Feb 032016

Explorer’s Log: I am on day eight of my fourteen day journey to the star system designated “Precious Drop of the Queen’s Spit” by Royal Astronomers. I am picking up many weak transmissions from nearby star systems. This section of space appears to be inhabited but very lightly. I wonder if there are crazy like that alien I met recently who was hoarding fungus. I will see what I can do about boosting my receiving capability to see if I can communicate with these lonely voices.

Speaking of the fungus, I have completed my analysis of the fungus I secured. It appears to have many transmutative qualities. It also appears to be have some aphrodisiac properties that might work on Euphorians. I am transmitting all of my analysis back to the Royal Navy to see if this qualifies as a Major Biochemical discovery. The seven bed slave reward for such a discovery is nice, but I would be more excited to know I discovered something that could please the Queen personally.

Also, I humbly request that we call the fungus, Vaqus, since I did discover it and all. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Of course, sending back analysis is nice and all, but to really get some data I need to test the fungus myself. It gave the crazy guy a giant erection and a powerful sex drive. I can’t wait to see what it does to my pussy.

Vaquel Di stood naked inside the main corridor of her probe ship. The bright ship lights illuminated her dark skin and bright pink hair. Her large breasts and thick ass cast curvy shadows on the walls.

“Listen up, Chairbot,” she said.

The purple chair robot wheeled itself next to her. “I’m listening, Mistress! Would you like to sit down while you talk to me?”

“No, now shut up,” Vaquel said. “This is important. Vaqus increased the alien’s strength and made him a savage horny savage. I have no problem with that but I don’t want to hurt the ship. See that patch on my neck? This is an automated injector that will fill my body with enough sedative to put an orgy to sleep. If I start trashing the ship, activate the injector using ship channel six. Understand?”

“Certainly, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Would you like to sit on me while you try to the Vaqus?”

“No,” Vaquel snapped. She picked up a pinch of the weird fungus. The alien had grabbed a mouthful and the transformation was severe. Vaquel figured that a small bite would probably just make her horny and strong.

She placed the tiny amount in her mouth. It tasted bitter. She chewed on it for a few seconds. There was a slight minty flavor. She swallowed.

“Feel anything, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Are your legs tired?”

Vaquel ignored him. She didn’t feel anything. Maybe it was too small an amount.

Her right arm shook. The twitching grew stronger and her right breast began to jiggle. The shaking spread down to her leg. Her left breast began to shake followed by her arm.

“F-f-f-f-uck!” Vaquel stuttered. She was twitching from head to toe. Her skin felt like it was on fire. Something hot and acidic ran through her veins.

“Want me to sedate you, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel tried to respond but her teeth were chattering. There was a strange sound coming from her arms. She watched in wonder as her muscles squirmed and grew. Giant bulges emerged on both arms.

The growing spread. She felt her thighs thicken. Her ass got bigger. There was pain in both breasts as she grew a cup size and then another. It became hard to swallow as her neck increased in girth.

“I’m going to activate the injector!” Chairbot yelled.

Vaquel raised a large hand for the robot to stop. The pain was fading. There was a new feeling. It was a tingling. It was a lightness that spread through her limbs. It was good.

The feeling reached her breasts. She grabbed her giant dark breasts with giant powerful hands. Her nipples were as big as her thumbs. She felt a new sensitivity in her breasts and it was wonderful.

“YES,” Vaquel growled. Her voice was so much deeper than before.

She let go of her breasts and touched the rest of her body. Her ass was huge and thick but every millimeter of it was muscle. She couldn’t wrap her enlarged hands around her now enormous thighs.

Vaquel looked down at her sex. A thick forest of pink pubic hair had emerged from her normally thick bush. She reached down and pulled on pussy lips stretched. A terrible heat emanated from her sex.

“NICE,” Vaquel said. She slipped a finger inside her. The heat was almost unbearable.


Vaquel stroked her pussy. Powerful muscles clenched around her finger. A gush of desire sprayed from her sex. She was more than simply aroused; she was an explosion needing a trigger.

“YOU!” Vaquel yelled at Chairbot. “HERE!” She found it hard to think of more than one word at a time.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot squealed. He happily rolled over to her. The seat expanded in an eager attempt to accommodate her enlarged ass.

Vaquel sat down on him. She heard support motors whine as her vast mass settled onto the seat. Her ass hung off the edges of the customizable seating but she didn’t care. There was only function that she worried about.

“VIBRATE!” Vaquel yelled.

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “May I just say that your beautiful perfect bottom is now even more perfect and wonderful!”

The vibrations began and Vaquel cried out. She leaned forward and rubbed her thick extended pussy lips onto the vibrating seat. It felt good to her sensitized body but it wasn’t enough.

“MORE!” Vaquel yelled.

“Activating super-motors!” Chairbot said.

The vibrations increased but it wasn’t enough. Vaquel clenched her thighs around the seat and grinded. She felt the twisting of metal beneath her. She rubbed back and forth across the vibrating seat. Why were the vibrations so weak today? Any other day and Vaquel would have came twice or three times already.

