Apr 132016

Darren heard a noise at his door. He put down his book and walked over to take a look. A large green envelope waited for him beside the door. Someone had slid it under the slender crack under his apartment door.

Nothing was written on the outside of the envelope. The smell of cinnamon emanated when he lifted the flap. Inside were sheets of brown paper. Small delicate handwriting filled the pages.

He walked back to his chair and sat down. His book was forgotten as he began to read.

“Dear Michael,”

Darren paused. He didn’t know a Michael. He felt like a voyeur but it passed. The message was passed under his door after all. He resumed reading.

“Dear Michael, I think of you every day. It begins with my cunt as I feel a terrible longing to be filled with your cock. Next, my nipples ached to be sucked on by your mouth. My ass yearns to sit on your lap once more and neck tilts as I recall the way you used to bite me just below my ear. It has been so long since you last claimed me but I remember every touch of your body.”

A flush came to Darren’s cheeks. He squirmed in his chair while he adjusted his pants.

“I saw you in the elevator. I said hello and you smiled shyly. You still don’t recognize me. I understand. You don’t remember the times we share. You have forgotten me but I know that one day you will remember me and on that day, I will drop to my knees and fuck your cock with my mouth.”

Darren closed his eyes. Who had he seen in the elevator lately? He assumed she must mean the apartment elevator. Was it that tall woman with the black hair? Or was it the busty woman with the short blonde hair? Surely it couldn’t have been the elderly woman who wears those red hats? Was it someone else he couldn’t think of right now?

“After seeing you again I couldn’t resist being closer to you. I waited the next day for you to go to your job. I know you leave every morning promptly at seven to go to the bus stop. I know you work every day fitting and repairing other women’s brasseries when it is my breasts you should be holding in your hands. I don’t blame you Michael for doing your job but I get so jealous sometimes.”

Darren adjusted his pants again before turning to the next page.

“When I knew you were gone, I came into your apartment. I won’t tell you how because that is my little secret and until you remember us, I don’t want you to do something foolish and prevent me from coming into your apartment. I will say, I think the plant you bought for the kitchen would do better in the living room near the light.”

Darren looked up at the plant. Yes, that was probably a better place for it.

“I went to your bathroom. The heat of your morning shower clung to my skin. A tremble went through me as I thought of you naked. In an act of desperation, I stripped off my clothes and stepped into your stall. I turned on the water and felt it spray against my body. It felt good to know I was naked in the same place that you are often nude. I hoped that perhaps when you shower, you somehow feel my presence there.”

Darren was sure that he would now.

“Your blue sponge hung on the shower head. It touches your body every day. It was still damp from washing you. I became terribly jealous of it but I reached a compromise. I took it down and sprayed your body wash onto it. I worked it into a lather and then I rubbed your sponge over my body.

It felt wonderful. I washed my breasts, imagining it was you washing me. I squeezed my ass with the sponge like I knew you would. I took my time lathering up my legs and arms. I took an extra long time to wash my lonely cunt with your sponge. I almost came in the shower but I held back.”

Darren’s mouth was dry. He paused to take a drink of water. He tried to remember if his blue sponge had felt any different lately.

“When my shower was done, I stepped out and dried myself using your towel. It was damp from your shower but I didn’t mind. It made me feel closer to you. Best of all was that now I smelled a lot like you. I thought about buying your brand of body wash but it wouldn’t be the same. I will just keep using yours.”

Darren understood this is why his body wash didn’t lasted as long as it used to.

“I went to your bedroom next. I was so turned on. Your scent was on me and it was driving me wild. At first I went to your dresser but then I had a better idea. I went to your laundry hamper and I pulled out one of your dirty pairs of underwear. It was grey with a red waistband.

That was when I went to your bed. You had made the bed but I pulled back the sheets and crawled in. I took your underwear and placed it on my face. I breathed in the smell of your crotch and wished that I could bury my face in your lap.”

Darren made another adjustment to his pants.

“My self control broke. I touched my wet cunt while I was under your sheets. I ground my naked ass into your bed. I gripped my breasts the way you used to do and I said all the filthy things that you love to hear. I did this for you even though you weren’t there. That is how much I miss you, Michael.

I pressed your underwear to my face. While my other hand fingered my cunt, I did my best to smother myself with your underwear. The smell of your crotch filled my lungs. My tongue licked at the material that once held your cock. This is how I climaxed and when I came, I screamed loud enough for your neighbor to knock on the wall.”

Darren blinked. He didn’t think his neighbors ever did that. Then again, he never gave them a reason.

“It felt so good to come in your bed. After I climaxed, I was able to control myself again. I climbed out of your bed and made the sheets. There was a damp spot but I left that for you. I hope you noticed it.”

Darren hadn’t. He was tempted to go look for it but knew better.

“I let myself out of your apartment. I hope you understand that I took your underwear with me. It still smells like you but now it also smells like my cunt. I am afraid that I have used it to masturbate with too often. I may need to return to get another pair soon.”

Darren nodded. He had wondered where those boxers went. He was afraid someone had stolen them at the laundry mat.

“Remember that I have and always will love you, Michael. I long for the day that your remember me and we can be together again. Waiting is hard but I know it is the right thing to do. We will be together again. Until then, I will always be your beloved.”

It was unsigned. Darren thought that made sense. If a longtime lover was writing to another, there would be no need for names.

Darren put the letter back in the green envelope. When he stood up, he had to adjust his pants to allow himself to walk. He went into the bedroom and walked over his nightstand. He opened the bottom drawer and added the envelope to the dozen other green envelopes he kept there.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Forgotten Love”

  1. “Darren paused. He didn’t know a Michael. He felt like a voyeur but it passed. The message was passed under his door after all. He resumed reading.” threw me with the final ending, since he already had so many others.

    A lovely story.

  2. Oh I agree. It was tricky as heck. I hoped to convey that Darren feels guilty every time he does something, no matter how many times he does it.

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