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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the third planet of the star system designated “Queen’s Comprehensive Understanding of Interrogation Techniques” by Royal Astronomers. As expected, the world is completely dead and no life signs are detected. Initial scans show that this was once a vibrant plant world before some sort of cataclysm wiped it out. That cataclysm of course being the entity I have designated as Voice.

Voice itself hasn’t been speaking to me. I feel a presence on the edge of my consciousness but nothing like before. Deep down I know I can still accept his offer to spread Voice’s terrible power through the cosmos but fuck that. I suspect that I am nearing the edge of Voice’s influence. After this star system, I don’t expect to have any more encounters with the mass murdering entity. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Royal Navy protocols insist I touch down on this planet and make a survey. Sure, I’ll do that. But nothing in the protocols say I can’t have one last conversation with the being that has terrorized me for the last year.

Vaquel Di stood on top of the fallen tree trunk. She wore a skintight white suit that stretched over the ample curves of her breasts and hips. Her helmet was off and she ran her fingers through her short pink hair. The bright sun shone down on her smiling brown face. Various weapons hung from her belt.

She looked down at the tree she was standing on. The tree once stood a thousand meters high but now on its side it barely rose twenty meters. Great scorch marks scarred the black bark. Empty spaces in the bark hinted at some sort of function but all that remained was ashes.

Around the fallen tree were other corpses. The grass had been reduced to ashes. The stumps of bushes peeked through dead dirt. Burnt shells of something vaguely humanoid in shape stretched out to reach other.

Vaquel pointed a scanner at the shells. The beings were probably intelligent. Their bodies showed signs of modification and surgery. A botanical race once lived on this planet before a terrible fire destroyed it all.

“You did this,” Vaquel said out loud. She knew Voice was listening. “I wonder how. Fire seems too simple. I bet you did something horribly complicated. I know you love sex. Did you tie the fire to their reproductive cycle somehow? Make their breeding spores flammable or some cruel shit like that?”

She felt something in her mind. It was reaching out to her. Words formed and slipped away, like a dream you can’t remember.

“Loser,” Vaquel said. “This is your last chance to seduce me and you got nothing.”

The pressure in her mind increased. She found her sight drifting to something sparkling. It was at the entrance to a cave in the ground.

“Oh, something bright and shiny is over there,” Vaquel said. “I should go over there and check it out. Maybe I will find something valuable and pretty.”

She felt a tingling in her sex. Her nipples hardened. She licked her lips.

“Oh yes,” Vaquel said. “I should certainly go over there and into that dark cave. I bet nothing will try to molest me or force me to become a vessel or an extra-dimensional being inside that innocent cave.”

Vaquel drew a hand launcher from her belt. Targeting systems focused on the distant cave and locked in a path. A second later, a missile the size of Vaquel’s finger flew from the launcher. It smashed into the cave and exploded with the force of a small asteroid.

Rubble flew into the air. The tingling feeling in her sex faded. Her mouth no longer drooled for cock. Her nipples were still hard, however.

“I don’t think so, asshole,” Vaquel said. “I’m on to all of your little tricks.”

Vaquel’s shout echoed through the dead world. She listened as her voice faded away. Another sound took its place. It sounded like buzzing. It was coming from that hollowed out tree stump as big as her spaceship.

“Oh, is that some sort of vibrator in there?” Vaquel asked.

She pulled a grenade from her belt and threw it underhand at the tree stump. It flew in a doorway and landed inside. The tree stump shook as it was suddenly perforated with razor shrapnel.

“You are really a desperate asshole, you know that?” Vaquel shouted. “You want me so bad that you are trying anything you can think of.”

She pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared at the neck of her spacesuit. It opened downwards between her heavy breasts, a slow parting of fabric that exposed her smooth brown skin until it stopped at her belt.

“This is what you want,” Vaquel said. She pulled at the seam with both hands to reveal her plump breasts. “You want to ride inside my body. You want to feel my fat tits for yourself. You want to be inside me while I squeeze and pull on them.”

Vaquel grabbed her breasts and shook them. She sunk her fingers into her plentiful flesh and felt her fingernails bite into her softness.

“You want to own these nipples,” Vaquel said. She pinched both of her nipples as hard as she could. “You want to bite, claw and pull on them, don’t you?”

The pressure in her mind increased. It was like a whisper too low to hear.

“I have seen a lot of the universe and I can honestly say, my tits are some of the biggest in the galaxy,” Vaquel asked. “If you possessed me, you could play with them all day. You could pull on them like this . . . ouch!”

A loud crack came from somewhere behind Vaquel. She turned around while still pulling hard on her tits. There was something in the ground, digging towards her and creating a small wave of displaced dirt in its wake.

“Or would you rather slap them?” Vaquel said. “You like pain as much as you like sex.”

Vaquel released her tits and then slapped her left breast as hard as she could with her right hand. The sound of the slap echoed through the dead forest.

