Sep 022016

a0898768488_10“I wanna fly…Off the bridge
I wanna fly off the bridge
I’m the angel of alchemists
I exist… ”

So begins Sublimations, the first song of the Epic Lifestyle album. Like every song, it instantly transports you somewhere else. This is a song about mysteries. This is a song about wishes, desires and frustrations. As the bells chime and the haunting voice of Andra whisper in your ear, you can’t help by be drawn somewhere special.

Epic Lifestyle is described as lyrical surrealism and while true, I liken the album more as a Grimoire in album form.

“I am the dream-child Lilith
Cloaked in haloed hungers
The wind sings with her fingers
Across my silk-fire heavens
Angels’ voices sigh
And languish in my skirts”

The opening lyrics to Lilith feel like holy text. This is the album I listen to when my world is unacceptable. These are the songs I play when I want to sink deep into magic and immerse myself in wonder.

“When you cry…
It’s human and divine
When you cry…
I feed, you feed
I like it when you cry”

The lyrics of Dacryphilia warn you of monsters. Or perhaps it is a celebration of the monster you nourish inside you. Like most works of magic, it depends on how you will interpret it.

You need this album. I needed this album. It is human and divine. Purchase it here.

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