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To celebrate the debut of my new erotica book, please enjoy this small peek.

Kristen smiled as she drove up to her house. She saw a package waiting on her doorstep. It had been a long Friday at work and something to open was just what she needed. She wasn’t sure what it was; she ordered a lot of things online. One of the perks of being perpetually single was that she could buy all the useless cool shit she wanted.

She parked her car in the garage and came in through the kitchen. Her keys went onto a miniature witch’s broomstick. She tossed her purse onto a black table decorated with a glittering white pentagram. In the living room she kicked off her shoes beside a bookshelf filled with horror movies.

The mirror beside the door caught Kristen’s eye. Her black hair framed a professional face that looked out of place with an Asia Argento poster in the background. A bland blue blouse covered modest tits that were currently being held up by a bra decorated with crossbones. She looked like a perfect work drone which didn’t seem right with a fake demon skull on the mantle place. Kristen looked like an outsider in her own home.

She smiled. She was proud of her disguise. Vanguard Chemicals were a leading innovator and manufacturer of things people thought they needed. They paid the bills for Kristen’s house, her movies, her endless Goth knick knacks and every weird thing that Kristen found on the Internet. They wouldn’t have hired the real Kristen to be their Human Resources Head for the Hannis Creek office.

Kristen opened the front door and picked up the small box outside. It was very light. That ruled out the red dildo shaped like a demon’s cock that she had ordered. The box was too square to be the sketch of a witch orgy she had purchased on S-Bay. She shook the box but she didn’t hear anything.

She brought the box to her couch. A decorative knife doubled as a tape cutter. Kristen sliced the box flaps open and looked inside.

It was another box. Kristen thought it was black until she pulled it out of the outer box. As the light caught the box, she saw that it was in fact many different shades of purple. There were shapes in the purple. Kristen took a closer look. It looked like a tangled mess of lines at first but as her eyes adjusted it became clear.

An illustration emerged of a female form being mounted by something furry and enormously well hung. Beside that image was a depiction of a man thrusting into the head of a long worm creature. Next to that was an image of a woman performing oral sex on a thing with three heads and three cocks.

Kristen felt heat flush her pale cheeks. The small box was covered in increasingly more explicit images. Each pairing was right next to a more bizarre mating.

“I don’t remember ordering a porn box,” she said.

There was a lid. Kristen opened it and purple symbol greeted her. It was a triangle, nested inside the outline of an eye. The purple symbol was stitched onto a black cloth.

“Oh, it’s the blindfold,” Kristen said. She remembered now. It was only six dollars on Craftsy. It looked strange and she needed a new blindfold for when she slept at night. A street light was right outside her window and even though she had plenty of dark curtains, she had better sleep with her eyes covered.

Kristen took the blindfold out. The cloth was incredibly soft; she wasn’t sure what fabric it was. The blindfold was shaped like a circle and the fabric stretched. The back of the blindfold under the symbol was completely smooth so it wouldn’t bother her at night. She slipped it over her head to test it.

She couldn’t see anything. Pitch blackness engulfed her. This was going to work perfectly.

Kristen heard a loud footstep. It sounded close. Was someone on the porch? Maybe closer?

She whipped the blindfold off. The living room was empty. The kitchen was empty. There was no one on the porch outside.

Kristen giggled. Her heart was beating. She had been scared over nothing.

“I must have low blood sugar,” she said.

Kristen put the blindfold back in the purple box but she left the box on her table. The packaging box was dropped into the recycling. She went to work on dinner and prepared a quick shrimp penne meal.

Twenty minutes later, Kristen was back on her couch eating. She browsed her cable channels looking for a horror movie she could watch on demand. Tonight’s choice was something involving a haunted sorority house.

The movie was crap but then so was much of horror was. Kristen enjoyed them all, the good, creepy, the cheap, the lame, and the awful. Even the worse horror movie was better than the real world. She’d rather watch fake monsters rip up often less realistic sorority girls than watch a crime show where realistic assholes ripped up realistic nice folks until the heroic, though sickened, detectives saved them.

She kept looking back at the purple box though. The box was much more interesting than the blindfold. Had she bought it too and forgot? She didn’t think so.

On the television screen, a ghost was haunting a topless girl in a shower and the music was trying to make the scene scarier than it was. So far the ghost just stabbed them with his freakishly long fingernails and the special effects were too amateurish to take serious. At this point, Kristen would rather the ghost molest the shower girl than kill her. That at least would be unpredictable.

