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I read the terms of the gift again. It was cruel. It was trouble. It was going to make things damn uncomfortable. My pecker throbbed with every line.

The Girl in the Cage moaned. She saw my hard-on. She pressed her mouth to the cage and opened her lips.

Her pretty mouth was tempting but I ignored her. The gift had my interest today. I read through the terms again. It said anytime.

The clock read 9:21 am. I decided to put the terms to the test.

I got dressed. The Girl in the Cage pouted. She masturbated. The sound of her wet pussy getting fingered filled the trailer. When she came, the windows shook.

“Be good,” I said as I walked out the door. It was our little joke. She couldn’t do anything else in the cage.

It was a cold morning in Hornbeam Estates. Most of the trailers were still decorated for Christmas. A light frost stuck to the windows.

I walked over to lot 19. The picnic table was covered in chains. I shuddered at the thought of someone being bound in this weather.

Three knocks at the door and it opened. It was Bob. He wore a pink apron and not much else. I hoped that was underwear under the apron.

“Hey Jason, what’s up?” Bob said. He was smiling. “Oh wait, come on in. It’s cold out there.”

“Thanks,” I said. He was awfully friendly. Oh shit, he didn’t know what his wife had given me.

“Is Michelle here?” I asked.

“Yeah, she’s in the bedroom,” Bob said. “Mistress! Jason’s here!”

Michelle came into the living room. She was wearing a red night gown. Her blonde hair was a mess. She was twice as old as the Girl in the Cage but she was still hot as fuck. I sometimes jerked off to her but never really thought we would ever fuck. She was too much like me.

A small grin came to her lips. It was an evil smirk. Normally I was afraid of that smirk but today was different. I knew it wasn’t meant for me.

“Hey Jason,” Michelle said. “What can I do for you?”

“You can suck my dick,” I said.

“Hey now!” Bob said. A growl came from Bob that I didn’t think he had. He took a step towards me but Michelle snapped her fingers. Bob froze in mid-step.

“Sit down, Bob,” Michelle said. “On the couch.”

Bob’s mouth hung open. He looked at her and she glared at him. Her fingers came together for another snap. He rushed to the couch before she could finish. He sat down angry. His legs were open and thank God, he was wearing underwear.

Michelle came over to me. Her robe had come open. A well bitten breast peeked at me.

“You ready to use your gift already?” Michelle asked.

My hand went to her shoulders and I pushed her to her knees. Michelle made a sound and Bob half rose from his couch. I looked at him and he sat back down.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I was starting to think that Michelle didn’t know her husband slave as well as she thought she did. I thought about leaving.

Michelle’s fingers went to the bulge in my pants. She squeezed my bulge while her other hand unzipped me.

I decided to stay.

She pulled my pants down hard. I grunted kept my cool. That’s what was I was talking about: she was rough just like me.

My dick flopped out and hit her in the face. Bob growled again. His fingers clutched the arm of the couch.

I grabbed the back of Michelle’s head and pulled her to my crotch. I half expected teeth but I got warm lips and an eager tongue. Her mouth slid over my pecker and everything was right with the world.

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned. I looked away from Bob and looked down at her mouth. My wood had disappeared between her lips. The mean bitch had taken all of it. She looked up at me with those cold blue eyes. This must be how Michelle had kept her husband in line all these years. This was a mouth worth submitting too.

I wasn’t doing any submitting today. My hips began to move and I fucked Michelle’s mouth. She managed to smile that evil smirk even though she had a dick in her mouth.

There was a creak from the couch. Bob was glaring at me. Both of his hands were clutched into fists. He was thinking about ripping my dick off.

“Nothing personal, Bob,” I said as I fucked his wife’s mouth. “It was Michelle’s idea. She sent me a Christmas card and said I could come over any time and have my way with her.”

Bob glared at the back of his wife’s head. I didn’t tell him about the rest of the note. There was a part of how it had to be done in front of Bob. There was another part where I had to be rough. There was a long descriptive part about making sure I used her like I would any slut given to me by any of the other trailer park masters. This was Michelle’s game all done for whatever reason she had.

I pounded Michelle’s face. She grabbed my thighs as my balls bounced off her chin. She made a sound and I fucked her face harder.

Something began to rise under the apron. I smiled and Bob grabbed a pillow to put over his lap.

Michelle choked and I pulled my pecker out of her mouth. This time she was the one glaring at me.

It was her stupid game. “Take the robe off,” I snapped. Before she had a chance, I yanked it off her shoulders. I pulled it from her body and tossed it aside.

Fuck, she had a nice body. I had never seen her naked before. The closest was at the Fourth of July cookout when she rode Bob in front of the pig barbecue pit. She had some miles on her but she was all right.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. I grabbed one of her tanned tits with my hand. I squeezed and pulled on that forbidden tit. My fingers ran over the bite marks Bob must have left last night.

Bob stared knives at me. I do believe if he had a gun, I would be dead right there.

Michelle whispered something. I pinched her tit and she whispered it again. This time I heard her.

“Bob’s chair,” she said.

I laughed. Oh, that was just being mean.

Every relationship is different at Hornbeam Estates. Some people live like husband and wife and other people live like owners and dogs. Some people don’t even get treated as well as a dog. That’s okay but even the lowest slave, slut, or cock meat usually have something that is all their own that no one else can touch.

