Apr 212016

There won’t be a story this week because my wife had LASIK surgery done on her eyes. The surgery went well even though they are literally cutting into her eyes with lasers and that still blows my mind. she has gone from legally blind without her glasses to 20/30 vision and that is likely to improve in the days to come.

The procedure itself was quick and easy but what I didn’t take into account is the recovery period. I was babysitting an adult for a few days who couldn’t read, text or play on her computer.  In other words, I got shit done this week.

Next Wednesday will resume our regular smut posting schedule.

  2 Responses to “Short Interruption because Science!”

  1. LASIK was a life-saver for me. In 2000, I was 25 and could no longer focus with or without glasses. It had been two years since I last saw something in focus and it was getting a bit worrying. My parents gave it for my birthday (plus the whole getting married bit), so I got the joy of watching someone cut open my eye, peel back the cornea, and then muck around a bit. They started with one eye and then the other. On the second, the doctor mentioned that I was so much more relaxed.

    “I just saw you peel back my eye. That was awesome, of course I’m relaxed, I want to see it again.”

    Interestingly, I could focus on the cornea as it was pulled back, I was so far nearsighted I could only focus on something inside my eyeball.

    I went from 20/1000 to 20/25 overnight. I have a permenant haze across my vision that doesn’t get worse with distance; it looks like someone had smeared vaseline on the inside of my eyeball. I have night-blindness, dry eyes, and I still have to sit in the front row.

    And it was better than anything I had with glasses.

    I still have the tricks when I was blind. I memorize any layout as I go so I can walk it in the dark. I have good color sense but lousy details. I can detect movement from a distnace, but more importantly, I can read. Not just guess the worse based on their blur but actually read.

    I have to wear glasses now, but they are tiny little things with slivers, not heavy chunks of glass because the high refraction lenses were too much and I kept seeing lizard people and auras. :)

    I loved my LASIK.

    • Wow, that is completely outside of my tolerance lol. I freak out a little every time the wife describes it.

      The surgery is a life saver though. It was scary how blind she was without them and now I know she has a much better chance of getting through a disaster.

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