Jun 012016

A close-up of the escort cruiser appeared on the main screen. Engines flared as it turned for an attack run. The ship wobbled a little as the port engine failed but it quickly compensated. Energy shields flicked to cover and contain the large gaping hole we had inflicted in the hull.

My crew on the bridge had plenty of opinions on this development.

“They should have ran for it,” Morella, my First Mate said.

“Awfully loyal for mercenaries,” Skeven said from his engine station.

“Maybe they’re just pissed off,” Murder Girl said from the helm.

“Stupid shits!” Venda, my cyborg parrot, said from my shoulder.

“No, they’re just dead now,” I said. “Take them out.”

“Aye, Captain.”

The escort cruiser wasn’t waiting for my order. Multiple weapon ports opened with grim menace. Laser beams leaped forward, followed by twin balls of flaming plasma and far behind them, the steady flights of ship-killing missiles. It threw everything it had at us.

It was hopeless. Our shields refracted the lasers. A slight change of course evaded the plasma shots. Anti-missile missiles intercepted the missiles. All we felt was a slight shudder on the bridge as the shockwaves of distant explosions reached us.

Meanwhile, our own weapons responded. A storm of lasers overcame their shields and carved through their hull. Three high-mass projectiles disintegrated the front of the cruiser. Several missiles slowly homed in on the crippled ship and blew it apart. Their defiance was over and we will never know why they kept fighting.

“Captain, Blastpants, the Lube Convoy is hailing us,” One Eye Peter reported. “They wish to surrender their cargo in exchange for their lives.”

“I bet they do,” I said. “Tell the Convoy to shut down their engines and wait for our requisition crews.”

“And tell the crew leaders that I want full inventory reports within two hours!” Morella added.

“Aye,” One Eye Peter said and he relayed our orders.

A rare silence fell on the bridge crew. We had spotted the convoy just thirty minutes ago. Ten minutes later, we intercepted them and five minutes after that; the only escort ship was dead. The value of the lube was going to be high and the risk had been relatively low. We should be celebrating but instead, we were down and subdued like we were the ones just hijacked by pirates.

I looked Morella and she looked at me. We recognized the feeling. When you get used to fighting for your lives, you get used to the thrill. Killing an enemy too quickly was just as bad as climaxing right after entering someone’s mouth: you might be technically satisfied but you are still itching to fuck something over.

Fortunately, Morella and I were old hands at this.

“Any thoughts on our fight?” I asked Morella.

A cruel smile came to her lips. “I am a bit concerned about that last attack from the escort,” she said. “The missiles came close enough that we felt their explosions.”

Morella and I turned to the junior bridge officer on defense duty. Smart-Ass looked up from her console. We called her smart because despite her young age, she already had four degrees in the sciences. We called her ass because she had a fabulous one. She joined us when we stopped at a pleasure station. I think she said she was on spring break, whatever that meant. Her quick mind and knowledge of missile systems earned her a fast promotion to the bridge.

“I’m sorry,” Smart-Ass said. She nervously pushed her short blonde hair away from her eyes.

“Call him, Captain!” Morella snapped.

“Yes! Sorry, Captain!” Smart-Ass said. “I don’t know why the missiles got as close as they did!”

“You don’t?” I said. I walked over to her console and stared down at her. It was an old command trick, stare at a subordinate long enough and they’ll think of something for you to punish them for. For once, my cyborg bird was quiet and stared down at her too. I like to think that made us more intimidating.

“Uh,” Smart-Ass said as her mind raced. “I only activated eighty percent of the missile defense pods to save power usage, Captain. I didn’t think we needed full defenses against a cruiser using an obvious Veeker hull with the standard weapon configuration.”

I had no idea what she was referring to. For all I knew, she could have been right. I wasn’t going to admit that because I was never one to let facts get in the way of a good punishment.

“First Mate,” I snapped. “Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t I order full defenses?”

“Aye, Captain!” Morella said. Her smile grew bigger.

“Did I order ‘full but partial if you noticed some fucking detail’, defenses?”

“No, Captain!” Morella said. She cracked her knuckles.

“I’m really sorry, Captain!” Smart-Ass said.

“It’s not just me you endangered, but the whole ship!” I said. “Are you going to apologize to the entire crew as well?”

Murder Girl snickered. She always had a giggling problem. I just hoped Smart-Ass didn’t pick up on it.

She didn’t. The young student was genuinely repentant. Her big blue eyes were wide and her face was paler than usual.

“I will gladly apologize to the crew, Captain!” Smart-Ass said. “It will never happen again!”

“Damn right it won’t,” I said. I tried to sound angry but I almost laughed out loud. Murder Girl’s giggles were infectious!

Fortunately, Morella never had a problem with levity. She lunged forward and grabbed Smart-Ass by her short hair. A hard push and Smart Ass was lifted from her seat and thrown onto her console. Morella pulled the junior officer until her legs were hanging off the side. My clever First Officer even had the presence of mind to turn off the console so Smart-Ass’ wiggling body wouldn’t activate anything.

