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Craig looked at the time. He was late for the office Christmas party. It was a little surprising that no one had come by the office to tell him. He shrugged. Missing the party wouldn’t be so bad. It would give him the time he needed to finish a few things before the break.

There was one downside to missing the party. He would miss whatever Danielle was wearing today. The busty woman delighted in showing off her tits and every year she seemed to wear a tighter sweater for the party. Last year’s sweater was so tight that Mrs. Morrow in accounting threatened to file a complaint.

Craig had a feeling that Danielle would wear an even tighter sweater this year. That was how Danielle was.

There was a knock at the doorway. Danielle leaned into the doorway so that only her head was showing. Short blonde dangled above her eyes.

“Coming to the party, Craig?” she asked.

“Got some work to finish,” Craig said. He was disappointed that he couldn’t see what she was wearing. “I might drop by later.”

“Hmm,” Danielle said.  She came around the corner and through the doorway. Today was a red sweater with reindeer. It was tight, but not as tight as earlier years. The neckline however was completely different. It plunged downwards between snowy white globes. Her cleavage was tight and jiggled with every step. Danielle walked in and sat down on the other side of his check.

Craig started to groan but stopped himself in time. He noticed that she had closed the door. He tried to look at her face but the lights were causing the pale skin of her cleavage to glow.

“Not going to the party either?” Craig asked.

Danielle smiled. “I thought I would bring you your present. I drew your name for Secret Santa.”

“Oh,” Craig said. “How nice,” he said carefully. He was so busy not looking at her breasts that he didn’t notice she was carrying anything.

“I knew exactly what to get you,” Danielle said.

“Oh?” Craig said again.

Danielle leaned forward. Her breasts shifted within her sweater. The neckline seemed to move further down.

“You are always looking at my tits,” Danielle said.

“What? No!” Craig said. His face flushed with heat.

“It’s okay,” Danielle said. “I put them out there to be looked at. Everyone looks at them; you, the IT guys, marketing, and especially the assholes in sales. I like to have all of you looking at them. They are gorgeous tits, right?”

Craig nodded. He was too afraid to speak. It felt like he was in a HR harassment training video.  He didn’t want to say anything incriminating.

“Yeah, they are,” Danielle said. “So I when I drew your name for Secret Santa, I remembered how much you helped me on the Myers account. I decided you deserve something nicer than a tie of a gift card. I thought I would give you my tits.”

“Your tits?” Craig asked. He forgot about HR and harassment.

“Only for the rest of the year and the month of January,” Danielle said. “I mean, I can’t give you my tits for a whole year. That would be silly.”

Craig nodded in agreement.

“So here is the deal,” Danielle said. “My tits are yours for Christmas. You can grope them, bite them, kiss them or do whatever you think of to them, but only to my tits. Do you understand?”

“Uh, I have a wife,” Craig said.

“Your wife can play with my tits too,” Danielle said. “They’re your tits.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Craig tried. “Aren’t you married?”

Danielle shrugged. It did wonderful things to her breasts. “He’s not your problem.”

Craig didn’t know what to say. Danielle didn’t wait for an answer. She pulled off her sweater. A sheer green bra struggled to hold all of her abundance. Giant pale nipples pushed through the tin material.

Danielle reached for the clasp in the center and paused. “Are you turning down your gift?”

Craig said nothing.

Danielle undid the clasp. She pulled back the cups to let her breast fall. They were bigger than Craig had thought. They were huge. They were massive. They were the greatest tits he had ever seen.

And she said they were all his.

“Here, take a closer look,” Danielle said. She rose from the seat and leaned across the desk. Her heavy tits hung down before him.

Craig licked his lips. Her nipples were hard and pointing down.

“Hold them,” Danielle said.

Craig reached for one. At first he was slow and hesitant but as soon as his fingers closed around the flesh, his self control broke. His fingers squeezed. He felt the heat from her breasts. He lifted her tit and felt the immense weight.

“Take a suck,” Danielle said.

Craig leaned in. He brought the nipple to his lips and licked. Danielle groaned and he opened his mouth. He sucked in as much of breast as he could but there was so much more breast left to suck.

“Oh fuck,” Danielle said. “I knew you would like your gift. I knew you would want to bite, suck and hold them. And you can. They are yours now.”