“MORE!” Vaquel bellowed. She clenched her thighs and cracks appeared in Chairbot’s metal frame.

“Mistress, I suspect your higher body mass is preventing the vibrations of reaching sexual penetration! I might not be able to get you off which saddens me greatly because your ass is so very large and wonderful right now! I am also detecting multiple fractures to my chassis and I am politely asking you to get off of me before I sustain critical damage!”

Vaquel growled. “MORE!”

“Activating emergency vibration motors!” Chairbot said.

There! The seat was vibrating so hard that it was a blur beneath Vaquel. She almost felt something! Her pussy released a steady stream of desire onto the seat. She wasn’t squirting; it was just her natural enhanced amount of lubrication.

Vaquel rocked back and forth. The seat was slippery with her juices. The vibrations soaked into her thighs, ass and pussy. She reached down and pulled on her clitoris which was now as big as a finger.

“Critical chassis failure is eminent!” Chairbot said. “I might have to stop this!”

“NO!” Vaquel yelled.

“Sorry, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I am activating your sedative injection!”

Something stung Vaquel’s neck. It hurt and then she felt a weird numbness spread from the prick.

This angered her. She stood up and gripped the injector on her neck. Her fingers ripped it from her neck and then closed around it in a fist. There was a terrible grinding sound as Vaquel clenched in rage. When she opened her hand, fragments fell to the ground.

Vaquel slapped her neck and the numbness went away. She should be fast asleep but nothing was happening. The dosage couldn’t affect her stronger body.

“PUNY SEDATIVE!” Vaquel yelled.

She waited for Chairbot’s response. He didn’t say anything. She looked for him and she couldn’t find him. The door to the navigation pod was closed though and the safety locks were on. The little bastard had run away!

This made Vaquel angry. She wanted to tear down that door. She wanted to rip Chairbot apart with her bare hands. She wanted to stuff his mangled shape into her hungry pussy.

Wait, she was still horny. Vaquel put a hand down to her sex. Wet pussy juices flowed to the floor in a steady stream. She plunged a finger inside herself and groaned.

Vaquel didn’t need the weak robot! She needed something solid and strong inside her. Vibrations weren’t going to get her off; flesh and muscle would!

She stroked herself. Her other hand went to one of her giant tits and squeezed. She pulled on her nipple that was as hard as diamond. The harder she pinched, the wetter Vaquel became.

“MORE,” Vaquel growled. One finger wasn’t enough. She added a second finger.

“MORE,” Vaquel demanded. A third finger pushed inside her sex. Her pussy grinded on her fingers with immense power.

“MORE!” Vaquel yelled. The cry echoed down the ship interior. She added a fourth finger to her tight sex.

“Mistress, you might hurt yourself!” Chairbot said. He was communicating over the ship’s speakers. “I highly recommend you protect yourself and your wonderful bottom by taking a nap!”

“SHUT UP!” Vaquel bellowed. The enlarged woman leaned back against the hull. She raised a thick leg and propped it on a shelf. Her four fingers plunged deeper inside her soaked sex.

Vaquel’s body shuddered. The need to be filled was incredible. She had been horny but this was different. This was a need that bordered on violence.

She fucked herself with her hand. Her pussy clenched around the thick knuckles of her fingers. Pussy juice flowed onto the floor in an unnatural waterfall of desire.

“Mistress! This drastic of a change is going to have terrible long term effects on your body! You should stop now and figure out a way to purge Vaqus from her system!”

Vaquel’s fungus addled mind felt a moment of rationality. Chairbot was right. This was unnatural, but then her fingers slipped back inside her clenching sex and she forgot all about medical side effects. She had a hungry pit inside her sex that needed to be filled.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched tightly around her fingers. Powerful muscles contracted and squeezed. The pressure on her fingers was incredible.

Fingers weren’t enough. Vaquel needed a fist.

“YES!” Vaquel bellowed. Her fingers curled into a fist. She didn’t bother to stop fucking herself. Her need was too great.

She battled the tremendous forces within her own pussy. With a mighty roar, she did it. Her hand became a fist inside her sex. The penetration was overwhelming. She had achieved the perfect amount of tightness.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried. Her foot kicked out and punched a crater into the hull. She slammed her head back and felt the metal hull give way. She reached down and sunk fingers into the wall.

It was awkward and it was tight but Vaquel kept fisting herself. Muscles bulged on her arm as she plunged deep within herself. The walls of her pussy tightened in an unforgiving vice.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said over the intercom. “Think of a cool shower and maybe oxygen reclaimer statistics!”

“SHUT UP! Vaquel snarled. She was close. Her body was tightening in that familiar manner. All she needed was a little more.

She grunted as she fisted herself deeper. She jabbed her sex with all of her might because her orgasm was almost within reach. Se dropped down into a squat to give her as much access as she could.

In and out, in and out, in and out. Vaquel plunged her thick fist inside her gushing tight sex.

It wasn’t enough. She was on the edge of orgasm but she just couldn’t fall over the brink into euphoria.