For Bob, that was his chair. It was a leather recliner with genuine mahogany wood finish. It was the nicest piece of furniture in the whole trailer. It was a goddamn work of art. Bob might get fucked up the ass by his wife on a daily basis but he had the best damn seat in the trailer park to rest that fucked ass.

I pulled Michelle over to the chair. I sat my naked ass down on Bob’s chair. The chair made that nice smooth leather sound as I settled into it.

Bob half rose from the couch. I had fucked his wife’s mouth but the chair was too much.

Michelle snapped her fingers. Bob sat back down. His eyes half closed as if he was sighting down a rifle at my head.

Maybe I went too far.

Michelle sat on my lap. I felt the heat of her pussy against me. I looked away from Bob and reached around. My fingers brushed the hairy bush around her pussy. She shivered in my lap.

“Fuck me,” I told her.

Michelle squirmed in my lap. She turned around and faced me. My legs came together and her knees went around my legs. It was a nice big fucking chair. She guided my pecker into her honey patch and squeezed.

Oh sweet Jesus, that was nice. Hot and wet and most of all, one place I never ever thought I would be. That was the best kind of pussy.

She gripped the back of the chair and started to bounce. Up and down her fit ass slammed into my lap as she fucked my pecker. Her tanned titties bounced in front of my face.

Fuck, this was good fucking. Michelle knew how to move. She knew just how hard to come down on me and how to slide back up without losing my dick. I needed to send the Girl in the Cage over to Michelle for lessons.

Bob kept staring at me. He clutched the couch pillow to his lap. His cheeks were red with shame or rage; I couldn’t be sure which.

“Fuck, you are so big!” Michelle yelled.

I grunted. That was always good to hear but I didn’t think Bob needed any more reason to kill me.

“Oh Jason!” she cried out. “I don’t think, ah, I don’t think I have EVER had dick this good!”

I stopped looking at Bob. I could feel his hate from across the room.

“Oh Jesus,” Michelle moaned. “I might need this dick every night!”

I grabbed her throat. Michelle glared at me but then I saw that smirk. My fingers tightened and she stopped talking. She also fucked me faster.

We fucked in Bob’s chair. I felt her wet snatch soak my cock and balls. A wet spot formed under me as the chair groaned and squeaked. Deep down I worried that we might break the chair. Fucking a man’s wife is one thing, but breaking his chair would be downright inhumane.

Bob’s chair weighed on my mind. I slapped Michelle on the ass and told her to get up. She kept humping my dick. I squeezed her throat a little more and slapped her tit. A flash of anger crossed her face and then she climbed off my pecker.

I pushed her towards Bob. She cried out as I bent her over. She had to rest her hands on Bob’s knees for support. While she did that, I slipped my dick into her sweet spot from behind.

“Oh yes!” Michelle screamed in her husband’s face. “Give me that fat dick!”

So I did. I grabbed her hips and pounded her from behind. This was much better. I had her nice ass to look at and I didn’t have to worry about Bob’s chair. Even better, I couldn’t see Bob and his murder-eyes.

Michelle swatted the pillow off his lap. I guess she wanted to see his pecker.

I slammed into her. I fucked her mean pussy with everything I had. I was rough just like she wanted. I was rough just like I wanted.

Michelle kept talking shit. “Fuck me with that giant dick! Fuck me like a real man! God damn, it has been too long since a real stud fucked me! My cunt needs your big dick!”

Maybe it was the dirty talk or maybe it was the wet pussy but I was ready to come. Michelle’s card had been very clear on how to do that. She wanted it inside her. I am sure it was something else to torment Bob with.

“I’m going to come,” I said.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Michelle said, her sweet spot clenching around me. “Fill my cunt with your spunk!”

And I did. I yelled because it felt good. I kept fucking her until she had squeezed out every drop. It was a big load because I had been thinking about fucking Michelle for years.

When I was done, I pulled out of Michelle. I almost wiped my pecker on her ass but then I remembered that Girl in the Cage could clean it. I walked over to my pants and started putting them on.

“Thanks for the Christmas gift,” I said.

Michelle purred and sat on Bob’s lap. She had her fingers in her honey patch. She stretched and rubbed against Bob.

Bob just kept staring at me. It was going to be a long ass time before I could borrow his lawn mower.

“Thank you, Jason,” Michelle said. “I needed a real man to get my new year started right.”

“You’re welcome,” I said because I wasn’t sure what else to say. I zipped up and walked out the door.

I left their trailer and closed the door behind me. It was still cold but I was warmed by the good fucking. The frost clung to the cars and crunched under my feet.

Chris was outside too. He was bundled up but I recognized his Cowboys hat. He was walking towards me and I waved at him. He motioned for me to come talk to him.

“Hey Jason, do you know if Bob and Michelle are up?” Chris asked.

I started to laugh. Chris was a big guy. He was over six feet tall and worked out. All of the pussy in the trailer park got wet when he washed his car. He liked to wrestle women down and fuck them in the ass. He was a beast.

“Yeah, they’re home,” I said. “Tell me, did Michelle send you a Christmas card?”

“Yes sir,” Chris said. He was all polite when it came to sex shit but he had a bird-eating grin.

“Well good,” I said. “Have fun. I’d stay out of the chair if I were you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Chris said and he headed for their trailer.

Well that was a relief. After Chris tears up Michelle’s ass, Bob will have plenty to be made at other than me.

I headed back to my trailer and thought about what I was going to tell Girl in the Cage when she sucks my cock.

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