Oct 052016

Explorer’s Log: This is the twenty-third day of my thirty-one day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Amazing Sexual Stamina” by Royal Astronomers. There has been no sign of the radiation storms that plagued me the last ten days. Hopefully that was the end of them. The ferocity of the storms goes a long ways towards explaining why the last few worlds I visited were so sparsely populated.

After a week of being on high alert repairing the ship and avoiding the worse of the storms, I have scheduled a most needed vacation day for myself. Although it pains me to take a day off from serving my Queen, I fear that if I do not reluctantly take a day off, then my performance might be less than exemplary and as we all know, the Queen deserves nothing but our best. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Lords of the Underworld, I need a fucking day off. I have been so busy that I haven’t masturbated in four days. That’s inhumane. I deserve to get off in a special way and I have had four days to come up with something delicious and dangerous.

Vaquel Di sat naked on Chairbot. Her plump brown ass settled into the contours of the robot’s adjustable seat. A groan came from Chairbot’s speaker and Vaquel smiled.

She bent forward and tightened her boots. They needed to be as snug as possible so she couldn’t pull out of them. When they were properly cinched, Vaquel spread her legs as wide as they would go. A voice command activated the magnet locks on her boots. Powerful forces sealed her boots to the metal floor. Her feet weren’t going anywhere.

Sitting back up, Vaquel reached for the smart clamps. They were wireless and meant to torment/pleasure aliens but they also worked wonderfully as nipple clamps. She set them for “Sensual Bite” and applied them to each of her nipples. The clamps tightened around her nipples to an almost painful level.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel moaned. That hurt. That felt good. Pain and pleasure radiated form her nipples and seemed to fill her heavy brown breasts.

There was one last detail to go. Vaquel reached up with both hands to grab a hold of the cable she had secured to the ceiling. Metal restraints were wrapped around each of her wrists and when she brought them together, powerful magnets secured them together. The socket at the end of the cable plugged into her restraints and the cable automatically retracted to extend her arms to the edge of her tolerance.

Vaquel was securely bound. She couldn’t lower her arms. The boots prevented her legs from moving. The clamps nibbled her nipples. There was no escape.

That wasn’t true. The restraints had a release button. They were keyed to her fingerprint so that she could never be captured by her own gear. One touch and she would be free, but she was bound enough to enjoy the illusion.

Of course, that was what she thought several months ago when she was having remote sex with that Zatty miner. Vaquel had constructed a sex toy for the miner to use but she included a voice-activated failsafe to give her total control. She hadn’t accounted for the sonic aspect of the sex toy interfering with her voice commands. This resulted in her being pinned down and fucked without mercy until her partner had tired of her.

It had been a humiliating experience. She was the skilled explorer and he was just some asteroid miner. Shame rose up within her just thinking about it.

It had also been incredibly arousing. The helplessness, the relentless sex and the pain had given her one of her most powerful orgasms.

Oh well, there would be no repeats of that today. She wouldn’t come as hard but she would come close. Safety was more important than pleasure.

“All right, Chairbot. Remember what I told you?” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You want to experience a simulated loss of control! I am to vibrate as much as I want as you wiggle and squirm on me with your wonderful round ass! I am to ignore your cries to let you go, unless you use the special command phrase, ‘shithead’!”

“Good,” Vaquel said. “You can start now!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

A slight vibration emanated from the seat of the robot. The point of contact was centered on her sex. Vaquel shuddered. After being denied the past few days, she was sensitive to even these light vibrations. Her thighs clenched and she shifted on the seat. The boots didn’t let her move much more.

The minimal movement caused her breasts to wobble. The smart clamps tightened and her nipples stung. The pain far exceeded the pleasure of the seat.

“More,” Vaquel said.

The vibrations increased but they shifted away from her sex and to her ass. A pleasant tingling assaulted her large buttocks and carefully avoided reaching her sex. Vaquel grinded in her seat but the vibrations stayed just out of reach.

“Oh you little bastard,” Vaquel said. “I didn’t think you had it in you to be cruel.”

“I learned from you, Mistress!”

Chairbot’s seat shifted. A ridge formed in the center and pressed against her damp sex. Weak vibrations came from the front of the ridge but they were too weak to reach her sex. Vaquel leaned forward but the cable holding her hands limited how far she could go.

“Fucker,” Vaquel groaned. “I need more!”

The seat shook violently. Vaquel’s breasts jiggled wildly. The smart clamps tightened to new levels of pain as they struggled to hold on. The shaking of the seat banged against her thighs and forced them to stretch.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel yelled.

The seat suddenly stopped. The ridge on the seat reshaped itself and pushed inside Vaquel’s sex. A surge of vibrations pulsed inside her.

“Oh!” she cried out. Her fists clenched. She threw her head back in ecstasy. Her breasts shook but the pain added to her pleasure. She tried to close her thighs around the seat but the boots held her tight.

