Mar 092016

Mathew entered his trailer with every intention of collapsing on the couch. People at work had pushed his patience to new levels of tolerance. The drive home reminded him of how easy it was for the irrational to get driver’s licenses. He wasn’t in the mood for any of the songs on his phone. It was time to call it a day and watch something meaningless on television.

Kayla was waiting for him by the door. She was naked and every inch of her lovely brown skin was ready to be admired. On her hands and knees, she looked up at him with her large brown eyes. White cat ears sat on top of her long black hair. A fluffy white tail rested between her curvy buttocks.

“Meow,” Kayla said. She rubbed her face on his pant leg.

No, it wasn’t Kayla. It was Cleo. Cleo was his pet. Cleo loved him with the fickle passion of a cat.

“Meow?” Cleo asked. She pawed at Mathew’s leg. She wanted to play.

Mathew wanted to get a beer. Mathew wanted to put his feet up. Mathew wanted to go into a waking coma on the couch.

But the last thing in the world that Mathew could do was disappoint his pet with the big brown eyes.

“Hmm,” Mathew said. “You want to play?”

“Meow!” Cleo said louder. She stopped just short of nodding her head.

Mathew walked over to the cat shelf. Cleo followed behind him on all fours. He looked down to admire the swinging of her hips that made her tail swish. She had a grace on all fours that was uncanny.

He pretended to study the shelf. His hand lingered over the stick with the bird, the mouse on a string and the feather stick. Cleo stared with intensity. Finally he picked up the bucket of cat balls.

“Let’s go outside,” he said.

Kayla smiled very much unlike a cat and waited by the door. Mathew opened the door for her and she rose to her feet to go outside. They might both enjoy pet play but there were limits. Knees were not meant for hard ground.

Mathew walked outside and caught himself looking for his neighbors at Hornbeam Estates. He still wasn’t used to playing in front of others. Oh, he enjoyed spanking, tying people up and fucking but playing with Cleo was different. It was intimate. The only reason he was out here was because Cleo loved it so much.

There was no one out today and Mathew relaxed. Cleo stood in the middle of the yard. She was bending at the knees, her hands out and ready. Her hips moved just enough to make her tail swish.

Mathew picked a ball out of the bucket. It was plastic with a tiny bell inside. It jingled as he picked it up. He could feel Cleo’s eyes on her from across the yard.

He tossed the ball. It went sailing through the air to the left of Cleo. She looked at it and didn’t make a move.

Mathew scowled. After all of that demanding for play and then nothing? She was getting better at being a cat every day.

He tossed another ball. This time it was slower and higher. It was way too high. Even Mathew understood why she didn’t chase that one.

Cleo licked her hand. Her long tongue lingered between her fingers.

Mathew smiled. Now she was taunting him.

He pitched another ball and this time he threw it as fast as he could. It shot out to Cleo’s right and the dark woman leaped at it. She batted it down with her hand and it bounced off the ground.

Mathew was already throwing another one. This one went above her head but she leapt at it anyway. Her entire body stretched out to reach the ball. Large breasts floated in the air as dark legs pointed down to the ground. Her long fluffy white tail trailed behind her.

It took Mathew’s breath away. She was so fucking beautiful.

He waited until she landed and had her attention before throwing another one. This one she caught easily between her hands before batting it to the side.

The next one sailed past her and she chased after it. Mathew watched her lovely ass while she ran. The white tail bounced behind her.

Cleo ignored the next throw and the next. Mathew suspected that she was catching her breath but she was making a good imitation of cat disdain.

Mathew decided to tempt her. Holding one ball in the air, he shook it so she could hear the jingling sound. Cleo’s eyes focused on him while her lips curled into a smile.

He threw the ball a few feet away from her. She pounced and knocked it out of the air. He threw another one even closer and she grabbed it and dashed it to the ground. As soon as she caught that one, he tossed another ball at her high above her head.

Cleo leapt for it again. It always amazed him at how high she could jump. Her body became a perfect machine as it ran, jumped and reached. Even though she still didn’t catch it, the sight of her bouncing breasts, long legs and lovely hips was more than enough for him.

Mathew kept throwing balls. He forgot about work as Cleo slapped down more balls. When Cleo leapt in the air, he forgot about the drive home. As Cleo’s body began to shine with sweat, Mathew no longer felt the need to collapse on a couch.

The bucket was out of balls. He was actually disappointed. It was time to gather balls and start over.

No, not yet.

Mathew ran towards Cleo. He pulled off his shirt as he ran.

Cleo smiled. She dropped down to all fours in grass. She sunk low to the ground and lifted her ass up.

Mathew pulled down his pants and climbed on top of her. The fluffy tail felt great against his skin. She groaned as he pushed aside her hair and bared her neck. He lunged down with his mouth and his teeth clamped around the base of her neck.

Cleo purred.

Mathew entered her. She screamed. He was used to it but she screamed louder every time. He flinched but then his cock throbbed inside her.

He had to let go of her neck with his mouth but that was okay. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. The white fluffy tail bounced as he fucked her.

Mathew fucked her in the yard. Let the neighbors watch. He didn’t care.

Cleo purred louder. Her fingers dugs into the grass. She pushed back against him. Together they fucked kitty style in the yard.

She came with another scream. Mathew climaxed deep inside her moments later.

He pulled out of her. Cleo wiggled her ass.

“Greedy pussy,” Mathew said and he petted her ass.

Now he was really tired. He stood up and patted his leg. “Come on, Cleo,” he said. “Let’s go eat and I’ll pet you on the couch.”

Cleo rose to her feet and stretched. She half ran to the trailer door with a feline grace.

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  1. I have never owned a cat but a cat like Cleo would be fun to have around. :-).

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