Nov 022016

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “Queen’s Amazing Sexual Stamina” by Royal Astronomers. There are seventeen planets here along with a total of twenty-three moons. Each and every single one of these planetary bodies has been used as a dumping site for toxic materials. The scale of systematic pollution is impressive. I must be getting closer to the Freeman Democracy.

The probes I sent to survey the planets have sent back interesting, if conflicting, information. There are the expected high levels of radiation and toxins but also signs of valuable minerals. I suspect these readings are errors caused by the high levels of pollution interfering with the scans. I have noted the anomalies for the Royal Navy to study and determine if they want to investigate further. Obviously, no life has been detected on any of these shit worlds.

One of these anomalies is on the ninth planet. According to the probe, there is a large deposit of Orgasmiam! That is completely ridiculous. A mineral that causes orgasms in every sentient creature would never be dumped on a toxic world! It has to be an error.

Unfortunately, Orgasmiam is one of the items listed on the Queen’s Personal Bounty list. I have to go down there and verify that it exists.

As a precaution, I am injecting myself with one of my limited quantities of Anti-Die. The nanomites will reinforce my immune system if I have a suit malfunction. According to the manual, it should also allow provide enough oxygen to allow me to breathe without my helmet if it is punctured.

End Explorer’s log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Also according to the manual, Anti-Die has known side effects of constipation and “rampant acne”. That sounds terrible but it is better than ingesting whatever horrible things have been deposited on this planet.

Vaquel Di stood on the edge of a bubbling green lake. Thermal waves of radiation swept across the thick goo. A dissolving crate floated by.

The explorer looked down at her spacesuit. The thin yellow material stretched across her copious curves. Her nipples pushed against the flimsy suit. She wondered if maybe her hips were a little too wide, or her butt was maybe too big for such a tight suit.

“Stay calm” Vaquel whispered to herself. The suit was thin but it was cleared for space and underwater. Her boots were made of Orthian leather and treated with Invinci-Dust. The glassteel helmet that encased her lovely brown face and lovelier short pink hair was nigh impenetrable. She was safe.

The lake continued to bubble. Vaquel frowned. The scans showed that the Orgasmiam was here. She was going to have to submerge herself in that disgusting mess.

Maybe the liquid was flammable? If she could burn it off, then she could just walk down to wherever the Orgasmiam was.

Vaquel walked back a few meters for safety’s sake. She stepped behind the shell of a crashed tanker and drew her laser pistol from her belt. Setting the laser to maximum burn, she aimed at the lake and fired.

The lake exploded. An ugly brown cloud erupted. After the smoke cleared, Vaquel walked out of cover and took a look.

Most of the lake was still there. Judging by the pollution marks on the shore, the lake had barely lowered a meter. She might exhaust her pistol charge before she emptied the lake.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. She was going to have to go soak in that shit.

A large bubble formed on the surface of the lake and then popped. It was followed by another and then another.

“Is this a chain reaction?” Vaquel thought. She started backing up towards the freighter shelter.

The bubbles increased and waves formed on the lake.

“Wait, something is down there,” Vaquel said. She tried to calculate the size by the scale of the waves but her mind gave up. It was fucking big.

Spikes emerged from the lake. The spikes sat on top of a large blue hill that opened eyes. The hill rose from the lake to reveal a giant head. As the head kept rising, massive scaly shoulders emerged with two powerful arms.

Vaquel dropped to her knees in terror. It was forty meters tall, at least! The beast was humanoid with two legs and two arms but something sparkled between its legs!

“By the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. What sparkled between the legs was a giant throbbing cock! It glittered as if it was diamond encrusted.

A tremor ran through both of Vaquel’s thighs. Her nipples hardened and became sensitive. She had an overwhelming urge to have her ass spanked. Her pussy clenched in a series of spasms.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel exclaimed. What was happening to her body? She looked up at the giant monster before her and her eyes were drawn to the enormous cock.

“It’s the cock!” Vaquel exclaimed. “It is made of Orgasmiam!”

How was that possible? Shouldn’t the creature be climaxing non-stop? Maybe it is immune. Shit, how was a living creature even possible on this radiation soaked, toxin filled planet?

