Jan 062016

Explorer’s Log: After forty-six days of uneventful travel, I have finally reached the star system designated “Holy Power of the Queen’s Breasts” by Royal Astronomers. There isn’t much here. Of the three planets, one is nearly molten from it’s proximity to the star, the second is a gas giant and the third barely counts as a planetoid due to its small size.

I have sent probes to the first two planets and will land on the third. Initial scans show there is a bare atmosphere with rudimentary fungoid life. I am detecting minute energy signatures that appear to be artificial. Some poor being is actually living on that Queen-forsaken rock. It might be someone shipwrecked, exiled or on the run from the law. Come to think of it, they may be another explorer like me. I am going to check it out. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has been a year since I fucked an actual living creature since I don’t count hallucinations, alternate timeline versions of myself and sycophantic sexbots as other beings. I just hope the being down there has gonads or a face because I need to ride something.

Vaquel Di walked carefully through the glowing green growths of fungus. A white spacesuit clung tightly to her large breasts, wide hips and round ass as well as contrasting nicely with her deep brown skin. She had left her helmet back on the probe ship because she wanted the wind to blow through her short pink hair but now she was regretting the decision due to the smell of all of the fungus.

There was a building up ahead although a more accurate description might have been shack or a miraculously delayed structural collapse. Parts of it looked like it belonged to a spaceship while other bits looked like algae baked into bricks. A row of solar panels desperately tracked the dim light of the distant star.

A voice barked from the shack. Vaquel froze. The voice continued to yell but Vaquel couldn’t quite place the language. It was an old one and the dialect was odd.

A being emerged from the shack. It was three meters tall and red all over its muscular body. A large member swung from between its legs and it throbbed in Vaquel’s direction. His face was similar to Vaquel’s except for the long nose and rather wide mouth. The being was carrying something in its right hand that had the universal design of projectile weapons everywhere.

The being yelled at her again. Vaquel recognized the language. It was Old Times Goman.

“Say again?” Vaquel yelled back.

“I said, get your ass off my planet! You’re not getting any of my fungus!” The being pointed its weapon at Vaquel while it used its other hand to grab its cock. He tugged on his phallus with quick short strokes.

Queen’s tit, that was a nice cock! At this point any cock would be a nice cock but this one was especially attractive. It was long, thick and pulsed with life. Vaquel wasn’t going to leave until she had it inside her.

“You’re sending me mixed signals there!” Vaquel said, pointing at the being’s crotch.

BAM! The being fired its weapon. There was a loud noise and then a ricochet sound as it bounced off the ground near Vaquel. “That make it clear?” he yelled.

Vaquel tried not to smile. Was that an explosive combustion weapon? How primitive was this creature? How was it ever able to even get to this planet?

“You’re still playing with yourself,” Vaquel said.

The being shrugged. “It has been a long time since I saw another person. Even though you got the body of a child, it is better than nothing. It might be a long time before I see another being so I better take advantage of it now.”

“Not a bad idea,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her belt. The skintight fabric on her legs began to retract into her belt. Centimeter by centimeter, her long thick brown legs were revealed. The red being stared as her shins were exposed and then her thighs. The material slid over her sex to reveal her thick pink bush of pubic hair. When she was naked from the waist down, Vaquel ran her fingers through her sex.

“I said, go!” the being barked again. He raised his gun again.

Vaquel quick drew with her other hand. She pulled her laser pistol and fired a shot. A bright beam of red light smashed through the flimsy metal of the shack.

“My gun’s better,” Vaquel said. “So I’ll keep stroking.” She buried her fingers deep into her sex.

The being stared at her sex. He licked his lips. “Just make sure you don’t steal any of my fungus.”

“I don’t want any of your fucking fungus!” Vaquel snapped. “My name is Vaquel and I come from the planet, Euphoria. Who the fuck are you?”

The being didn’t answer right away. It was too busy staring at her sex while it jerked its cock. He groaned when Vaquel’s fingers plunged deeper.

“My name is Pok,” the red man finally admitted. “You don’t need to know my last name. I don’t want you stealing my fungus and telling those bastards at Grand Command where I am!”

“Grand Command?” Vaquel asked. She kept her pistol aimed at the Pok but she was staring at his thick member.

“Those bastards are why I came out here!” Pok said. He kept stroking as he stared at her sex. “All of their rules and regulations were driving me insane! I didn’t want their government insurance! I didn’t need their laws about edible fungi! Out here, I’m still free! They can have their taxes and their social! They can’t take the fungus from me!”

“Sure, that makes sense,” Vaquel lied. “You think we can fuck?”

Pok snorted as he kept stroking. “I want to pound your beef box but there is no way I am letting you get that close.”

“Beef box?” Vaquel asked. “Never mind. Look, neither of us has seen another living thing and we both want to fuck. Can’t we help each other out?”

“And let you steal my fungus?” Pok said.

“I don’t want your fucking fungus!” Vaquel snapped. She stroked herself harder. She was wet. She was horny and this asshole was hung like a bed slave. Being this close to good cock was almost painful.

