Nov 272016


Today’s Coven Member is a Purple Witch Sketch Card I commissioned from Jim8Ball. When it comes to witch commissions, I give very vague requests to the artists so that they can draw whatever a witch means to them. In this case, I requested that the color purple be a dominant color and as you can see, he took that to heart.

Long ago I didn’t have a strong preference for a particular color. When you are a boy playing with other boys, you play a lot of board games and war games. Picking a color to represent your side is important and boys usually want black, blue or red. I started to pick green, not because I liked it but because it was always available. Over time, it did become a favorite color because it was a color I associated with me. It was a favorite color by default.

Then I had my first girlfriend and her favorite color was purple. I came to associate purple with all the things wonderful about femininity: breasts, hips, long hair, soft skin, cute noses, dresses, perfume etc. Green stopped being my favorite color and I started picking purple in the games that I played.

When she broke up with me, it wasn’t music or favorite books that we shared that now felt weird to me, but it was the color purple. I felt like I had been cut off from my favorite color even though it only became my favorite color through her. It took me awhile, but I was able to decide that fuck it, purple was my favorite color now and there was no such thing as a color ‘belonging’ to anyone except yourself.

These are the dramas that seem so important when you are seventeen. Over the years, I have made other associations. Purple is the super-science mind-altering erotic color in the movie, From Beyond. Purple is the color of kings and queens. Purple is the color of a spanked ass, bruising. Purple is the color of the Saints from Saint’s Row.

Purple is the color of a special kind of witch.

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  1. I agree with your feelings of purple 100%, and for many of the same reasons.

    That is why I usually put my own witch in purple rather than black.

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