She turned her focus back to the box. She picked it up and turned it in the light. An image of a woman being carried by small little creatures caught her eye.

“I bet those tiny guys wouldn’t just stab her,” she said.

A scream drew her back to the television screen. Yep, the ghost stabbed the shower girl. Bad fake blood spilled over her tit.

Kristen looked back to the box. Next to the woman being carried by little men was another scene of the same woman. This time she was being held down and the menacing little men had her surrounded.

On television, one of the sorority girls had found a stack of old newspapers. Kristen had seen enough of these movies to know that information about the ghost was in those papers. This was usually her favorite part but this time she couldn’t keep her attention on the movie.

Kristen looked back to the box. She turned it slightly and found another image of the woman and the little men. They were on top of her now, grabbing and pulling at her body.

A shiver went through Kristen. Now that is a movie she would watch.

“Oh my God!” the sorority girl with glasses said on the screen. “The house used to belong to an escaped psychopath!”

Kristen smirked. Movies had taught her that sorority houses were always the scene of a previous gruesome killer. It was probably a requirement in the Greek handbook.

She looked to the box. She frowned as she searched for the little men and their victim. There were a hundred different shapes on the box and Kristen had lost track of the ones she had been looking at. Monsters violated men, horrors tangled with women and other atrocities abounded, but she couldn’t see the little men at all.

Kristen put the box down. It must been one of those optical illusions where you can only see something from a certain perspective. Maybe if she tried a little later, she would find them again. She wanted to know what else those little men did to the woman.

The next hour was spent finishing the bad movie. It ended with an exorcism and five survivors. Kristen was disappointed. Real horror had higher body counts.

She checked the box again but no, she still couldn’t find the little men.

Annoyed, she got up to clean the dishes. As she loaded the dishwasher, Kristen thought about how the box was better than the movie she had just seen. The movie felt like a checklist of horror clichés and required topless scenes. The box felt like an account of something terrible and sexy. One was a waste of time and the other was giving her dirty thoughts.

Kristen’s hand drifted to between her thighs. Those little guys had turned her on. She slipped her hand under her pants, past her panties and into her hairy bush. A touch of her sex sent shivers throughout her body.

She moaned. Maybe what she needed was a different kind of horror movie.

Kristen pulled her hand out and gave her fingers a lick. She went back to the couch and pulled up her movie options. It was time to trade in ghost killers for something more sexual if equally cruel.

One movie promised inbred hillbillies eating hikers. Nope. She wanted sex, not cannibals.

One movie promised sexy college girls and a sexy female werewolf. Nope. She wanted something with some fucking.

One movie promised captured girls in a basement at the mercy of a psycho. That looked good but the preview was all about torture traps instead of fucking traps. Nope.

One movie promised a sexy vampire and his sexy prey. The vampire might be misunderstood. God-fucking-nope.

Kristen groaned. This was depressing. So much death and pain for her viewing but so little scary fucking.

She looked again at the box. She went back to searching for the tiny men and this time she found them. They had the pinned woman’s ass in the air and a tiny man with a rather large cock was about to sodomize her.

“Yes,” Kristen whispered. This was more like it. Her thighs rubbed together in excitement.

A slight turn of the box and Kristen saw the tiny men abusing the woman’s mouth. Another turn of the box and the small men were fucking the woman’s tits. Her eyes skimmed along to watch another scene of the little men pulling her legs as wide as they would go. The woman appeared to be in ecstasy.

Kristen turned the box and she saw instead an octopus assaulting a man. She scanned the box back to the tiny men but she couldn’t find them. Whatever turn of the light or focus of her eyes that let her see the small perverts had changed now. She spent another five minutes looking but she couldn’t find them.

“Fuck,” Kristen said. This was a strange kind of frustration. She was aroused and curious and neither was being satisfied. The television screen revealed only lists of movies that didn’t meet her needs.

“I need porn,” Kristen said out loud. Horror movies were too much of a tease at this point. She needed something explicit. Hardcore fucking was the only thing that was going to satisfy her now. She got up from the couch and went to her computer desk.

She felt her heart beat faster. A smile came to her lips. It had been a while since she was this horny. Work usually kept her tired. Online shopping and horror movies usually kept her distracted. Tonight was different. She stripped off her pants and panties and sat down in her chair. She wanted to come and soon.

