Jul 152016

51xHIXUAyhL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Taken by the Aliens is my big interactive alien abduction erotica ebook and you can buy it now on Amazon.

In this story,you play a perfectly normal woman trying to get some sleep when you are kidnapped and taken aboard a strange spaceship. Try to find your way back home while also avoiding, or seeking out, alien encounters of the very intimate kind. Get probed by Greys! Receive personal messages from the Nubians to take back to earth! Discover the unexpected secret of the Reptile Aliens! Get seduced by a celebrity thought dead! Beg for forgiveness from the Brains in the Jars! Have your body explored by tentacles! Take some time to experiment on some of your fellow captives! For the love of your sanity, avoid the Men in the Black! Discover even more strange erotic encounters that I haven’t listed here!

Inspired by alien abductee stories, this 108,000 word story with 60 endings should keep you busy for a very long time.

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