Vaquel screamed. It just wasn’t going to happen like this.

She pulled her fist out of her sex. Her hand was glistening with her juices. She shook her hand and it splattered everywhere.

Vaquel stalked the hallway. She growled as she walked. Desire flowed from her sex with every step. Something here had to be able to fuck her.

She found it. A pipe of Crabbian ran along the length of the ship. It carried the plasma flow so it was the most durable part of the ship. That might be tough enough to fuck her.

Vaquel reached up and grabbed a length of pipe. Unknown to her, Chairbot frantically diverted the plasma from the pipe she was gripping. The crazed space explorer wasn’t thinking at all about the risk of a plasma spill burning the ship from the inside out.

She grabbed the Crabbian metal and sunk her fingers into it. The metal resisted her grip but slowly gave way. With a violent jolt, she ripped the thick pipe from the wall.

Vaquel looked at what she had. It was as thick as her fist and nearly as long as her arm. It was perfect.

She spread her legs and brought the pipe down to her sex. The end of the pipe was jagged so she crushed it with her hand. The metal buckled and formed a crude cone.

Vaquel pressed the tip of the pipe to her sex. The never ending stream of desire kept flowing. She had no patience for softness, she jammed the pipe into her sex.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. That felt good! This is what she needed: something thick, hard and almost as tough as her.

She fucked herself. With both hands, she rammed the pipe in and out of her sex. The sounds of her grunts were drowned out by the sound of her pussy being fucked.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched against the invading metal. Powerful muscles exerted tremendous force on the thick metal. Intense heat from her sex warmed the metal. Anything else would have been broken and melted but the tough Crabbian metal was meant to handle heats and pressures far worse.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. That was all she could think of. Every altered part of her body existed for this one purpose. She had a wet tight hole that needed filling.

“Mistress!” Chairbot tried again over the speaker. “Have you considered slowing down? You might hurt yourself!”

Vaquel ignored him. Pain was inconceivable. She was stronger than she had ever been. She was going to get off on this pipe and then she was going to hump this space ship and then she was going to land on a planet and fuck every living thing.

But right now, she was going to come. Her two hands held on tight as she slammed the pipe in and out of her sex.

It wasn’t enough. Vaquel needed more. She reluctantly let go of her pipe with one hand while the other kept masturbating. She grabbed her clitoris with her free hand. The fleshy nub had grown and she could wrap her fingers around it.

Vaquel squeezed. A bolt of pleasure and pain ran through her. The metal warped inside her crushing pussy.

She slapped her clitoris. More pain and pleasure ran through her.

“FUCK!” Vaquel roared.

She pummeled her enlarged clitoris. She started with slaps and went straight to punches. Her body could take it.

Each punch to her clitoris made her pussy wetter. Every punishing blow made her sex clench tighter. Every brutal jab made her body shudder with pleasure.

Vaquel groaned. She was close to coming.

She punched harder.

She slammed the pipe deeper.

She bit her lip until she tasted blood.

“YES!” Vaquel howl. Her body finally climaxed. She shook as her pussy broke off the end of the pipe. She fell to both knees as a waterfall of desire fell from between her thighs onto the deck.

Exhaustion swept over her. It was an endorphin high like none other. Vaquel felt her eyes closing on their own.

Self-preservation kicked through the haze of pleasure. She reached into her sex and pulled out the shards of Crabbian metal. She could feel her body falling into a deep sleep but she held on long enough to clean her pussy of any remaining metal fragments. She just barely succeeded before succumbing to sleep.

Vaquel dreamed of fields of green fungus.

“Mistress, are you alright?”

Vaquel awoke to Chairbot’s wheels bumping into her leg. She sat up and pain flared through her body. Her sex felt like a rocket had slammed into it.

No wait, it was her fist.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She felt awful.

“Mistress! You look terrible! Would you like to sit on me?”

Vaquel didn’t answer. Her jaw hurt. She grabbed the robot and pulled herself up to his seat. She noticed that cracks in his chassis were already gone. How did he do that?

She sat on Chairbot. The seat adjusted to cradle her hurt body. She relaxed into his grip and took a deep breath. It hurt.

Vaquel looked at herself. Stretch marks covered her body from where the muscles had enlarged. With the muscles gone, her skin was ridiculously saggy.
She would have to spend a week with the dermal regenerator to fix all of this.

Worse was what was under the skin. She felt bruises everywhere. Her clitoris was a throbbing mass of pain. Her pussy felt hideously dry. Vaquel wondered how dehydrated her body was.

Eating that fungus might have been the most dangerous and painful thing Vaquel had ever done.

Still, that had been one hell of an orgasm.

Chairbot purred happily under her sore ass.

“Well,” Vaquel said. “That concludes test number one of Vaqus.”

“What do we do now?” Chairbot asked. “Take you to the shower? Take you to the medical scanner? Maybe you just want to nap in my seat?”

Vaquel shook her head. “I have some ideas about test number two. I think I will lower the dosage. Also, I need to make some Crabbian dildoes.”

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