Kristen went to her favorite website, They had a big warehouse that they turned into a dungeon and weekly updates of bondage and domination. That was what Kristen needed, something mean and sexy. She started to stroke her pussy in anticipation.

She picked this week’s update and started watching. She wasn’t crazy about the porn star with the fake tits, but oh well, at least the bondage was real. The dominant male came in and gave a quick speech about someone owing someone money. Kristen moved the slider to advance the movie because she didn’t give a fuck for story at the moment. She wanted to get to the sex.

The sex began with the porn star tied up. The dominant played with her tits. He squeezed them harshly and she whimpered in pain. The dominant said something threatening

Kristen stroked a bit slower. She bet those tiny men on the box didn’t issue threats. They were little monsters and they just took what they wanted. She stroked faster as she thought of those little bastards.

The dominant slapped the porn star’s tits. He made sure to pause so the camera could catch the fake tits jiggling. The dominant was slow and methodical.

Kristen moved the movie clip along. It was too staged for her. She wanted to see the same kind of angry mauling the little men had done to their victim.

Now the porn star was tied up and sucking the dominant’s cock. The dominant stood there, his hands carefully away so the camera could see the expert cocksucking. The dominant called the woman a dirty whore.

Kristen stroked herself deeply. She tried to imagine herself in the woman’s position. She opened her mouth in imitation of preparing for a cock to enter. As the dominant said filthy things, Kristen pretended that he was talking about her.

Again, it felt too staged. Worse, it felt safe. The dominant was letting the woman suck him instead of viciously assaulting her mouth like the monsters on the box would. The dirty talk was nice but it was also kind of superfluous. If he was really taking her mouth, why talk about it at all? He should just enjoy the abuse.

Kristen noticed that she had stopped stroking. Frowning, she sat up and clicked the menu for the site. It was time to find something more to her liking.

She scrolled through past clips. She skipped past those with fake tits and faker hair. She skipped past the alt girls with their almost mandatory tattoos, two piercings and whimsical hairstyles. That didn’t leave much else.

Worse were the men. Dominant men with bald heads were the only alternative to dominant men with crew cuts. All of them had muscular fit bodies. All of them had tans. They looked like copied them from the same group of kinky male models.

Kirsten wanted men with bad hair, bad bodies and some missing teeth. She wanted vicious men with scars. She wanted guys with bad beards, lazy eyes and missing fingers. She didn’t want tall muscular men; she wanted short, fat animals.

Where were the monsters?

Kirsten logged out of the site. Should she go look for a new website? No, she didn’t feel like searching and browsing. The heat between her thighs had lessened but it was still there. She wanted to come now.

“Time to do this the old fashioned way,” she said.

Kirsten got up and shut off her computer. She grabbed her clothes, the box and a bottle of water from the kitchen. Double checking the door lock, she turned off the lights and went upstairs.

The climb up the stairs got her excited. She hadn’t masturbated without a movie or a dirty book in ages. The novelty made her pussy clench. There was something almost perverse in just masturbating using her imagination.

She set the box and the water bottle on the nightstand. Her pants went into the clothes basket as well as her blouse and bra. She grabbed a fresh pair of panties and put them on her nightstand.

Kristen pulled out her toy drawer and looked at her options. There was no need for vibrators tonight so she looked through her dildos. Big Pink was always fun as well as Slender Blue and Curvy Black but Kristen didn’t choose any of them. The more she thought about it, the more she understood that tonight she just wanted nimble fingers.

The box shimmered next to the nightstand light. Odd purple shapes did terrible things to other shapes. Kristen smiled and thought of an extra ingredient to her coming orgasm. She pulled the blindfold out of the box.

It was soft in her hands. The symbol caught the light and seemed to get brighter. When she slipped it over her head, she could barely feel it.

Kristen was plunged into darkness. She was impressed. The nightstand light was bright but Kristen didn’t see any trace of it from under the blindfold. She was going to sleep well tonight.

She turned off the light and crawled under the covers. Her skin shivered as she rubbed against the cold sheets. She spread her legs and both hands went to her sex. A few strokes later and the chill of the sheets were replaced with the growing warmth of friction.

Kristen knew what fantasy she wanted. She imagined the little men crawling out from under her bed. A finger pushed inside her pussy lips as she imagined their tiny cocks. Tiny little hands rubbed her clit.

