Nov 102016

So the human shit stain, Donald Trump, got elected. On Tuesday night I was in shock, Wednesday I was depressed and now on Thursday, I have no idea what I am now.

Some people say start fighting now and others say take some time to heal. If George W. Bush taught me anything it was that this shit goes on for years. You got to find a pace that works for you. Don’t let someone else pressure you to do anything. You know yourself best, you’ll figure out what to do.

I will be fighting this administration. I will donate money and time to opposing the evil they try to inflict. I will be there for my friends and family who are hurt by this man.

But I doubt I will do that here on this blog. I mean, sure, my stories will always be liberal in orientation, that will never change. I just mean that I won’t use my blog to do the fighting because quite frankly, I have other more effective platforms to use.

This blog will primarily be a sanctuary. The media will saturate you with whatever horrors this administration inflicts but this blog will be a place to read porn and entertainment. When your family is being deported and you lose your health insurance; this will be the place you can come to get away from it all.

Which means I need to give you a reason to come here. I like posting one story a month as I write novels but I can do other things. Expect a LOT more recommendations for movies, comics, books and other things. Expect more writing essays. Expect a lot more art that I have commissioned or bought.

We will get through this. We  will survive and thrive. We will see the end of this evil, together.

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  1. Awesome and thank you!

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