Apr 062016

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty of the forty-four day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Ruthless Education Policy” by Royal Astronomers. My extremities have finally healed from the frozen world of the previous star system. I am able to masturbate with my fingers again.

Currently I am observing a large Unidentified Space Organism. Scanners are having a hard time getting consistent readings since the creature is the size of a major city back home. I have had to rely on visual observations and what I can tell you is that it looks like a big giant white jellyfish. It has a million tentacles, some of them several kilometers long.

I have been keeping my distance although it appears to be travelling in the same direction and more worryingly, at the same speed as my probe ship. Attempts at communication have failed and I can only surmise that it is unintelligent. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Damn right I have been keeping my distance. Every thing I have encountered in space that has tentacles has tried to fuck and eat me. I don’t mind the fucking but I am in no mood to be consumed by a giant space jellyfish.

Vaquel Di leaned back on Chairbot. The robot chair was sulking because Vaquel had draped a plush fur blanket over it. The ass-loving robot was upset that it couldn’t feel the contours of Vaquel’s plump naked ass but that was too bad. Vaquel loved the way that the fur felt against her skin and that was all there was to it.

The observation window was open so that Vaquel could look at the USO outside. Bright white light filled the navigation bay and almost turned Vaquel’s short pink hair white. Her dark brown skin soaked in the rays and felt warm. The glass should have prevented any heat from coming in but Vaquel could swear that she felt like she was on a beach. It must have been a trick of her mind.

Vaquel watched the dance of the USO’s tentacles. Why were they swaying back and forth? Were they collecting space dust for nutrients? Could they be gathering solar particles like her space ship’s solar sails do? If only these damn scanners could get the same reading twice, she might actually learn something.

In the meantime, Vaquel could watch. Watching that many tentacles in motion only served to enflame her libido. Although some of the tentacles were large enough to crush starships, there were hundreds more small enough to entertain a certain horny space explorer.

Vaquel stretched out her legs and set them on the control panel. There were worn spots on the controls from previous times she had assumed this position. She leaned back and the pouting robot chair adjusted to support her back. Soft purring vibrations penetrated the thick fur and stimulated her ass.

She looked down at her pussy. A thick bush of pink hair glistened with her desire. She pressed down with her hand and felt the moist heat stir within her. Her hips bucked against her hand. A teasing shiver ran through her.

The tentacles continued to sway in front of her. They curled and lashed in the emptiness of space.

Vaquel imagined one of the smaller tentacles reaching for her. It would slip into a crack in the ship. Some strange quality of the tentacle would stop the air from escaping through the air it made. It would glide in behind her and when she least expect it, wrap around her throat.

Two of Vaquel’s fingers pressed inside. She gasped as her pussy was penetrated. She moaned as she imagined the white glowing tentacle wrapping around her neck. It would be hard to breathe and she would be taken completely by surprise.

She stroked faster. Other tentacles would enter the crack made by the first. As she struggled, they would attack. She had met plenty of tentacle monsters these last few years. She remembered the feel of them wrapping around her wrists. She knew their strength as they pulled apart her legs. Despite their thinness, tentacles could be stronger than most metals.

Vaquel kept her legs straight and still. Her free hand stayed on Chairbot’s armrest. As her fingers stroked deeper, Vaquel did her best to stay absolutely still.

The tentacles did more than restrain her. Sometimes they slapped her ass with a fury that made her cry. Other times that coiled around her tits tighter than any vise. Sometimes the tentacles were cold and slippery while other times they were warm and sweated a strange musk.

Vaquel looked out the observation port and wondered how the USO’s tentacles would feel.

She thought about other things the tentacles could do. They could push her lips apart and enter her mouth. They could wiggle against her clenching ass and fill her tight anus. One really thick tentacle could burrow into her wet pubic bush and fill her greedy little sex and fuck her silly.

Vaquel was close to coming. There was a third finger now and all three fingers were busy inside her. In one thrust she kept them together to simulate a thick tentacle and then on the next thrust she would wiggle her fingers to mimic multiple tentacles inside her.

It didn’t take long to come.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Pleasure exploded within her sex and she felt the many tentacles of her pleasure rush through her body.

“WARNING!” the ship computer announced. “Unidentified Space Organism has violated proximity standards!”

Vaquel sat up in an instant. The glowing white jellyfish was extending towards her. The large mass at the center shifted in her direction. It was moving terribly fast for something so large.

“No,” Vaquel said. With fingers slick and sticky, she punched in a new heading for the ship. “Couldn’t even let me enjoy my afterglow.”

The ship’s engines roared. The USO was big and fast but the probe ship was made to flee and live another day. The white creature on the view screen quickly shrunk as the probe ship sped away.

The USO vanished. Vaquel blinked. Even at this speed they shouldn’t be out of the sight of it by now.

“WARNING!” the ship computer announced again. “Unidentified Space Organism has violated proximity standards!”

White light filled the navigation pod. Warning lights flashed. A giant tentacle pressed against the observation port.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. She looked at the scanner. The USO was right on top of them. How was that possible?