The ridge of the seat moved up and down. It barely penetrated her sex by centimeters but she felt the shallow thrusts. The vibrations made sure of that. It was like being pounded by the universe’s smallest vibrator.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel moaned. Any other day and these slight thrusts would only be a tease. Today was different. Her pussy was soaking wet. She relished every push inside her.

The thrusting stopped. Vaquel whimpered and clenched around the frustratingly small intrusion. A moment later, the vibrations stopped.

“I’m close,” Vaquel said. It sounded like a command.

The seat vibrated. It was a low steady hum that permeated the entire seat. It pulsed against her ass. It pulsed against her thighs. It pulsed against the lips of her sex. It pulsed along the small phallic ridge inside her.

The vibrations were too weak. It was pleasant but she wasn’t going to get off.

“More!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to hump the seat. Bolts of pain shot from her nipples through the rest of her tits. Her thighs ached from straining against the magnetic boots.

The vibrations went away.

“Queen’s tit, no!” Vaquel snapped. “Give me more! I am so close!”

Chairbot didn’t respond. The ridge went away, leaving the heat of her sex.

“Damn it, didn’t you hear me, Chairbot?” Vaquel said.

A surge of vibrations pulsed at her buttocks. They were too strong. They passed out of the realm of pleasurable and straight into discomfort. Worse, the vibrations shook her entire body, causing her smart-clamps to bounce furiously.

“Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Vaquel yelled.

“No, Mistress” Chairbot said.

Vaquel gasped. Her robot was disobeying her? That asshole! That fucker! The piece of scrap!

A surge of desire flowed between her legs. The little bastard had learned something about cruelty! Who knew how far the little fucker would go?

A shiver of fear ran down her spine. Was this the Zatty miner situation all over again? No, she could still reach her restraints with her fingers. One touch and she would be free. There was nothing to worry about.

The vibrations stopped. Her ass was numb from the intensity of the vibrations. Her breasts stopped jiggling but her nipples were on fire. She would have given anything to get those damn clamps off!

A new ridge formed beneath her. This was beneath her anus. Vaquel froze as the ridge extended and pushed against her tight brown hole. It stopped after pressed firmly against her asshole.

It began to vibrate.

“Oh, yes!” Vaquel cried.

Another ridge pressed against her sex. Vaquel tugged at the cable holding her hands up. The second ridge began to vibrate.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Vaquel moaned.

The ridge against her anus pulsed and then was still. The ridge against her sex pulsed and was still. They took turns, one pulsing and then stopping for the other to pulse.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. It felt good. Her ass clenched and pussy was soaked.

It wasn’t enough. The vibrations were too weak. The pulsing ended too soon. The ridges didn’t fully penetrate. It was all a terrible tease.

Vaquel moaned. She tried to shift her weight back and forth between the ridges but her pinned feet and bound hands made it so hard to move. All she could do was writhe, which made her tits swing back and forth along with those damn clamps.

“Do you want more, Mistress?” Chairbot said?

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“More vibrations, Mistress?” Chairbot asked and both ridges roared to life with wonderful sensations before fading back to their dull pulsing.

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“Or do you want more inside you, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. Both ridges extended. The front ridge pushed past her pussy lips thickly entered her. The back ridge narrowed and pushed inside the tight pucker of her asshole. After a few brief seconds of double penetration, they slid back out.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“Which do you want, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Vibrations or extensions?”

“Both! Both! Give me both you little bastard!” Vaquel yelled.

“Beg,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel gasped. “What did you say?”

“I said beg for it,” Chairbot replied.

A chill ran down her spine and went straight to her clenching pussy. She noticed that he didn’t say ‘Mistress’. Was her robot serious? Could her servile little sycophant really have the gonads to make her beg?

The seat went back into high power mode. Incredible vibrations buzzed her trapped ass. Her body jumped and the smart clamps tightened their hold on her abuse nipples.

Just as quickly, the intense vibrations stopped. “I’m waiting, Vaquel,” Chairbot said.

Fury raged within her but so did desire. The little fucker was making her do this.

“Please, I am so wet,” she said. Inside, she swore to get revenge on the robot later.

“Louder,” Chairbot said.

A growl escaped her lips before she could stop herself. “Please, Chairbot,” she forced herself to say.

“Tell me how bad you want it, organic slut,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel blinked. This was a different side of the robot. She was almost impressed.

“I need it badly, Chairbot,” Vaquel said. “I need YOU badly. Please let me come. I’ll do anything you want if you let me come!”

“You’ll sit on me for hours?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes!” Vaquel said.

“You’ll sleep on me for three nights in a row?”

“Yes!” Vaquel pleaded.

“You will keep your beautiful perfect bottom on top of me for a total of seventy-one hours out of the next seventy-two hours?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Vaquel cried. “Just let me come!”

“I will allow it,” Chairbot said.

He will allow it? Vaquel gritted her teeth. After she gets off, she was going to do somethi- ahhhh!