The creature roared. It was awfully angry about something.

“Oh right,” Vaquel said. “I shot the lake and tried to set it on fire.”

She didn’t know how intelligent the beast was but it didn’t look happy. The best thing to do was to sit really still and hope she was too small to be noticed. The space explorer was really regretting wearing a bright yellow space suit.

The beast roared again. It took a step and then another out of the lake of green goo. The giant cock swung like an angry snake between its legs.

“Gods of the Underworld!” Vaquel cried out. A wave of arousal washed over her. She clamped her thighs together to keep from grabbing her pussy.

The beast looked down at her.

Did it hear her? That’s impossible! Vaquel stayed perfectly still and wished it would look elsewhere.

The beast growled and bent over at the waist. It was reaching for her!

Vaquel turned to run. Another wave of pleasure swept over her. It felt like a thousand kisses were covering her body from the back of her neck, down to her hard nipples, over her wet pussy lips and down to her toes. Another step and her legs shook too much for her to stand. She collapsed to the ground.

The monster grabbed her with giant talons. The hand was as big as she was. He scooped her up and lifted her in the air.

Vaquel didn’t known what to do. Should she use her laser pistol? How could it possibly hurt the creature? Her assortment of grenades was too small and weak to affect such a huge beast. She had to do something but everything she thought of seemed ridiculous in the face of such a monstrosity.

The monster brought her to eye level. The eyes themselves glowed red with nuclear fire. Lips pulled back to reveal rows and rows and rows of endless teeth.

“I’m sorry?” Vaquel yelled.

The creature raised its other hand. Vaquel wondered if it was going to squish her between its hands. She tried to think of an escape plan but another wave of arousal hit her. All she wanted to do was hump something.

It didn’t squish her. It lowered a single talon onto her. Vaquel shrunk back in fear that it was going to stab her but the meter long claw just pressed gently against the bulge of her breast under her spacesuit.

“Huh,” Vaquel said. The claw was big enough to impale her but it was remarkably gently. It pushed one breast and then the other.

She looked at the monster’s eyes. The glowing red eyes stared back.

The talon dragged down against her spacesuit. She was impressed that the claw didn’t tear her suit. The tip of the talon moved down to her sex. It pressed against her mound.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel moaned. She was so turned on, just the lightest touch made her back arch. Her hips moved on their own and she grinded against the giant claw.

The beast growled. Was it intelligent? Did it know what it was doing to her?

The claw moved away from between Vaquel’s thighs. She whined and grabbed the claw. It was useless; her puny arms couldn’t move the monster’s hand. The talon moved to her glassteel helmet. It pushed against the indestructible glass.

“Watch it, buddy,” Vaquel said. “Why do you care about my face? Don’t you want to go back to my pussy?”

The monster growled again. The talon tapped her helmet hard enough to snap Vaquel’s head back. She slapped the claw.

“Knock it off!” Vaquel said.

The giant red eyes glowed brighter. There was a sharp intake of air. Some of spikes on the head started to shake.

“Um, calm down, buddy!” Vaquel said. “Look, I’ll take my helmet off!”

The creature opened its jaw and a giant gush of red fluid sprayed out. It slammed into Vaquel like a tidal wave. Thick liquid pressed down on Vaquel’s body and pinned her to the monster’s hand.

Vaquel tried to breathe. The force of the stream was intense. She had no idea what the liquid was but at least her suit should protect her.

Wait, her tits felt wet. The wet feeling spread to her arms, waist, and thighs. She watched in horror as her glassteel helmet cracked and dissolved before her eyes.

The red liquid poured onto her face. She clamped her eyes and lips shut and hoped the Anti-Die nanomites did their job. The red liquid was warm as it splashed onto her face.

Eventually the stream ended. Vaquel wasted no time in checking her suit. It was gone. So was her belt, her boots and her weapons! She was butt-naked!

She tried to wipe the red liquid off her body. Was it acidic? She didn’t feel any pain but maybe it already did nerve damage! She needed to call her ship and get some help from Chairbot. No, wait, her communicator was dissolved too!