The ship shook. Something had grabbed it.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled from under her. “How can I protect you?”

“Hush,” Vaquel said. There were procedures for this kind of thing. There were four buttons she could press to activate four different violent solutions. She picked one and slammed her fist on the button.

A powerful shock ran through the ship. Screens flickered random information before going dark. The smell of ozone filled the air. The fur blanket emitted a flash of light.

Vaquel cried out but her scream died in her throat. She fell back into Chairbot and then slid onto the control. The robot’s chair controls had gone limp. When she landed on the ground her head landed facing Chairbot. All of his operational lights were off.

She tried to curse but couldn’t move her mouth. Her body refused her orders to move. She could blink and maybe wiggle a finger but that was it.

This was bad. The USO must have shocked the ship with something. Right now her vessel was dead in space and she couldn’t move. Hopefully both were temporary.

The gravity field shut down and she began to float. She looked out the observation port but all she could see was white light. There were no sounds of hull breaches so maybe the USO wasn’t trying to get in. Perhaps it was content to stun her and move one.

There was white light above her. A white circle formed on the ceiling of the hull and a tentacle slipped in. If Vaquel could move she would have held her breath but it was unnecessary, the tentacle hadn’t breached the ship.

More tentacles pushed in and none of them left a hole. Vaquel’s mind started racing. Was this some sort of phase technology? Sometimes you can trick the laws of physics to let one object pass through the density of another; was this creature able to do it naturally?

Shit, it would go a long way to explaining why she could never get a good scan on the being. It might have been only partially in this universe. That might also explain how to move so fast. It merely stepped out of this universe and came back somewhere better.

The tentacles moved towards her. Vaquel tried to sigh and failed. Well, at least she understood what was about to do Queen knows what to her body.

The first tentacle touched her floating breast. It was a gentle poke. Vaquel’s breast jiggled in the zero gravity.

Another tentacle wrapped around one of her still wet fingers. She felt the moisture sucked softly from her finger.

Something pressed against her butt. She tried to clench against the inevitable invasion but it didn’t come. The tentacle seemed content to wiggle against the curve of her ass.

What was going on? Was it checking her out? Had it never encountered a being like her? Was it trying to see if she was edible?

Vaquel floated helplessly as tentacles poked and pushed her body. Spherical drops of her desire floated along side her. She had just climaxed but the fantasy of being held and used was still with her. As relieved as she was to not being killed or maimed, she was a bit disappointed at not getting groped and fucked.

Was there a way to communicate to the curious tentacles? Vaquel didn’t see how. She couldn’t move. Wait, that wasn’t completely true. Her eyes could move. She was breathing. Maybe there was other parts that could move.

A tentacle touched her lips. Vaquel willed her lips to open but they didn’t budge. She tried to get her tongue to move and lick the tentacle but it was no use.

A tentacle tapped against her ass. She tried to clench her firm buttocks but they wouldn’t move.

A tentacle rubbed against her breasts. Her nipples hardened on their own but the USO didn’t seem to notice.

The tip of a tentacle pressed against her sex. It rubbed against the slick bush of her sex. A glancing touch flicked against her pussy lips.

Vaquel clenched. It was an automatic response.

The tentacle paused. It glided across her pussy lips again.

Her sex clenched again.

Vaquel wondered if the tentacle noticed. There was no telling what senses a creature that could slip between solid matter possessed. She prayed to her distant Queen that the creature sensed her clenching sex.

A tentacle pressed down on her nipple. Vaquel’s sex clenched in desire.

More tentacles moved towards Vaquel’s pelvis. Yes, it had noticed. Now it was curious.

A thick tentacle pressed against the lips of her sex. Vaquel shuddered as the tiniest tip of it entered her.

The tentacles around swirled in the air around her.

The thick tentacle pressed deeper. More of it slipped inside Vaquel. It was maddeningly slow as it began to fill her greedy sex.

Vaquel clenched around the tentacle. It pulsed inside her.

“Oh sweet Queen,” Vaquel thought. Did it think the clenching was communication? Was there a clenching sequence that meant “fuck me” in space jellyfish?

A tentacle pressed against her ear. It wiggled in and pulsed. When nothing pulsed back, it wiggled out.

The tip of a slender tentacle pressed against her anus. Vaquel’s ass tightened around it. The tentacle pulsed excitedly back.

A rather large tentacle moved in front of her mouth. Vaquel’s eyes widened as she saw the girth of it. She hoped it wasn’t going to try to go inside her mouth.

It did. Wiggling against her lips, it forced her jaw open and pushed in. Vaquel tensed and her sex clenched with excitement and fear. The tentacle in her mouth responded by pulsing with vibrations.

Vaquel tried to moan and failed. She had gotten her wish. She was triple-penetrated by a tentacle beast. She was also helpless although it was due to muscle paralysis instead of bondage but fuck it, horny explorers can’t be choosers.

Now she just needed to get the damn thing to fuck her.

The USO pulsed harder. Maybe it was looking for a specific response. All Vaquel could do was clench around the tentacles in her sex and ass. She tried to lick the tentacle in her mouth but her tongue was still beyond her control.