Craig released her breast. It was shiny with his spit. He went to the other breast. His teeth sunk down. There was so much to bite.

“Ow!” Danielle moaned but she didn’t stop him.

Craig kept biting. He also grabbed the other breast. He tugged on both of them, one with his mouth and the other with his hand. He pulled and Danielle had to learn further across the desk.

“Oh, Craig!” Danielle said.

Craig released her breast from his mouth. He looked up at her and grabbed both nipples with his fingers. He pinched and twisted.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Danielle said.

“They are mine?” Craig asked.

Danielle looked at Craig, perhaps seeing something in him for the first time. “Yes,” she said.

“Then I will choose what you wear on them,” Craig said. “I will pick your bras, on days that you get to have bras.”

Danielle smiled. “That’s hot. Sure.”

Craig twisted her nipples harder. He pulled and Danielle almost lost her balance. She struggled to not fall onto the desk.

“And pictures,” Craig said. “I will text you and ask for them. You will send me pictures of them, whenever I ask.”

Danielle’s smile faltered. “Sure.”

“Good,” Craig said. “Now come over here and kneel. I want to fuck my tits.”

He let go of her nipples. Danielle’s smile widened. She stood up and came around the side of the desk. This was more of what she was expecting. She just didn’t know that Craig would be so willing.

Craig unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His cock pressed hard against his underwear. He pulled that down next and it flopped out. It pointed towards’ Danielle’s waiting mounds.

He opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a bottle. He handed it to Danielle as he sat back down.

She took the bottle and looked at it. Kit was lubricant. Not lotion or some sort of cream. It was lube for sex.

How well did she really know Craig?

Danielle squirted the lube onto her breasts. It was cold but she kept smiling. She squirted a large amount and then set the bottle down. Using both hands, she rubbed her tits together while looking up at Craig.

Craig couldn’t wait any more. He reached down and grabbed her breasts. He pulled her to his cock and wrapped her breasts around him.

He let out a groan. They were so warm. His cock was embraced in slippery heat.

Danielle regained her confidence. Slowly she rocked up and down. She bought her arms together across her chest. Craig’s hands moved away as she took over. She kept her tits nice and tight around his cock as she slowly tit-fucked herself.

“I knew you would like this,” Danielle said.

Craig groaned louder.

“Always looking at me. Always looking at my big, soft breasts. Always peeking to look down my cleavage.”

Craig gripped the arms of the chair. His hips rose to meet her breasts.

“I knew that this was the best chr-“

“Shh,” Craig interrupted. “I want you to know that I will have these tits every day for lunch. I want you to know that on some days I will fuck them and on other days I will slap them until they are sore and tender to the touch.”

This time Danielle groaned.

“I’m going to give you a set of nipple clamps,” Craig said. His hips moved in short violent thrusts between her soft pillowy breasts. “You’ll wear them when I tell you too. You’ll wear them at work.”

Danielle trembled. She felt a flush of desire soak her panties.

“And yes, I think my wife will play with your tits too.”

Danielle moaned and squeezed her tits tighter. She watched his thick cock emerge from her cleavage and then disappear back down into her immense breasts.

“Maybe I will write my name on them,” Craig said.

He stopped thrusting and suddenly a spurt of seed flew upwards. It splattered on her breasts and neck. She felt his cock throb and then another spray flew up and then another.

Danielle gently pulled with her breasts. She milked Craig’s cock. She tugged and rubbed until she had drained all of him. His hot seed stuck to her breasts and ran down to her stomach.

“That was good,” Craig said. He pulled his pants back up.

Danielle reached for a napkin. Craig’s hand stopped her.

“Let it dry on your tits,” he said.

Danielle nodded. She did wipe the come from her neck. She stood up and retrieved her bra and sweater. Craig watched her as she put it back on.

“Thank you, Danielle,” Craig said.  “It is an excellent gift.”

Danielle smiled and wondered what the next month would bring.

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  1. I just had to say that this story was amazing.

  2. Now that was a seriously hot little story. It also reminds me of the sexual harassment videos I had to sit through at various jobs. One of them, they would have fired the guys who were distracted by the lovely tits and the lady with the lovely tits for distracting them. I actually quit because of that video, not just because of that but because they required a three *hour* training on the topic but only ten minutes on customer confidentiality.

    I like your world’s version better.

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