could become a Comforter and learn the ways of relaxing sentient beings by fucking their brains out. That time trick was interesting and Vaquel could think of quite a few sexual applications for it. Perhaps six years was enough traveling and it was time to relax.

Vaquel looked up at the stars through the station roof. She wondered which of the ones were stars she had been to and which were ones she was ordered to visit. What terrors was she avoiding by staying here on the station?

Another thought occurred to her. What pleasures were she missing if she stayed here? Could there be an alien who has a tongue better than any she has ever encountered? Is there porn even better than the kind they make back home? Were there submissive races with low pain thresholds just waiting for a strong-willed woman to come along?

What future lovers would be unfucked if she stopped exploring?

Vaquel wanted to find out. She stood up in the water with a new purpose. Water fell from her brown body in a satisfying dramatic way.

Balgon smiled and offered his hand.

“I must be going,” Vaquel said.

She was back in the hall. The spacesuit covered her again. The Zatty currency rod was heavy on her hand.

Balgon raised his hands in goodbye. The wall behind him was solid. There was no trace of the door they had come through or the garden beyond.

“It was a pleasure to comfort you,” he said.

“Your welcome,” Vaquel said. She walked back to the elevator with an extra bounce to her step, eager to continue her mission.

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