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Explorer’s Log: I am on day nineteen of my forty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Comprehensive Understanding of Interrogation Techniques” by Royal Astronomers. Major and minor ship systems have been restored with the exception of the automatic water adjustor in the hygiene pod. I’m attributing that small malfunction to the influence of the galactic entity I have designated Voice. I think it just likes dousing me in cold water when I least expect it.

Speaking of Voice, I have not heard from the world-destroying entity in a while. I know I am still somewhat within its sphere of influence and I know it desperately wants my cooperation in spreading its dread power across the universe so its lack of communication is puzzling. Is it possible that it possesses a flawed concept of consent and respects my declination of its invitation? If it this true, than the entity is far weaker than previously recorded. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have a bad feeling about Voice’s silence. It is a clever and cruel intelligence. I suspect that any pause just means it is marshaling its strength against me.

Vaquel Di awoke with a start. Her heart was thumping and she was felt terribly exposed. The darkness of the Relaxation Pod was no comfort.

“Lights,” she said. The dim nightlight came on and illuminated her dark brown skin. She ran her fingers through her short pink hair. It was drenched with sweat.

“Must have been a nightmare,” Vaquel said. She couldn’t remember what it was. That was probably for the best.

She noticed that she wasn’t wearing underwear. That wasn’t too unusual. She usually didn’t bother if she planned to masturbate but she didn’t think she had. Her sex had that familiar ache to be touched.

“Maybe I feel asleep before I could finish,” Vaquel said. “Lights off.”

Darkness returned to the Relaxation Pod. Vaquel laid back and spread her legs. It was too hot to pull the covers over her. She considered adjusting the temperature to something cooler but decided against it. Sweaty sex was what she needed to banish the nightmare she couldn’t remember.

She reached between her legs. The fur of her pubic bush was damp. She traced the outside of her sex with her finger tips. Around and round her fingers went as she teased herself.

Vaquel’s other hand went to her breast. She squeezed her plump tit and let her sharp nails dig into her flesh. The pain sent jolts along her body. Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

A memory flashed in her mind. She was in a jungle. Something with too many claws had pinned her down. It was trying to mount her but it was also trying to rip her flesh off.

Vaquel shook her head. So that was the nightmare. She released her breast and played with her nipple instead. She pictured a mouth, licking and sucking gently.

After a minute of this fantasy, her sex could wait no longer. She slipped her fingers in. She pushed deep and cried out as she penetrated herself.

Something within her sex bit her fingers. Sharp teeth clamped down and pulled.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was in her Relaxation Pod. The light illuminated her gasping chest. The pod was cold.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. That was a rough nightmare.

She looked at her fingers. They looked okay.

She reached between her legs and paused. Fear struggled with common sense. It didn’t feel like anything was inside her but the nightmare held on.

Vaquel reached for a dildo. She picked a smooth metal one she had fashioned last week. Although she told herself that nothing was inside her, she wanted to break their teeth if she was wrong.

She opened her legs and placed the dildo at her sex. After a moment’s hesitation, she pushed in. The smooth dildo slid into her sex and filled her.

Vaquel moaned. The dildo was just as thick as she remembered. A feeling of pleasure swept through her. She felt silly for even suspecting that something was inside her with teeth.

Since she was here, Vaquel decided to keep playing. She stroked herself with the dildo. The solid thickness pushed deep inside her. It tested her limits but she was wet enough for almost anything.

Vaquel spread her dark legs wider. She went to touch her breasts but remembered the dream about the monster. Her fingers went to her mouth instead. She sucked on a finger as if it was a cock.

She pumped her pussy faster. The metal dildo slid in and out with ease. Her body began to quiver. She was going to come soon.

The door to her Relaxation Pod swung open. Vaquel turned to see a creature dressed in red armor standing before her. She froze in midstroke as the armored intruder pointed a gun at her.

Flames sprayed from the gun. Intense heat washed over her body. The smell of accelerant filled her nose.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was sitting in her chair at the Navigation Bay. The darkness of space surrounded her.

“Queen’s tit!” she yelled. Her scream echoed down the quiet probe ship.

She checked herself. She was naked but she had no burns. Sweat covered her body and glistened on her dark breasts.

“Why am I naked?” Vaquel asked. She sometimes spent entire days naked but today didn’t feel like that kind of a day.

Vaquel started a system check. She had never had a nightmare like that. Perhaps there was an anomaly in the area.