Vaquel took a step forward. Pok aimed his gun but he didn’t fire. He licked his lips as she took another step forward. With the third step, he cocked his primitive weapon.

“Not another step!” he yelled.

“Come on,” Vaquel said. “Don’t you want to at least smell what you are jacking to? It smells a hell of a lot better than this fungus.”

“I can smell you from here.” Pok sniffed the air. “Oh man, that is good beef box.”

“Let’s fuck,” Vaquel tried again. “If we are fucking, how can I steal your fungus? You will literally be inside me.”

“I don’t know what race you are but you are not a Zatty female,” Pok said. “You might have strange alien powers!” He groaned and he stroked faster.

Vaquel frowned at his shaking knees. If the asshole climaxes, then she wasn’t getting any of that thick cock!

“Keep your gun on me while we fuck,” Vaquel said. “If you see me stealing fungus, you can shoot me right there.”

Pok grinned. He didn’t have many teeth. “Good idea! Get over here and take my baby maker!”

Vaquel was appalled by his language but his cock was too big to ignore. She hurried over to him. He grabbed one of her shoulders and tried to turn her around but Vaquel wouldn’t let him.

“If you have a gun on me, I’m going to have one on you,” she said. Maybe now he would put his stupid weapon away.

“Fine with me!” Pok said. He reached down and grabbed her ass. Clawed fingers dug into her skin as he easily picked her up. He pressed her to his throbbing member and tried to slide her on.

Vaquel kept her pistol aimed at him as she reached down. She guided his thick cock into her sex. His cock was incredibly warm to the point of being almost too hot. It didn’t matter. She settled her weight onto him and let his large cock fill her.

The two groaned together as their sexes joined. His clawed hand kept a grip on her ass while her brown legs wrapped around his red body. He leaned back against his shack for support and Vaquel was surprised the whole structure didn’t fall over.

Together they worked at fucking each other. Vaquel grabbed Pok’s shoulder and used it as leverage to raise herself. Pok used her grip on her round ass to guide her fucking. The point of her pistol was braced against his broad chest. The end of his pistol rested against her pink hair.

The fucking was awkward and slow but Vaquel didn’t care. A real cock was inside her. It belonged to an intelligent being and not something imagined or recreated through weird temporal manipulation. A real hand greedily clutched her ass. A cock made of flesh and blood pumped in and out of her wet sex.

“Yeah, grind on my baby maker,” Pok groaned. “Squeeze me with your beef box!”

Vaquel was tempted to put her gun in his mouth. She let him keep talking. What he was saying was disturbing but it was real. It was filthy like only another living creature could come up with.

“Let me see your jelly cakes!” Pok yelled.

“My what?” Vaquel said. It was hard to think with a cock driving up inside her.

“Your jelly cakes! Your flank steaks! Your baby feeders!” Pok rammed into her harder with every word.

Vaquel finally understood. She pressed another button and the top half of her spacesuit retracted into her belt. Her large brown breasts were revealed. They jiggled with every pounding thrust.

“Sweet Star Lords,” Pok groaned. He stared at them as they bounced. “They are so tiny but by the Fermentation, they are beautiful.”

“Tiny?” Vaquel groaned. Her breasts didn’t feel tiny as they bounced on her rib cage.

He watched her tits as they fucked. Sometimes he rested his gun on her breasts but she waved it off. The last thing he needed was the wrong jiggle setting off his trigger fingers.

They kept fucking. Vaquel was frustrated with their slow grinding. She wanted him deeper. She wanted him to fuck her harder. She wanted him to fuck her better than just holding her with one hand while he leaned on a shack.

It was the gun. The crazy hermit was more worried about his fungus than he was about fucking Vaquel. How could she convince him that she didn’t want his fungus? She racked her brain for an argument that would let the madman forget about the fungus and just focus on his need for her.

Fuck it. There was an easier way.

Vaquel did two things at once. First, she brought her arm up in a sweeping motion that forced the hand holding the gun to move away from her head. Second, she swung her own pistol at his jaw with all of her frustrated might.

BAM! The gun went off and a fungus patch absorbed the bullet.

“Uhhf!” Pok groaned as his head snapped around. His knees gave out and he fell to the ground with Vaquel still impaled on his cock.

Vaquel landed on top of him. She stuck her laser pistol up one of Pok’s enormous nostrils. Her thighs camped around his waist and her pussy clenched.

“I knew it!” Pok said with tears springing to his eyes. “You tricked me and now you’re going to steal my fungus! This is the worse day of my life!”

Vaquel shoved her pistol deeper up his nose. “I don’t want your fucking fungus!” Vaquel said. “Now shut up and fuck my beef box with your baby maker.”

Pok stopped crying. Relief washed across his face and he grinned. He grabbed her ass with both hands. He lifted her up slightly and then his hips went to work. He slammed up into her. His pelvis became a piston. In and out, in and out, in and out his baby maker pummeled her beef box.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vaquel moaned. This was intense. He was too big and the thrusts were too hard but it was what she wanted. No, it was what she needed. Her breasts bounced with savage fury from the fucking. Her thighs stung from the force of his thighs. Most of all, her pussy was reduced to a quivering mess.

