Nov 232016

A common practice among magisexuals is far-groping. Two, or sometimes more, people versed in the magic arts form a bond between their minds. Once the bond is established, they can create the sensation of touches, kisses, bites, pinches, suction and thrusting with a focused thought. The sensation feels real although nothing physically there. That is little comfort when you are standing in line at the grocery store and you feel your lover’s mouth at a sensitive place.

Since the sensations can be stopped with a simple blocking spell, far-groping rarely becomes harassment. The possibility of sending back the feeling of ice shoved into a tight place also helps keep everyone polite and thoughtful.

Of course, if you don’t know a simple blocking spell, then the possibility of being subjected to endless sensations becomes a problem. This is often done by unscrupulous magicians and witches and it is frowned upon in the magic community. By frowned upon, I mean that when a local coven or school finds out what you are doing, the punishment will be harsh and usually highly educational to those who hear of your sad fate. Magisexuals have very strong opinions on consent.

One sided Far-Groping is still used by magisexuals who are in a power exchange relationship with non-magisexuals. The threat of a spanking no matter the distance between people is a useful discipline tool. The promise of a lick no matter how many clothes you are wearing is a tempting reward.

The downside to this is that if a non-magisexual person experiences a regular amount of Far-Groping over a period of time, the receiver may develop sensitivity to Far-Groping from any magisexual and as well from particularly strong willed non-magisexuals. This could result in experiencing the sensations of anyone who sees them and has a sexual thought about them.

The cure for this is simple to do though not so simple to execute. An orgy of no less than six individuals is often enough to overwhelm and erase the sensitivity developed by the receiver. If the six person orgy fails, repeat with more participants.
Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

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