She smirked. Technically this whole section of space was an anomaly with the presence of Voice.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. “I just need to sleep in my bed and lay off the algae ice cream before bedtime.”

She got up and noticed her legs were damp. It was her pussy. She was so wet that she had soaked her thighs. Fuck. Maybe she was hysterical from arousal.

Vaquel walked into the main corridor. “Chairbot!” she yelled. “Wake up!”

Lights appeared on a purple chair. The robot had been in sleep mode a lot lately in an attempt to repair lost files. That was tough shit because Vaquel needed to make use of its vibration seat.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “How may I serve? Does your beautiful bottom require support and adoration?”

“Yes it does,” Vaquel said and she sat down on the soft seat. “Fuck my brains out so I can get some sleep.”

Chairbot squealed with delight. Powerful motors came to alive. The contours of the seat shifted and rolled for maximum surface contact.

Vaquel cried out. The subservient sex robot hadn’t bothered with foreplay. That was fine by Vaquel. She gripped the sides of the seat and felt the vibrations working their way deep into her body.

This is what she needed. She forgot all about nightmares and flames. Her world was centered on her wet pussy and the powerful vibrations she was sitting on.

Chairbot kept moving. It rocked back and forth so Vaquel could better grind her sex and bottom. The seat shifted into new positions for maximum effect. The vibrations pulsed in new arrangements to keep Vaquel moaning and squirming.

She was going to climax. She was moments away.

A crack appeared in the wall in front of her. There was a hiss of air.

Vaquel looked for her spacesuit but it was too late. The crack widened and ripped her hull apart. Equipment and clothes rushed past her into the empty void of space. She tried to hold onto Chairbot but she was torn off the slick seat.

She felt her eyes harden. Her lungs burned as the air was sucked out of them.

Vaquel awoke with a start. Dim moonlight fell on her dark skin. The wreckage of her probe ship was firm against her back.

She sat up. It was just a nightmare. It was from when she used to travel in space; before she crashed on this planet in the star system designated “Queen’s Lovely Tongue.” Back when she used to be harassed by a terrible entity that wanted her to destroy the universe.

Vaquel rolled out from under the wreck of her ship. A blue landscape stretched out before her. Toxic sand spun in swirls in a manner she still didn’t understand. Clouds of acid rain lurked on the horizon.

“I am starting to think I should have taken Voice’s offer,” she said. Vaquel spoke to herself a lot these days. Three hundred days of loneliness will do that to a space explorer.

“I bet if I was Voice’s Herald, I wouldn’t have crashed into that asteroid,” she said. “And even if I did crash, I bet Voice could have fixed my ship. I wouldn’t have had to land on this damned planet where there is nothing around to fuck. Shit, even if I did land here, I bet Voice’s reality-altering abilities could have made something for me to fuck.”

A hot wind blew but there were no answers on the wind.

Vaquel thought about her dream. She was riding Chairbot. Her pussy ached at the thought. She missed the subservient robot.

Too bad the rain melted him. There wasn’t enough left to even make a dildo out of him.

She remembered her dream. His motors had felt good against her sex. Too bad she was so far away from Voice. She would happily agree to anything if she could get off on a vibrator again.

In the meantime, she had her fingers. Vaquel reached down and stroked her pink pubic bush. There was sand in her bush but there was sand everywhere. She ignored the sand and pushed into her sex.

“Fuck, I am wet,” she said. She said it out loud because it was the only dirty talk she got.

“Oh yeah, get in there,” Vaquel told her fingers. “Fuck that pussy. Tear it up!”

She stroked herself fast and hard. Her pussy was so wet. It was as if it had been through a hundred wet dreams without coming. She had soaked her fingers in seconds.

The wind grew stronger. Another acid storm was on the way. She should get her shelter ready but she kept stroking. Protection from the elements was important but not as important as one good climax on a deadly world.

“You like that, don’t you?” Vaquel taunted her pussy.

Her pussy squelched louder as she stroked.

“Take it you horny little bitch,” Vaquel shouted.

She was close. She was going to come and it was going to be fantastic. It was going to be better than she had ever had on this shitty planet.

Lightning flashed. The shelter exploded. Vaquel was flying through the air as the thunder reached her a second later.

She fell into the sand. Micro-poisons went to work on her skin. She gasped as the sand gave way under her. The acid rain began to fall onto her face.