The creature grunted and reached for her again with its other hand. Talons pushed aside her arms and went to her legs. What passed for thumbs pressed down on her thighs. It cradled her ass and head in its hands while the thumbs opened her thighs like petals on a flower.

Vaquel tried to wiggle free. It was impossible within the grip of the beast. Worse, once her thighs were opened and her sex was exposed, her will to fight evaporated. The Orgasmiam was fucking with her instincts and all that she wanted to do was hump the empty air in front of her sex.

The creature raised its hands and brought Vaquel to its mouth. The rows of teeth opened to reveal even more teeth and a blue tongue the size of her sleep pod. Terrible smells assaulted her from the creature’s breath.

“Fuck, is this how I am going to die? I’m going to get Queen-damned eaten!” Vaquel asked. She knew that she should fight but what could she do? Still, if this was it, she wanted to go down the monster’s throat fighting with everything she had.

The blue tongue sprung from the beast’s mouth. The tip slammed between Vaquel’s thighs and pressed against her sex. With an agility she didn’t expect from a creature so big, the tongue wiggled up and down against her pussy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. Her body was so wired for arousal from the proximity to the Orgasmiam, the slightest touch set her off. She climaxed instantly.

The beast grunted. The sound waves struck her body like a wall. She gasped as the wind was knocked out of her.

The tongue wiggled. It slipped under her ass and pressed up. The tongue locked her from the back of her ass, over her pussy and onto her stomach. The tongue then reversed direction and licked her again.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed again. The tongue was wet and slippery. It pressed against her body with the same urgency that she was feeling. The tongue barely entered her sex but it didn’t matter. It was enough to come to.

The monster held onto her as it licked. She wiggled and writhed but powerful fingers held her thighs open and her arms down. Forces strong enough to crack open dump freighters held her in place.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again. The Orgasmiam changed all the rules. She didn’t need penetration; she just needed to be licked, even if it was with a two meter tongue.

The monster growled. The tongue kept licking her. Giant nostrils flared. Drool fell from the open lips. It was enjoying this.

Vaquel was beyond enjoying and somewhere in the vicinity of pure bliss. She despaired in the split second that a tongue wasn’t touching her and screamed with orgasmic joy when it returned. Orgasms piled on top of one another with increasing force.

The tongue stopped. Vaquel waited but nothing happened. The grip around her changed to that she was clutched inside the beast’s fist. She willed her eyes open to see what was going on.

The monster was looking around. It found what it needed and began to walk. Vast distances were crossed in a single stride.

Vaquel tried to see where they were going. It was impossible. Fog of different colors hung in the air. She wasn’t sure how the creature saw anything.

“It must have evolved here,” Vaquel thought. “Queen’s tits, what does it plan to do with me? Maybe I should escape. Ha! Fuck that! I can barely move. It licked my brains out.”

The monster stopped. Looking down, Vaquel saw a silvery pool of liquid sitting beside another wrecked tanker. The beast reached down and scooped a handful of the silvery liquid and then splashed it on his cock. It rubbed its clawed hand back and forth over his monstrous member.

“Is he going to jerk off?” Vaquel thought.

The creature brought his hands together. Vaquel almost wiggled out of the grip but stopped herself. She was at least thirty meters up and there was no telling what was beneath her. Possibly, she was safer here.

The monster brought her to his cock. Spreading her arms and legs, he turned her upside down and placed her on his throbbing Orgasmiam-infused cock.

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed. Touching the Orgasmiam was too much. Her body exploded into multiple orgasms of pleasure. She climaxed for three minutes straight before passing out.

Vaquel awoke to the feeling of something rubbing her tits, chest, stomach and legs. She climaxed before she could open her eyes. Something hard and powerful was dragging her body forward and then back.

Consciousness slowly came back to her. The ring tip of a giant cock was half a meter away from her. She was slid forward on a giant veiny cock before being pulled back.

“I’m on the cock,” Vaquel groaned. She looked down at the sparkling Orgasmiam member beneath her. “Fuck, I’m being used as a jerk rag!”