It was my turn. I grabbed Smart-Ass’ always tight pants and yanked them down. They were snug but I was persistent. Her pants came down to reveal her cute round butt covered in a flimsy green pair of panties.

The bridge crew groaned as if with one voice. That was a pretty ass. We just needed to get rid of those panties.

“Venda, attack,” I commanded.

Venda hopped off my shoulder and flew down to Smart-Ass’ butt. The bird grabbed a beak full of panties and snipped through it. Again and again the cyborg bird pecked and pecked as it ripped the panties to shreds.

Smart-Ass cried out as Venda’s sharp beak pricked her but the girl was smart enough not to struggle too much. She couldn’t help wiggling and clenching though and I for one enjoyed her every flinch.

When there were no more panties to shred, Venda hopped away with the last of the green cloth. I am not sure what she does with it but it wasn’t any of my business. For all I know, she has a secret nest made of panty shreds. Let her have her secret pirate stash.

“Skeven, hold her arms,” Morella commanded. The bridge officer eagerly took his place in front of Smart-Ass. He grabbed her wrists with his big thick hands. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Since you noticed her error, you start first,” I told Morella.

“Aye, Captain,” Morella said.

“Start what?” Smart-Ass said.

WHAP! Morella smacked Smart-Ass right on her smart little ass.

“Fuck!” Smart-Ass yelled. She jumped but Skeven held onto her arms.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Morella tore into Smart-Ass. This wasn’t her first bridge spanking. The First Mate had powerful arms and a willingness to use them. She left bright red hand prints wherever she struck. Each blow threatened to knock Smart-Ass off the console. Like everything Morella did, it was an act of precision violence.

Smart-Ass squirmed, wiggled and writhed but there was no escape. She screamed, cried and shouted. Her ass clenched, quivered and shuddered.

It was a brutal spanking. Morella took her time and obliterated the girl’s ass. The bridge crew watched in silence because you want to give a beating like that the respect that it deserves.

ITen minutes later, held up my hand. Morella stopped and stepped back. She shook her hand and I knew it stung but not nearly as much as Smart-Ass’ bottom was stinging.

“I am so sorry, Captain!” smart-Ass yelled.

“Good,” I said. “You better stay sorry.”

WHACK! It was my turn. I brought my hand down in a slow lazy swing that connected with her red bottom. Her ass was hot to the touch. It was a light hit but I knew her sensitive ass wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Lords of Space!” Smart-Ass screamed. She almost jumped off the console. Skeven got a better grip and One Eye Peter helped him. They pinned her down in place.

WHACK! I struck her again. Unlike Morella, I wanted to take my time.

She was a joy to watch. Her bright red ass clenched before every slap. My slaps sent shockwaves through her tight bottom. After each hit, I let my fingers linger on her burning skin before pulling back for another swing.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Smart-Ass yelled.

“You didn’t say, Captain,” Murder Girl added.

“Captain!” Smart-Ass screamed as I spanked her again.

“I am so sorry, Captain!” she screamed as I slapped her ass.

“I will never do it again, Captain!” she yelled as I gave her bottom another smack.

Morella grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. Smart-Ass’s eyes glittered with tears. I rested my hand on her bottom and let it warm my fingers.

“Are you sorry enough to make it up to your fellow crew?” Morella asked.

“Yes!” Smart-Ass said. “Wait, how?”

“Good question,” Morella said. “That must be why we call you, smart.” She pressed a button and her shorts fell from her waist to reveal a massive red bush of pubic hair.

Skeven stepped away. Morella stood in front of Smart-Ass and grabbed her hair. She slammed her sex onto smart-Ass’s face while her hands kept Smart-Ass pinned in a steel grip.

Morella shuddered. Her eyes clenched shut. It was an awkward angle, but Smart-Ass made it work.

My intelligent pants unzipped on their own. My hard cock flopped out, ready to board. I kicked apart Smart-Ass’s legs. She lifted her ass towards me. The edge of the console was smeared with her juices.

“Horny slut,” I said. I guided my cock into her waiting sex.

Fuck, she was wet. The heat of her ass burned my flesh where we touched but it was nothing compared to the heat within her. My cock throbbed within her molten sex.

I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. She was tight so I went slowly. Thrust by thrust, I opened her sex.

The rest of the bridge gathered around. One Eye Peter was stroking his cock. Murder Girl had her shirt off and was pinching her remaining nipple. Skeven had his cock in hand, looking back and forth between smart-Ass’s ass and mouth.

They would get their turn but first it was mine. I picked up the pace, fucking her the slick vault of her sex. My fingers gripped her hips as I slammed into her.

Morella groaned. She turned Smart-Ass’ head to the side as her hips bucked. It was hard to see Smart-Ass’s mouth for all I saw was the jungle of Morella’s bush. Judging from the tightness of Morella’s lips, Smart-Ass made it work.

Skeven decided that he didn’t want to wait anymore and stepped up. He guided Smart-Ass’s hand to his cock and she gripped him. Despite getting smothered by Morella’s sex, Smart-Ass had the dexterity to start stroking Skeven’s member. She had the makings of a great officer.