In her fantasy, other little men played with her tits. Their tiny hands would were all over her breasts. Kristen’s imagination was so fired up that she could almost feel their hands. She felt them as they pushed the warm softness of her tits. She stroked faster as they pulled and tugged on her flesh. She rubbed her clitoris harder as they viciously squeezed her nipple.

Something pinched her nipple! Kristen cried out. She pulled her hands away from her sex and checked her nipple. It was tender to the touch.

What the fuck? She pushed her blindfold up and turned on the light. Holding her tit in her hand, she examined herself.

There was no mark on her breast. The brief pain was fading fast. She squeezed her breast and ran her hand over it. There was no inflammation although she was a bit sensitive. Was it just her imagination?

Kristen pinched her nipple. Her pussy clenched. Kristen smiled. Was it possible to be so turned on that you imagined things? The damp spot on her bed sheets suggested it was true.

She turned off the light and pulled the blindfold back over her eyes. Darkness embraced her once more. She pulled the covers up to her neck and settled back in. Her legs spread and her back arched. Already her mind was racing with thoughts of little men.

Kristen sent one hand back down between her thighs but the other hand went to her breasts. She shuddered as her fingers re-entered her sex. She moaned as her other hand squeezed a breast with all the malicious pain she was craving.

It was times like these that she wished her breasts were bigger. Larger breasts would mean more room for tiny men to climb on top of her. Real men had never complained about the size but Kristen just wished there was more to grab. She squeezed and pulled at her breast like it was dough. Every rough pull sent new desire to her pussy.

In the darkness, Kristen pictured the return of the little men. Her left hand drifted wherever she imagined them groping her. She used her sharp nails to pinch and torment her skin.

Kristen writhed under the sheets as she stroked and tormented herself. Her imagination was in overdrive. When she pinched her nipple and moved to her stomach, she could still feel her fingers pinching both nipples. When her hand moved away from her stomach and to the inside of her thighs, she could still feel the scrap of tiny nails against her belly. When she left her thigh alone to twist her pussy lip, she could still feel the clutching pinches on her thighs.

She stroked faster. Behind the blindfold, Kristen visualized the tiny men crawling over her body. She pictured their cocks rubbing against her tits so vividly she could feel them pressing against her soft mounds. She thought of the little men crowding in between her thighs, each eager to lick and fuck her pussy. She was so turned on that she could feel them pushing her thighs apart.

Kristen moaned and stroked deeper. She was fully into her fantasy. Random stimuli were coming in from all over her body. Cocks brushed her lips. Tiny hands twisted her nipples. A small face competed with her fingers to get in her pussy. A cock slid between her big toe and second toe in a pale imitation of fucking.

She plunged her fingers deeper. Her hips bucked as she fucked herself. The sheets clung to her body was she humped her hand. She lost herself in the need to come.

Kristen rolled over on her bed. She grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her stomach. Her knees lifted her ass up as her fingers stroked faster.

She imagined the tiny men lining up behind her ass. Little bites chomped into her round bottom. Kristen stroked faster as she pictured their cocks in hand.

A tongue licked her asshole. Kristen moaned and stroked deeper. It felt so real but of course it couldn’t be. It was just her super aroused mind playing tricks with her. It couldn’t be real no matter how much she could feel it licking her tight little asshole.

Kristen reached behind her and grabbed her ass. Sharp nails dug into her ass while her fingers stroked deeper into her pussy. The tiny men would enjoy the view; leering and stroking themselves.

She imagined them coming on her ass. Hot spurts of seed landed on her ass and Kristen could feel every splash. She moaned wantonly as they desecrated her body. It was shocking what turned her on and what was even more shocking was that her body wanted it so badly that it tricked her into feeling it.

Kristen stopped stroking her pussy. She took her soaked fingers and played with her asshole. She rubbed her juices onto her tiny hole and pressed down firmly. Her finger pushed against the tight ring of her ass and Kristen cried out. If those little men were really here, they would be fucking her ass right now.

Her finger slipped in. Kristen shuddered as her ass took this violation. She only got an inch in but it was enough. The little men had small dicks.

She fucked her ass gently at first but then she thought of the little men. They wouldn’t be gentle. Her finger plunged in faster. She cried out but kept going.

Kristen fucked her ass with a hungry masochism. The juices ran dry and her ass began to burn. Kristen imagined the delight of the tiny men abusing her ass and shuddered.

