Dec 302015

Vanessa knelt under the table. Her head rested on the floor with her arms beside her. Heavy breasts pooled on the ground. Her back was straight in a deep stretch.

It was dark under the table. The thick table cloth blocked most of the light. She saw the shadows of feet as they walked around her. Because there was a punch bowl on the table above her, there was a lot of traffic.

She could hear the party around her. Mostly she just heard the music that her boyfriend, Adam, played. He was older than her and his music was alien and full of synthesizers. Someone was threatening to fall apart.

There were other sounds but only wisps. She heard someone describe a new movie. Someone else complained about the traffic. She thought she heard someone say they were fucked in the ass this morning but Vanessa felt she must have misheard that. It didn’t seem like the kind of thing one says at a New Year’s party.

Vanessa smiled. You usually don’t have a naked woman secretly under a table at a New Year’s party either but here she was. Adam knew how much she loved being a secret kinky slut. He knew that putting her under the table for an entire party would leave her dripping wet by the end of the night. The fact that she was one peek-under-the-cloth away from being exposed was too arousing for words.

HMMM! The vibrator strapped to her thigh came to life. It took her by surprise and Vanessa nearly groaned. It was a small vibrator and quiet but in her aroused state, it came close to pushing her over the edge.

Vanessa clenches her lips shut. Somewhere, Adam had his hand in his pocket and was activating the switch. He was probably talking to someone. His cock would be hard and pulsing at the thought of his little slut under the table.

The vibrator turned off. Vanessa let out a gasp of relief and then winced at how loud it was. Her heart pounded as she wondered if anyone heard her. She stayed absolutely still and listened.

Desire ran down her leg. She heard nothing. A song wanted to be taken on.

Vanessa thought about how terrible it would be if she was discovered. These were Adam’s coworkers. They would be shocked. They would wonder if Adam was a deviant. They would know for sure that Vanessa was. Some of the men would leer at the naked body. Some of the women would too. They would think she was trash and yet also wonder what she was like in bed.

Vanessa moaned to herself. Her pussy clenched at the delicious thoughts. She was tempted to stroke herself right here under the table. Adam hadn’t forbidden it but that wouldn’t stop her from punishing her if the mood struck him.

HMMM! The vibrator returned to life. Vanessa was ready for it this time. She kept quiet as it buzzed at her sex. She bit her lip as her hips grinded against it. She didn’t make a single sound as it brought her closer and closer and closer to orgasm.

The vibrator stopped. Vanessa shuddered but made no noise.

The smell of wet pussy was over powering. It was all Vanessa could smell under the table. She wondered if anyone else could smell it. The odor was so strong and musky. How was it that no one at the party had asked about the smell of a soaking wet pussy? Surely someone had to smell it!

HMMM! The vibrator snapped on again. Vanessa quivered. It was so soon after the last time, it felt like it had never stopped. Was Adam trying to get her off? Did he say that she couldn’t? She couldn’t remember.

The vibrator stopped. There was a new song now about money for nothing. Someone laughed at a joke that Vanessa couldn’t hear.

How much longer? Vanessa had no idea. There would be a countdown for midnight. There would be less sound as people left. If she lifted the cloth, she could peek and see what time it was.

The idea made her moan. Imagine that, someone standing nearby and seeing her face under the cloth. They would point it out to a friend. Together they would lift the cloth and see her. The smell would hit them and they would gasp at her naked body.

They would call her a slut.

They would call her a whore.

They would call her a kinky bitch.

HMMM! Almost as if Adam was reading her mind, the vibrator came back on. Vanessa bit down hard on her lip. He was trying to get her off! It was the only explanation for what was happening. The vibrator was coming on too frequently. There wasn’t enough time to rest. Her horny little pussy was being pushed to its limits.

Vanessa was going to come. She had to. It was almost demanded of her. She was going to come in the middle of a party. If she made a single sound, or moved a little too much, then she would be discovered.

The vibrator stopped. This time she did moan. She had been pushed to her limit. The only thing that kept her from moving was her own self-discipline.

The party was quieter. There was a song about the night. Someone was waiting for a tomorrow that never comes.

Something happened to the table above her. Someone walked away. People had stopped talking.

The song ended. There was no other sound.

The table cloth lifted. Vanessa cried out as she was exposed. Her thighs clamped together and her arms tried to cover her breasts. She shook as a powerful feeling came over her sex.

Every one at the party stared at her. They were all naked. They all wore masks that covered her heads. She was surrounded by strangers silently judging her for her obvious lack of morals.

“Now Vanessa,” a voice said from a man dressed as a wolf. It sounded like Adam. Or did it?

“Yes, sir?” she asked, still on her knees.

“Now the party can really begin,” the wolf said.

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  1. Oh, lovely. Not knowing that she was going to be the center of attention until the very end made it all the hotter. Yummy.

  2. The suspense is what made that delightful snippet work

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