“Yes!” Morella yelled and she pushed Smart-Ass’s face away from her sex. The First Mate shuddered from head to toe as she leaned against the console. There was a flush to her face and a relaxed smile that I rarely got to see. It made her beautiful.

Murder Girl didn’t care about beauty. She lifted her skirt and stepped up to Smart-Ass’ face. The skirt went over Smart-Ass’ head as she went to work on Murder Girl’s pussy. The junior officer put her free hand under the skirt and judging by Murder’ Girl’s moans, I knew right where they went.

One Eye Peter bit his lips. I felt sorry for him so I pulled out of Smart-Ass and waved him over. The look of appreciation in his eyes was better than precious metals. It was the little things that ensure a pirate’s loyalty.

He grabbed Smart-Ass’ tender buttocks and pulled them apart to expose her tiny asshole. Taking a bottle of lube from his belt, One Eye Peter squirted her ass liberally. He rubbed the lube into her ass and onto his cock. When both were shining, he slid his cock into her ass.

“LORDS OF SPACE!” Smart-Ass screamed from under Murder Girl’s skirt. “Son of a father-fucking cocksucker!”

The crew laughed and never broke their assault on her body. Murder Girl kept Smart-Ass under her skirt. Skeven happily fucked the junior officer’s hand. One Eye Peter steadily buggered her ass.

Morella approached me. There was an odd look on her face that I didn’t recognize. She reached for my cock and I gasped. Her powerful grip stroked my slick member.

“This initiation is going well,” she said, slowly pumping my cock.

I wasn’t sure what to do. We were rarely intimate. Her lack of respect for my bullshit was an important part of why she was a great First Mate. I focused on the conversation instead of the handjob.

“She was overdue,” I said. “She is a fantastic defense operator.”

“And now every time she sits at her post, she’ll remember the time she ate pussy and got fucked,” Morella added. Her gripped changed to a slightly twisting one.

“Ohhh,” I groaned. “It beats getting a fucking stripe on your uniform.’

“Remember when you were elected Captain?” Morella asked. Her thumb slid over the tip of my cock.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “I do. I came four times on my chair. One of those were in your mouth.”

“Mmm,” Morella said. She stroked a little faster.

“Yes!” One-Eye Peter yelled. He came deep in Smart-Ass’ beautiful ass. I doubt any man would have lasted long.

Skeven took his place behind her. He opted for her pussy instead of her sex. He grunted loudly with every thrust into her wet sex.

Murder Girl on the other hand was as quiet as a grave. A slight shudder was the only hint that she had climaxed. It was the same shudder she gave when she killed someone.

Morella’s hand left my cock and went to my balls. Her gentle caresses were so out of character that I moaned with every touch.

“Smart-Ass plans to go back to school,” Morella said.

I laughed. “That is her choice, though I would love to see her use her new pirate skills in academia.”

Murder Girl shuddered again. Her face was devoid of any emotion. There were no giggles now.

Skeven came. He screamed his orgasm and slapped the side of her ass. Muffled cries came out from under Murder Girl’s skirt.

“You should be last,” Morella whispered to me. “Step aside!” she snapped to the crew. ‘Captain needs to come!”

Murder Girl and Skeven disengaged. I walked up to Smart-Ass and gripped my cock. I wanted her mouth.

Smart-Ass looked up at me as she hung limply on her console. Her face was a wet mess of pussy juices. Seed fell from her sex and her asshole. There was a glaze to her eyes and a smile as big as a moon. The smart girl had already figured out that this wasn’t a punishment; it was a welcoming.

“Use me, Captain,” she said.

“He will,” Morella said. She grabbed the back of Morella’s head and pushed it to my cock. I stepped closer and entered her mouth.

Smart-Ass choked. Morella kept her grip on her head and forced her onto my cock. Back and forth she drove Smart-Ass’ head, controlling her motions as she face-fucked me.

I looked at my First Mate and the friendly eyes were gone. She was cruel again and Smart-Ass was the victim. It was fucking hot.

My attention went o Smart-Ass. She looked up at me with grateful eyes. Tears and pussy juice dripped from her face. Her jaw was slack as she was force to suck me. It too was fucking hot.

I came. A cascade of seed flowed out of my cock and into her mouth. Morella held Smart-Ass’ head still as the young woman’s eyes bulged in surprise. Flooded her mouth and she struggled to swallow it all.

“And that is why they call him Captain Blastpants,” Skeven said.

When I was finally done, I wiped my cock on Smart-Ass’ face. Morella released her head and the exhausted woman flopped on her console. My intelligent pants zipped back up and began a hygiene routine on my spent member.

There was a beep from the communicator. Morella checked her chair. “Captain, requisition teams are reporting in. Each team has secured a freighter and are awaiting orders.”

“Good,” I said. I headed back to my chair. ‘Helm, lay in a course for New Fortune. Sensors, keep an eye out for any pirates looking to poach our treasure. Engineering, make the adjustments for escort duty.”

“What about her?” Morella asked, pointing to Smart-Ass who was still laid out across her console.

I shrugged. “Let her rest. She still has her initiation party back at New Fortune to go to.”

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