She felt her pussy clench in desperation. It was begging to be touched but Kristen ignored it. This too was part of the cruelty.

A few thrusts of her ass later, and Kristen felt something small enter her pussy. She laughed. Obviously, she was delirious with lust. She needed to fuck so badly, she was hallucinating a small cock inside her wet needy pussy. She clenched down on the phantom cock but it was too small. It teased her which was to be expected from something made from her imagination.

The burning started to go away. Her finger slipped in and out with increasing ease. Kristen’s imagination explained it. The small men were jacking off all over her. They covered her ass in seed. They came so much that her ass was slick with come.

She was close. She pushed the pillow under her out of the way and rolled over. The feeling of something wet against her ass worried her as she moved onto her back but the need to come pushed the worry away. Both hands worked her sex. Three fingers slipped back inside her while her other hand spun tight circles onto her clitoris.

Kristen’s mind raced with images under her blindfold. The tiny men stood around her, jacking off onto her body. No, the tiny men were fucking her, three or four cocks inside her pussy right now. No, the tiny men were around her mouth, emptying their cocks into her lips.

She rubbed herself faster. A monstrous climax built within her. Her nipples ached from being pinched. Her asshole was sore from being penetrated. Her ass was slick from what she thought was sweat.

“Fuck!” Kristen cried out as she came. A surge of pleasure ricocheted through her body. She curled her toes, clenched her thighs and arched her back. The orgasm was incredible and for one beautiful moment, Kristen felt herself cease to exist except as a single burst of pleasure.

Aftershocks rippled though her body. She shuddered with her fingers still inside herself. She curled up and rolled onto her side. The side of her mouth was wet and a quick lick of her tongue proved it was drool. She hadn’t even noticed drooling.

The afterglow swept over her. She slowly pulled her fingers out of her sex and brought them to her mouth. She cleaned her fingers while picturing the tiny men wiping their cocks on her come-covered body. Even in the throes of afterglow, her fantasy held onto her.

“I should get some panties,” Kristen thought as she fell right to sleep.

Kristen awoke in darkness. If she had any dreams, she couldn’t remember them. She pushed the blindfold up and sunlight peeked through her curtains.

Her thighs were sticky. She smiled as she remembered the hard orgasm of last night. Who said you couldn’t have great sex masturbating?

The phone buzzed. Kristen rolled over and took a look. It was a message from James. He wanted to know if she wanted to join him for breakfast.

James was a nice guy and all but he was a little dull. He loved talking about his stocks and he loved talking about wine but he didn’t have much time for anything else. The only thing he did have going for him was that he fucked like he was angry. That amused Kristen for awhile but it wasn’t enough to listen to wine dissections.

Still, he always paid for breakfast and sometimes they went back to his place to fuck. It had been a few weeks and it was about time for their breakfast hookup. The smart thing would be to go and not spend all day watching movies.

On the other hand, he sure wasn’t going to fuck her like she had fucked herself last night. Her fantasy about little men had been weird even for her but she liked it. She wanted to hold onto the weirdness a little bit longer.

“No, thank you,” she texted back. “Got a cold,” she lied. “How about next Saturday?”

His response was quick. “Aww, too bad. Hope you feel better.” Kristen wondered if some other girl was being asked to breakfast. Probably. She felt too sated to care.

Kristen sat up. She tossed the blindfold to her night stand. She stood up and stretched. Her ass ached a little. She would skip fucking it with anything for a few days.

She stumbled towards her bathroom. There was an odd taste in her mouth and she wanted to brush her teeth. As sticky as her thighs were, she needed a shower too.

Kristen turned on the light. There were marks all over her body. Most of them were around her tits but they also covered her stomach, under her waist and the tops of her thighs.

“What is that?” she asked. “Do I have fucking bed bugs?”

Kristen looked down. She lifted her breast to get a better look. The mark looked like a small hand print if the hand was the size of an inch.

A chill ran down her back. “Impossible,” she said. A quick check of her other breasts revealed more tiny hand prints. She picked up a mirror and inspected her body. Every where she looked, she found more tiny prints.

On a whim, she brought the mirror down to her pussy. Her fingers pushed her thick curly hair out of the way to examine the skin. The tiny hand prints were there as well.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Kristen said. It wasn’t the marks existing that bothered her; she couldn’t process that right now. What bothered her was that if little men had groped her, she should have bruise marks, not these faint hand prints. The marks were bright pink as if she had just been pinched.
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