“Lords of Space!” Pok cried out and much too soon, his thrusting stopped.

“No!” Vaquel cried. It was too late. She felt his cock spasm within her tight walls. A rush of seed filled her tight sex. She quivered on his member, already feeling it go limp.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. It was too soon! She needed more.

“Wait,” Pok groaned. He reached out and grabbed a handful of fungus from a stalk. He tore a piece off.

“I don’t want your damn fungus,” Vaquel snapped. “I want a hard cock.”

“It isn’t for you,” Pok said. He stuffed the fungus into his mouth and chewed.

The alien’s cock twitched inside Vaquel. It twitched again and then throbbed. She felt it grow inside of her needy pussy.

Pok growled. His dark eyes turned silver. A ripple went under the skin of his chest. Stretch marks appeared as his muscles bulged.

“Oh, I see,” Vaquel said.

Pok grinned with his oddly wide mouth. He grabbed Vaquel by the waist and rolled her onto her back. He paid no attention to the laser pistol that was wedged up his nostril. He laid a clawed hand on each of her round breasts and then he thrust back into her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. It was a full recovery. Pok was hard and ready to fuck again. No, he was harder than before. He was thicker than he had been before. She shouldn’t be able to take a monster cock of this size but she was just wet enough and just intrigued enough to handle it.

Pok fucked her. If earlier had been the fucking of a piston, this was now the primal rush of an animal in heat. He fucked Vaquel with relentless fury. He pounded her tight wet sex with frenzied desire. His hands clamped around her breasts with insatiable need.

Vaquel held on. Once more her sex was reduced to a wet mess of sensation. She was pinned to the ground by hands and cock. The rough rocks of the ground dug into her back. The claws were pinching her breasts too tightly. Pain jolted through her body but it was washed away by the bliss of a well fucked pussy.

Pok kept chewing. Spittle fell from his lips. The muscles on his shoulders grew in bulk. His neck all but disappeared. She wasn’t sure that his eyes were focusing on anything. He was just a thing that was fucking the shit out of her.

Vaquel took it. That was good. This was frightening. This was abstinence breaking like a dam. This was an engine exploding after years of not being used. This is why explorers went out into space. This is why they endured crazy inter-dimensional beings and long stretches of dead stars.

Vaquel climaxed. Metaphors and meditations on exploration were blown away by an orgasmic storm.

Pok kept fucking her. His cock grew in size. He released her breasts and grabbed the ground instead. Clawed fingers tore into chunks of solid rock. His mouth kept chewing the strange fungus.

Vaquel thought about escape. She lost the thought on the next thrust. The tick cock pushed deeper into her drenched sex and she surrendered to the feeling.

She came again. She screamed her orgasm as the cock kept using her.

Pok growled again. He grabbed her and stood up with her still impaled on his cock. He held her by the waist as he rammed her body onto his cock. There was no trace of the former lack of balance. He stood on his own and slammed her onto his cock like she was a sex toy.

Vaquel realized that was all she was. Her body was just a sheath for that magnificent cock. Her laser pistol was on the ground and she didn’t remember dropping it. She hung limply within Pok’s clutches as he fucked her.

She came again. There were no more screams left in her throat. She came with a moan as he continued to fuck her.

Pok froze. Vaquel felt his cock pulsing inside her. He even stopped chewing.

A second rush of seed filled her sex. Her tight pussy over-flowed and the seed gushed out. The cock shook and quivered as it released load after load.

Pok’s jaw dropped open. The last bit of fungus fell from his lips. He dropped to one knee with his cock still inside her. Vaquel winced and then dismounted his cock. A moment later, he fell back onto the hard ground. He started snoring immediately.

Vaquel took a step before she fell over too. Her legs weren’t working yet after that fucking. She could feel the bruises on her thighs. Her sex ached and she knew it would ache worse in a few hours.

She wondered if the shack had a bath. That seemed unlikely. She needed to get back to her own ship. That was if she could walk in the next few hours.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. “Chairbot, come get me. I need a ride back to the ship.”

“On my way, Mistress!” her faithful robot replied. “I will get there soon and cradle your wonderful ass on my loving seat! I am adjusting the temperature on my seat so that it will be cool and soothing when you sit down!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Vaquel interrupted. “That sounds nice. Tell me, do you have any room in your chassis to carry cargo?”

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot replied. “What do you need for me to carry?”

Vaquel looked at the glowing green fields. “I have some fungus I want to take with me.”

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  1. Awesome. I’m going to love this new season, aren’t I?

    One of my favorite themes is the unstoppable fuck. Well, and oversized, so this hit two of my favorite buttons.

    • This season’s theme is going to be looser than last year. My working title is Planet Men, focusing on the weirdoes and hermits who want to get the hell away from people and their laws. You can’t take the fungus from me!

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