May 012016

trialbycuriositycoverI was invited by the fantastic Dr. Faustus to write a guest issue for his long running webcomic, Tales of Gnosis College. The series concerns a certain special college where every other staff member or student is involved in mad science of an erotic nature. Every story is crammed with sex, science and wonderful plots.

As you can imagine, this was right in my area of expertise and I produced a story about a sorority testing their pledges. Creepy rooms, bondage and strangeness abound. It was a joy to write in Faustus’ universe and an even bigger joy to be able to tell a story and watch that story get illustrated by the great Lon Ryden.

This may be a guest appearance but I can assure you, if you are a fan of mine, this story is 100% what you would expect as a dirty webcomic from me. It is a self contained story with no previous Gnosis knowledge necessary.  I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.

A new page posts every day starting with today’s lovely cover.

Cover Image is owned by Dr. Faustus and Lon Ryden.

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