It was true. The giant beast was jacking himself off with Vaquel’s limp body as the sex aid. The silvery liquid worked as lubricant as he dragged her limp body over his cock.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel gasped. This was humiliating. Had she ever been used in such an insulting manner before? This was a new level of objectification that she had never imagined.

She knew that she should be outraged but instead she felt only arousal. There was no concern for her pleasure, this was all for the monster’s pleasure. Her thoughts and desires were insignificant to such a mighty monster. Such supreme indifference was intoxicating to a sadistic masochist like Vaquel.

Still, Vaquel tried to resist. The beast’s grip was too strong. It was like trying to lift a mountain with her back. She was pinned to the creature’s cock and there would be no escape unless he willed it.

Back and forth she slid. Her breasts ached from being ground onto the giant member. The silvery liquid began to dry and Vaquel’s thighs burned with friction. The veins and ridges of the humongous dick rubbed against her slick sex. Despite her many orgasms, she felt another soon approaching.

Vaquel wondered why she hadn’t come already. This dick was infused with Orgasmiam, she should be out of her mind with pleasure. Had she developed a tolerance for it? Was the silvery liquid acting as a barrier? Maybe the dick wasn’t made out of Orgasmiam after all and her frequent climaxes were just her own body’s natural reaction to what was happening. With all of her equipment dissolved and gone, there was no way for her to know.

The monster grunted. Drool fell from its lips. The grip tightened around Vaquel’s trapped body. The pace quickened.

“The monster is going to come,” Vaquel gasped.

The enormous cock under her started to pulse. Every ridge, every vein and every bump sent shivers through her as her body glided over them. Her thighs clenched tightly as she came closer to coming.

The monster roared. The cock began to glow with power.

Waves of pleasure swept over Vaquel. She screamed as she climaxed.

The cock shuddered and then sprayed a thick black fluid into the air. The fluid kept coming as the cock bounced and shook beneath Vaquel.

The grip around Vaquel tightened and she was crushed to the beast’s cock. She came again but she had no breath left to scream. All she could do was quiver on the pulsing monster cock.

“Am I going to die?” Vaquel thought. She wasn’t concerned. Dying while climaxing was a preferred death to her race.

The beast let out a long sigh. He let go of Vaquel and his dick.

The dick shrunk beneath Vaquel. She tried to hold on but the cock was too slick. She fell from the monster’s crotch onto the ground below.

SPLAT! Vaquel landed in something soft and mushy. She opened her eyes and gasped for air. Looking around, she realized that she fell into synthetic packing foam.

“Praise the Queen for synthetic packing foam,” Vaquel said. “No matter what race makes it, that shit lasts forever!”

The beast above her grunted and turned to its left. With large steps, it began to walk away. Each thundering footstep sent tremors through the ground.

“Poor fucker,” Vaquel said as she struggled to her feet. She could barely walk. The front of her body had a giant case of cock-burn from being rubbed so much. The multiple orgasms from the Orgasmiam made the rest of her body numb with over stimulation. It was going to be a long crawl back to her ship. She just hoped the Anti-Fail kept her alive that long.

A shadow passed over her. A slight tremor of pleasure ran through her body despite the exhaustion. She looked up, fearing the monster had returned. Why didn’t she hear it coming?

It was because the shadow came from something flying. It was almost as large as the beast that fucked her, except this thing had grand sweeping wings like an insect. It was yellow with blue stripes. Something sparkled underneath it with the same radiant glow as the previous monster’s cock.

“Queen’s tit, another fucking monster,” Vaquel said. “And this thing has an Orgasmiam vagina!”

Vaquel stood up with renewed energy. She took a closer look at the hills, trenches and wreckage around her. This was a waste dump planet but the signs were in front of her the whole time.

That wasn’t a trench; it was a path where something low and big had dragged its body.

That freighter didn’t crack open from acid or crashing; it had giant claw marks.

That wasn’t a hill in the distance; that was something large and monstrous sleeping in the sun.

Vaquel took off running towards her spaceship. The Anti-Die within her body struggled to keep her supplied with oxygen as well as process the toxins she was breathing. She ran through puddles of unknown liquids but she didn’t care.

She just wanted to get off this monster planet before something else with a giant dick wanted to fuck her.

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