Nov 202015

This past Wednesday I missed a stop sign and then proceeded to not miss a person coming from the left. Our cars smashed into each other, I spun around, saw my airbag open in slow motion and then come to a stop. I got out and checked on the other driver who was okay but shaking. I held her hand as we figured out what to do.

A guy stopped by to help. He had both hands missing and had hooks. I was in a weird mental space. I saw his hook hands and thought, “I don’t remember a third driver.”

He was very helpful. He called 911 and calmed us down.

A lady drove by and yelled at me for my car being in the road. I tried to push my car off the road and found out that my left side of my chest hurt like fuck. I think I pulled a muscle in the crash.

Firemen came, looked at me and couldn’t find a bruise. Ambulance came and was waved off so none of us would have to pay money for it.

An Asian family came by and just sat and watched. They didn’t see anything or offer to help, they just wanted to watch.

Police came. Policewoman asked me if I had a record company. I asked her to repeat it three times before I realized she was saying wrecker company.

Police got my side of the story where I said I fucked up. They wrote me a citation and gave me a court date.

Went to the doctor for x-rays just in case and she said I was fine. Had no idea why my chest hurt but figured it was just pulled muscles. Two days later it is better but it takes an act of will to bend to the left much less sit down. Sneezing is painful as fuck.

Insurance is covering everything. As long as the other driver doesn’t develop any injuries, we shouldn’t have to pay anything. She was walking around fine when I last saw her but you never know.

Mostly I am embarrassed as fuck. I’ve been in accidents before but this was totally my fault. I was going up hill and the intersection was at the top of the hill. I saw the stop sign at the last second and by then I was in the intersection and something silver was hitting from the side. I am embarrassed that I psychologically might have screwed over the other driver, I am embarrassed that I killed my wife’s car and I am embarrassed that we had to dip into savings for a new car and who the fucks know how high our insurance will go.

I getting flashes of something silver coming from the right. I could do with less of those.

My confidence is pretty much the pits right now. I think I will suspend posting any stories for next week and resume in December. I just need some time to feel human again.

  6 Responses to “Car Accident”

  1. Well, that sucks but, like all things, it shall pass.

    I know after my various accidents, it took a while to get over it. The worst was when someone set my face on fire, that took a few years to not flinch near flames, but breaking my ankle has continually caused me to obsessively stare at the ground when I walk.

    Take your time, things will come back.

    And just remember to take a deep breath.

  2. Ow, that seems utterly awful. It will pass in everyday experience, although it may pop back in those ever so not great remembrances.

    I am very glad that everyone is ok.

  3. Well that was very unfortunate. But as they say Time is a great healer. Try keeping your spirits up and ignore the guilt feelings.

    I know that this is not the right time but I kind of like your stories. You do have good technique. You don’t write in a very vulgar manner. You keep inventing different scenarios. I sometimes read your blog and it never fails to entertain. Please do keep on the good work.

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