Vaquel awoke with a start. The soft mattress beneath her shifted as she sat up. Delicate fibers caressed her skin.

“Mistress, what is the matter?” a musical voice asked.

Vaquel turned in her bed. It was Larasa, her bed-slave. The green alien was still bound to the bed frame where Vaquel had left her.

“Nothing,” Vaquel said. “Just a nightmare.”

Vaquel waved her special arm and the sheets flew from her body. She snapped her fingers and Larasa’s bonds disintegrated. Larasa scrambled off the bed and went to fetch Vaquel’s breakfast.

Vaquel closed her eyes and looked through the pink gem that had replaced her eye. Visions of the world around her appeared. Aliens died in a hundred amusing ways. Monuments were being built to Vaquel’s glory. The environment collapsed under the weight of reality’s alterations.

“Very good,” Voice purred. “You are an excellent Herald.”

“Of course I am,” Vaquel said.

Larasa returned with breakfast. She held a bowl of black berries that were Vaquel’s favorite. The berries started growing on this planet the moment Vaquel had touched down.

“Serve me,” Vaquel said. She took the bowl from Larasa’s hands and picked out a berry.

Larasa dropped to her knees between Vaquel’s thighs. The blue alien’s long tongue flicked at Vaquel’s pussy. The slave moaned when she tasted the first drop of Vaquel’s desire.

Vaquel moaned as well. She was wet. Her pussy felt curiously neglected despite the orgy of last night. Strange, perhaps it was the dream.

“I hunger for more games,” Voice said.

Vaquel swallowed a berry. “I will provide them.”

“Let me give you more of my power,” Voice said. “You will be able to do more on my behalf.”

Vaquel didn’t answer. More power? That seemed impossible. She had already given up an arm and an eye, what more would Voice take?

Larasa licked harder. The alien tongue burrowed into Vaquel’s sex. Vaquel squeezed her thighs around Larasa’s triple breasts.

“No price is too high,” Voice said. “Do you not enjoy what I have given you?”

Vaquel nodded. Yesterday she had fucked a hundred aliens in a marathon orgy. Last planet, she had forced an entire civilization to dance for her delight until they died. Before that an entire solar system had burned at her whim. She enjoyed it all.

But there was something wrong about taking more power from Voice. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

She was going to come. Larasa was well trained and knew how to lick her. Vaquel could tell it would be a hard climax.

“Take me,” Voice demanded. “Accept my power now!”

Vaquel understood that accepting would bring the climax. It would be a hard climax and it would literally change her forever.

“Accept” Voice screamed. “Accept it or you lose everything!”

Stubbornness swept over Vaquel. “No,” she said.

Larasa suddenly stopped licking. Vaquel looked down at her slave. The blue alien started up at her with frightened eyes.

Dark spots appeared on the blue woman’s skin. Larasa coughed and shook. Her body was undergoing rapid system failure before Vaquel’s eyes.

Vaquel looked away. She felt pain all over her body. She had a fever, shakes and chills. Voice was turning her own body against her. He was killing her from the inside out and there was no way to stop it.

Vaquel awoke with a start. Dim moonlight poked through the holes of her wrecked ship. The smell of acid rain was in the air.

She was back on this awful planet. For one brief dream, she had been a conqueror of worlds. It had been glorious.

There was an unbearable heat between her legs. She touched her soaked pussy. The tongue of her slave had felt so real.

“Accept me and I can save you,” Voice said.

Chills ran through Vaquel. “You are too far away!” she yelled. “How can you even be talking to me?”

“Accept or die here alone,” Voice said.

There was the rumble of thunder. Vaquel remembered drowning in sand.

“No, that was a dream,” Vaquel said.

Voice didn’t answer. The thunder rumbled closer.

Vaquel sprang to her feet. She went looking through the supplies she had scavenged from the wreck. There was only one thing she could think of that could save her.

It was underneath a pile of salvaged algae seeds. Vaquel took out a butt plug with the inscribed image of Queen Erishella in all of her naked glory. Engraved around the thick circumference were the words, “Feel my strength inside you.”

Vaquel smiled at plug. It was a moral booster. It was to remind her that she already served a beautiful wicked force and to serve no other.

“Accept!” Voice demanded.

Vaquel took the plug and pressed it against her sex. Up and down she rubbed and it felt wonderful. She moaned and nearly doubled over from the pleasure.

