Sep 142016

The wife came out of gall bladder surgery okay. It was supposed to take 15 minutes but ended up taking an hour and a half. her gall bladder was inflamed and much larger than they expected. The doctor said it was on the verge of bursting so it was good we got to it when we did.

The nurse gave my wife a long list of things not to do and then ten minutes later on the ride home, the wife gave me highly detailed arguments for why she should be allowed to do just about anything on the list. It was pretty funny. She was dopey on pain medication but still super smart. It resulted in her talking like a five year old with a really advanced vocabulary.

She has the rest of the week off, and I think Monday as well. Hopefully I can sit her down in front of Netflix and she will keep out of trouble.

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  1. Great news!

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