The wake of dirt was coming closer to Vaquel’s tree trunk.

“That hurt, but if you were inside me, you could make me do it over, and over, and over again.”

Vaquel slapped her breasts with her right hand, then her left and then her right. The slaps grew louder as she swung harder at her sensitive plump tits. Angry red handprints formed on her dark breasts but she kept slapping. Throughout it all, her nipples were hard and proud.

The wake of dirt picked up speed. It was only a few meters away. A large mound formed as the thing below rose to the surface.

Vaquel slapped her breast and then quick drew a pistol from her belt. She fired at the mound and a ball of plasma shot forth. A piece of an artificial sun smashed into whatever was rising.

An explosion of dirt and plant flew into the air. Whatever had been digging towards her was gone and only a steaming crater remained.

“You poor pathetic being,” Vaquel said out loud. She gave her tit one last slap and then holstered her plasma pistol. “You have killed worlds but you can’t convert one little space explorer.”

A sudden pain surged in Vaquel’s head. She winced as something screamed at her mind.

“Shut up!” Vaquel yelled. “Shut up or I will leave right now!”

The pain stopped. Vaquel laughed.

“I know your weakness, asshole,” Vaquel said. “You don’t want to be alone. What is the point of all that power without someone to torment?”

There was no answer but Vaquel didn’t care. She pressed another button on her belt. The fabric of her spacesuit below her belt retracted upwards. Her muscular dark legs were revealed before the thick pink pubic bush was exposed. She felt the sun on her bare plump ass and she sighed with contentment.

“Maybe I am teasing you,” Vaquel said. “Maybe I am just making you sweat before I accept your offer. I am cruel that way. It is entirely possible that I have always intended to take your offer but I wanted to wait to the last minute just for my own satisfaction. Have you ever thought of that?”

An image formed in her mind but it was too vague to make out.

“I mean, you are offering near infinite power,” Vaquel said. She ran her fingers through her pink pubic hair. “Look how wet my bush is. Just thinking about all of that power is soaking my pussy.”

Vaquel ran her fingers through her pussy and then brought them to her lips. She smelled her fingers and sighed.

“I wish you could smell me right now,” she said. “Maybe you can. Maybe you already know how wet I am and how much it turns me on to know the power that is waiting for me.”

She heard a sound in her mind. It sounded like a moan.

Vaquel slipped her fingers into her mouth. She tasted her desire and sealed her lips around her fingers. She sucked down hard to get every drop from her fingers. When she was done, she pulled her fingers from her mouth with an audible pop.

“Bet you couldn’t taste that,” Vaquel said. “I bet you have to join with me to do that. Just think, once you are inside me and I carry you to the rest of the galaxy, you can taste my pussy every day. No, every hour. No, every minute my pussy will be yours to taste and enjoy.”

A cloud blocked the sun. Vaquel knew better. There was no weather on a world as dead as this. She drew a thin rod from her belt and pointed it at the dark mass in the sky. A laser shot forth and split the mass in half. Both pieces fluttered in different directions away from Vaquel.

“So impatient!” Vaquel said. She holstered the rod. “You don’t like being teased, do you? Just imagine how I have felt as your creations have tickled me, turned me on, licked and tried to fuck me!”

Something whispered in Vaquel’s ear. She didn’t even try to listen.

“I think I’ll get myself off one last time before I take your offer,” Vaquel said. She reached down to her sex and started to stroke the outside of her pussy lips.

A tree cracked, groaned and fell over. Vaquel shook her head and kept stroking.

“Having a hard time waiting?” Vaquel said. “Too bad!”

She stroked herself slowly. Her other hand reached behind and grabbed a handful of her firm ass. Her hips rolled as she gave herself over to pleasure.

Something glinted in the distance. It was beside another fallen tree.

Vaquel ignored it and penetrated herself. She gasped as her fingers sunk into her wet heat. Her other hand clenched and dragged sharp nails over the curve of her ass.

“Oh, this feels nice,” Vaquel said. “You have no idea how tight my pussy is. When I clench down, I am tighter than my hand and that is no lie. My sex is tight and you will only know how tight when you are inside me.”

A whistling sound drifted through the forest. It was coming from the direction of a dry river bed. It was a catchy sound.

Vaquel answered the whistling with a groan. Her fingers were buried deep within her pussy. She swayed from side to side as her hips tried to fuck a cock that wasn’t there. Her other hand pulled at her ass cheek as if imagining a lover’s hand.

“Oh, fuck!” Vaquel moaned. “I am so close to coming. That is what you like, right? You love to feel something climax. That is why all the worlds have died by sex. There was that one world where the giant insects licked their queen one by one until they all died. Or what about that world with those glowing crystals worked better than any vibrator but killed you when you used it? I bet you liked that.”