Other tentacles began to experiment. Two tentacles worked on her breast, squeezing and pulsing as if trying to get her big brown mounds to communicate,. All they succeeded in doing was making her sex clench tighter.

Tentacles wrapped around her toes and gently pulled. One tentacle brushed back and forth against the hair on her head. Curious tentacles danced along her thighs. One tentacle tip traced the lines of her spine.

Vaquel moaned. She was surprised by her ability to make sound but not as surprised as the USO was. All of the tentacles pulsed with stronger vibrations.

She moaned again. Was the paralysis wearing off, or was she just too turned on to be silenced any more?

The tentacle inside her sex began to pull out. Vaquel trembled as the thickness left her. The tentacle paused and went back inside her. She trembled again.

“Yes, you stupid thing,” Vaquel thought. “Friction makes more clenching. I’ll teach you how to fuck yet!”

The tentacle waited inside her for a few moments before pulling part way again. Vaquel clenched and the tentacle pushed back in to pull out again.

Other tentacles tried to reproduce this experiment. The tentacle in her lips fucked her mouth. The tentacle in her ass plunged deep inside her.

Even the non-penetrative tentacles decided to act. The tentacles on her tits groped with an increased pace. Tentacles slithered quickly between her fingers and toes. A furry of taps sensitized her back.

Vaquel groaned. This was good. She floated in her space ship at the mercy of a curious space jellyfish. The fucking was slow but it was steady.

The sound of her wet sex getting fucked grew louder and louder within the dead space ship. More perfect spheres of liquid desire floated around her. They sparkled in the white light filling the ship.

One of the tentacles caught a floating sex drop in front of Vaquel. The white tentacle flashed blue for a moment.

Other tentacles swarmed around Vaquel. They sought and caught the floating drops. The ship interior flashed blue as more and more drops were caught.

When there were no more drops to catch, the tentacles flocked around Vaquel’s sex. She could feel them touching and sliding across her pussy. They sucked the juices from her skin and her pubic hair. The tugged at her soaking lips while she was being fucked by the thick tentacle inside her.

Vaquel shuddered. Another moan escaped her lips. Her ass clenched despite the tentacle fucking it. Sucking lips tightened around the tentacle fucking her mouth.

The USO noticed her new movement even if the horny explorer did not. The tentacles increased their pace. They fucked her ass, mouth and sex with new urgency. The pulsing became stronger until they made an audible hum.

Vaquel was in bliss. The vibrations were so strong that her entire body felt like one giant vibrator. The fucking was she was becoming a quivering mess. Every greedy tentacle sucking on her sex was urging her faster and faster to orgasm.

She climaxed. A scream erupted from her throat even thought it was being fucked.

The tentacles responded to her body climaxing by fucker her faster. The pulsing only grew stronger the more she spasmed. The tentacles sucked harder at the juices flowing from her body.

Vaquel came again. This time her body came to life and she was able arch her back and clench her thighs around swarming tentacles.

The USO didn’t slow down. It fucked her mouth with renewed fury. It pounded her ass with swift hard thrusts. It fucked her sex like it needed it more than she did. It sucked the sex juices from her body but also the sweat from her skin and the spit from her mouth.

Vaquel came again. She screamed her orgasm with a fierce passion.

It was too much. Even a greedy slut like Vaquel had her limits. She could move again and she started to pull at the tentacles inside her.

To her surprise, the USO let her go. The tentacles withdrew from her body and stopped touching her. They pulled back and left the probe ship.

“Wow, a polite tentacle creature,” Vaquel said.

The ship came back to life. Lights turned on. The hum of the engine returned. Information panels came to life.

Vaquel had a split-moment to orient herself before the gravity was restored. She landed on her feet but her knees were too weak from the fucking to stand. The well fucked explorer dropped down to all fours.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I am back online! Was your beautiful ass harmed?”

“No,” Vaquel said. “The rest of me is okay too. Thanks for fucking asking!”

She stood up and touched her sex. She was dry to the touch. It was weird to have been fucked so well but sucked dry.

“Shall we activate our weapons and shoot the USO?” Chairbot asked.

“Shut up,” Vaquel said. She stumbled over to the scanners and sat down. Chairbot zoomed under her and took his place. He happily groaned as her bare settled into him.

The USO was moving away. It was headed into deep space. The speed it moved was incredible.

Where was it going? Was it searching for more intelligent life to “communicate” with? Was it going to molest other sentients in their space ships? Did Vaquel unleash a sexual predator on the universe?

That was a pleasant thought. Vaquel leaned back as Chairbot accommodated her. She fell into an exhausted sleep with a smile on her face.

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  1. This was such a great episode in the ongoing Vaquel universe – and what a great twist on the average tentacle fic :)

    “She floated in her space ship at the mercy of a curious space jellyfish.” Simply the perfect line to describe it, too…

    xx Dee

  2. Okay, I loved this one so much, but it has one of my favorite topics: tentacles. That was sexy and hot, thank you!

    • I’m glad you liked it. At this rate, Vaquel will be able to start a rating system for her tentacle encounters.

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