Aug 312016

The magisexual should keep in mind that along with keeping their body healthy for vigorous activities that they must also keep their spiritual energies healthy as well. It is no good to have the endurance to fuck a summoned spirit for an hour if you lack the magical essence to do anything with that joining.

This is one of the ways I recharge my vital substances.

First, cleanse the area and appoint your Guardian. Of course.

Now sit in a comfortable position and attain a state of arousal. You are the expert on how to achieve that.

Begin a simple breathing exercise. Breathe in your nose, and absorb the magic in our plane of reality. Breathe the air and magical energy in, and keeping a small bit of the energy for yourself, breathe out the air through your mouth and pass the energy through your sexual organ.

Repeat this process until you feel replenished. When you are potent once more, repeat the process six more times to be sure.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

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