The thunder was closer. The wind was stronger. The swirls in the sand plains spun faster.

Vaquel bent over. She reached behind herself and pressed the tip of the plug against her ass. The tightness of her ass seemed insurmountable.

She pushed. Her ass burned as it expanded.

“NO!” Voice yelled.

There was a bright flash and Vaquel felt her head explode from the lightning blast.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was sitting naked in her chair in the Navigation Bay. Ship diagnostics flashed on display screens. The hum of the ship flying through the stars was all around her.

There was a sharp pain in her ass. It was the butt plug. It was like sitting on a spike.

“You’re never going to escape,” Voice whispered. “You will die and dream and die and dream until you accept and become my Herald!”

“We’ll see about that,” Vaquel said. “Chairbot, my ass needs you.”

Chairbot beeped to life from his sleep cycle. He rolled into the Navigation bay in record time. His seat was already vibrating. “How may I serve your ass, Mistress?”

Vaquel didn’t bother to answer. She got up and sat her plump bottom onto Chairbot’s seat. The powerful vibrations shook the butt plug she carried within.

“Oh, Mistress!” Chairbot moaned. “Your ass makes me so happy!”

Vaquel cried out as the seat rocked back and forth. She rode Chairbot’s shifting seat and grinded her ass into the vibrating motors. Her pussy smeared the seat with her desire. The thick plug was buried deep within her ass.

She was going to climax. The pressure in her ass was too great to ignore. She was too wet. She was going to have a powerful orgasm and soon.

Warning klaxons blared. The ship was headed for a star. Heat shields were rapidly failing.

Vaquel kept grinding. Chairbot kept vibrating. The butt plug kept spearing her ass.

The hull cracked. The ship flew apart around Vaquel. A wave of super hot plasma swept over Vaquel and Chairbot.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was in her Relaxation Pod. The light illuminated her brown body. The pod was cold. The butt plug was lodged deep in her ass.

There was no time to waste. She rolled over onto her stomach and reached for the plug. Her fingers grabbed the handle and plunged the plug deeper.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried. She needed lube. She needed an ice pack. Her poor asshole was being torn apart.

She pulled and pushed on the plug. She bit down on her lips as she fucked her ass.

“You can’t escape,” Voice whispered. “I control your mind. I control your life. Surrender to me and I will grant you ever lasting power.”

“Fuck you,” Vaquel said. She fucked her ass faster. It hurt. It was brutal. It was more than she could take.

It also made her wet. She was soaking the sheet beneath her. She used her other hand to reach under herself. Her fingers found her pussy and stroked.

“I can give you more pleasure than you can imagine,” Voice said.

“My Queen gives me all I need,” Vaquel moaned.

In the heat of her arousal, she could almost believe it. She pictured the Queen’s cruel smile watching with satisfaction as Vaquel fucked her tight brown ass. She imagined the Queen’s dark curly hair touching the back of Vaquel’s thighs as she bent down for a closer look. She could almost feel the Queen’s fingers stroking Vaquel’s sex as a reward for carrying the butt plug.

The door to the Navigation Pod swung upon. A terrible beast of red claws and shiny teeth snarled at Vaquel.

Vaquel kept fucking her ass and fingering her pussy. She didn’t stop for a moment as the horrible monster ripped into her with tooth and claw.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was in the Relaxation Pod. The light was on. A blanket had been pulled over her. She had underwear on.

“Mistress!” Chairbot cried. “You are awake!”

Vaquel sat up. A feeling of nausea came over her. She reached between her thighs. She was soaking wet.

Her ass was empty.

“What happened?” Vaquel asked. Her throat was dry.

“You have been asleep for thirty-nine hours!” Chairbot said. “Vital signs were fluctuating. I tried to install a nutritional feed but I couldn’t overcome my lack of hands!”

Vaquel tried to stand but fell back into the bed.

“Please let me carry you, Mistress,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel nodded and sat on Chairbot. The faithful robot cradled her weak body. “Where do you want to go, Mistress?”

She was weak. She was starving. She could really do with a shower. All of them were good choices but not the best choice.

“Take me to the Queen’s butt plug,” Vaquel said. “My ass needs to remember whom I serve.”

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  1. Wow. That was fucked up and hot and awful and wonderful!

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  2. That was a sexy mindfuck. And I don’t normally like mindfucks, but I really hope she doesn’t accept the Voice, even accidentally.

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