Aug 242016

I was in a used bookstore yesterday. After a good long search I found the carefully hidden erotica section. The books are stacked sideways so only the spines are showing. The title alone had to grab me.

Black Masque? Oh cool, is this an erotic twist on the Poe story, the Masque of the Red Death? Is this about a masked party with shifting identities and spanking? Perhaps a novel about a sex cult?

Nope, Black Masque is about sex partners for vampires. Sigh.

Slave Island? Oh, is this a dirtier Exit to Eden? Maybe there are castaways on an island and they have reverted to slavery?

Nope, it is a historical novel about Romans.

And so on. I often feel the most erotic a book can be is before you read the back of the book. The suggestion of the title often brings forth your own fantasies and desires that get crushed by the mundane reality of what the book is actually about.

It is interesting because until I see a title like Slave island, I never knew I wanted a book about castaways and kink. I doubt I would come up with that on my own. Now I have another idea for my ever lengthening list of books I want to write.

  2 Responses to “Inspiration by Disappointment”

  1. I’m cursed with the same problem. :) Too many book ideas, not enough time or energy. Though I’m hoping my Patreon will encourage me to write instead of just get lost in the other details of life.

    And I would hope Slave Island is a much different story than you, but I’d read both of them. :)

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