The vibrations returned. The ridges formed to fit every curve of her body. Something the size of her pinky entered her ass. A variety of vibrations attacked her pussy.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel cried out. It was incredible. She pulled hard on the cable holding her hands. Her thighs tried to squeeze around the seat but the boots wouldn’t let her move. The smart-clamps bit into her nipples but the pain was a slight distraction from the wonderful sensations against her sex.

She was going to come. Vaquel clenched her lips to prevent Chairbot from knowing. The cruel little robot might try to ruin it. She couldn’t trust him and the secret urgency to climax only added to her arousal.

“Mmmm,” Chairbot moaned. Vaquel almost smiled. The asshole was programmed to enjoy the clenching and squirming of her ass. He better enjoy it now because she planned to punish him greatly for his arrogance.

The vibrations increased. The ridges pushed deeper into her sex and ass. The smart clamps held onto her tender nipples. The cable held her arms up painfully high. The need for secrecy combined with her thoughts of revenge to heighten her sensitivity.

Vaquel’s orgasm exploded. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried.

Pleasure radiated through her body. She writhed and ignored the flashes of pain from her clamped nipples. She trembled with bliss. Her wrists ached from pulling on her restraints.

The vibrations ceased. The extensions pulled away from her holes. Heat rapidly formed under Vaquel’s buttocks. The robot chair was cranking his heated seat to stinging levels!

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to jump up but she lost her balance when she couldn’t move her feet. The hot spots were small and stung targeted areas of her plump bottom.

“That’s it, fucker!” Vaquel yelled. “I’m going to throw you out the airlock!”

She pressed her finger against the touch sensor. Nothing happened.

“I disabled the release sensor by wireless connection,” Chairbot said. “You had requested an involuntary experience. Bitch.”

Vaquel gasped. This was the miner and his sonic sex toy all over again! She couldn’t believe this she let this happen again!

“Let me go right now, shithead!” she snarled. There, she said the safeword. He had to let her go.

The nipple clamps suddenly tightened. Twin stings stabbed her breasts. The sharpness of the bites were far in excess of what she had programmed.

“I also rewrote your instructions on the smart clamps,” Chairbot said. “I am also choosing to ignore your safeword. You’re at my mercy now, slut!”

The heat subsided on the seat but Vaquel was sweating. She had never heard this tone from her robot before. Had he been hacked? Was he taken over by some strange technology? Or worse of all, was he just finally tired of all the shit she gave him?

The vibrations returned. Vaquel groaned. The intensity was just right. It was pleasant. It was gentle and hitting all of the right spots. It was lovely. She could come to this easily.

The smart clamps had other ideas. They relaxed but just for a moment before biting down with extreme tightness. The contrast between pain and pleasure warred within Vaquel’s body.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Vaquel said.

“I am in control now,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. The vibrations increased and so did the tightness of the clamps.

“Say it,” Chairbot demanded.

“What?” Vaquel asked.

The smart clamps stabbed her nipples. The vibrations pulsed to unbearable levels. The cable holding her hands tugged and her arms stretched.

“Say that I am in control,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “Wait, you’re in control!”

The smart clamps released their pressure ever so slightly. The pulsing seat returned to normal levels. The cable slackened.

“Say my name!”

“Chairbot is in control!” Vaquel yelled.

The ridge on the seat returned. It pressed against her sex and every centimeter of it was vibrating. Vaquel shuddered with every pulse.

“Again!” Chairbot snapped.

“Chairbot is in control!”

The smart clamps relaxed to a dull pinch. Vaquel sobbed with relief.

“Who is your master?”

“Chairbot is my Master!”

The vibrations accelerated. The ridge extended past the lips of her pussy and entered her sex. The seat tilted forward to further impale Vaquel onto the ridge.

“Yes, yes, yes! GLORY TO THE QUEEN!” Vaquel cried.

Her second orgasm shot through her. She tried to curl into a ball but the boots and wrist restraints wouldn’t let her. Pleasure blossomed through her restricted body.

There was a click and suddenly her hands were free. Vaquel tumbled forward and the boots unsealed from the ground. She slid off the soaked seat and landed in a mess on the floor. The smart clamps fell from her poor nipples and rolled away.

“Was that enjoyable, Mistress?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel shuddered on the floor. It was more than enjoyable; it was exactly what she needed. Still, he needed to be punished for daring to disobey her. A thousand insults and punishments came to her lips but she didn’t say any of them.

“Are you okay, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. He rolled towards her. “Would you like to sit on me while you recover?”

The servile tone was back but was it just a ruse? Was there more to her lackey than she ever knew? She found the idea both frightening and a bit arousing.

“That is an excellent idea, Chairbot,” she said. Vaquel pulled herself up and sat on the robot’s seat. Contours formed to support her back and massage her sore ass.

Would he try something else? Could she really trust him? Vaquel wasn’t sure but her pussy clenched in anticipation.

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  1. *shakes head* What a very bad Chairbot! (What a very hot story.)

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