The whistling grew shriller. It was also getting closer fast. Vaquel let go of her firm ass and pressed a button on her belt. A temporary field of energy was projected around Vaquel. Six bright flashes showed where six tiny objects smashed helplessly against the field.

“Ha, you just can’t wait, can you?” Vaquel said. “Let me open myself for you.” She reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart.

“Just look at that pussy,” she said. “Look at that hot wet hole just waiting for you to fill it. Come on, Voice. Cram your essence up in my pussy. All you have to do is grow a cock and put it in me.”

A pile of corpses shifted. A burnt wooden thing stood uneasily on two legs. An arm fell off. Burnt leaves were seared into the bark.

“I don’t see a cock,” Vaquel said. She stroked at her sex with both hands. “I need you to fuck me.”

A crack appeared in the crotch of the wooden corpse. Something bright and pink glowed within. It slowly emerged and revealed itself to be a long rod of pink crystal.

“There you go,” Vaquel said from top of the trunk. “Now get your ass over here before I come. If I come, the deal is off.”

The corpse shambled towards her. It tripped on another corpse and fell to the ground. Slowly it rose back to its feet.

Vaquel stroked faster. Her body undulated as she stroked. She moaned loudly as her fingers dug deeper and harder inside her wet sex.

“Come get me, Voice,” she said. “Come and get me if you want me!”

The corpse kept coming. The hard pink rod swung between its legs. It climbed over the remains of a large desiccated bush. It pushed aside the wreckage of some wooden vehicle. The debris of a dead world was shoved and slammed aside.

“Closer, closer,” Vaquel moaned. “Hurry! I’m coming soon!”

She squatted down to spread her thick brown thighs even further. Her fingers worked furiously inside her sex. She moaned loudly; her mouth opening wide in ecstasy.

The corpse glowed. It grew another meter in height as strange forces stretched its frame beyond its natural limits. Fingers extended into curling claws that would bind and hold her.

“Closer,” Vaquel groaned. “Stick your rod inside me and make me come! Claim me as your herald!”

The corpse reached the side of the fallen trunk. It stepped one of the hundreds of micro-mines that Vaquel had littered the area with. A controlled anti-matter detonation obliterated everything within a meter radius of the micro-mine. This disintegrated the bottom third of the corpse, causing the top two-thirds to fall and crumble to the side where it detonated another micro-mine. Two craters were all that was left of the reanimated puppet of Voice.

A moan of despair filled Vaquel’s mind. She laughed because the despair wasn’t hers.

“My mistake,” Vaquel said. “I forgot that I protected myself. There will be no repeats of other worlds here. The only thing to fear on this planet is me.”

She stood back up. Her right hand left her pussy and came up to her throat. She grabbed her throat with slick fingers and squeezed.

“This is what you want,” Vaquel whispered. “You want your hand on my throat. You want my pussy on the verge of exploding. You want my body in a state of pleasure and fear. Am I right?”

A feeling swept through Vaquel. It was hunger. It was desire. It was a yearning that ached.

“I thought so,” Vaquel whispered. She tightened her grip. It was hard to breathe. She finger fucked herself with wild abandon.

“You don’t even need a body to infect me, do you?” Vaquel asked. “All you need is my consent. All I have to do is mentally agree and I bet a piece of you would be inside me forever.”

She pushed hard inside her sex. Short, brutal strokes made her pussy clench even tighter.

Vaquel felt Voice’s agreement in her mind. All she had to do was just give in. It would just take one little surrender within her mind and the bizarre force from another plane of existence would fill her. It wouldn’t be hard at all. She was one thought away from giving Voice everything it desired.

She came. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried out with her nails digging into her throat. She shuddered and shook as her orgasm filled her body with pleasure.

And at the same time, she refused Voice with every part of her will.

The ground shook. Trees fell. Cracks appeared in the ground around her tree trunk.

Vaquel laughed and stood up. She pressed a button on her belt and an anti-gravity field sent her flying into the air. Her fingers were still deep in her sex as she ascended into the air.

On the ground, a ravine opened up. The tree trunk, the mines, the corpses and more fell into the ever widening chasm below.

Vaquel felt the tug of a tractor beam. Her probe ship had been stationed above her for just this kind of emergency. It pulled her floating body towards an open hatch. The engines were already preparing to leave this planet on the course far away from this solar system.

The blinding pain came back. It was a scream of rage, despair and murder. There was also a lot of arousal in that scream. Frustrated arousal of a kind that Vaquel could barely imagine.

“Yeah,” Vaquel said, wincing from the splitting pain inside her skull. “Fuck you too, Voice. This is one pussy that you will never have.”

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  1. Just had to get the final word in, huh? Awesome. I love her response and I suspect she is a bitter for everything the Voice put her through. Thank you, it was great.

    • Took me forever to figure out how to go out with Voice and then I realized the appeal of the Last Word.

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