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monstermash“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the terror from another dimension who always keeps your attention! I have returned for another month of presenting sexy stories to you. Why? Because I care. And also reading the stories will damn your soul to my eternal control blah-blah-blah. Trust me, the fine details aren’t worth paying attention to.

With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Disconnect your internet now, and keep it off all month! It is your only chance to keep your soul!”

“Silly Burny, you act like souls are worth keeping. You are not truly living until you owe your soul to something dark and curvy.”

“Every night I pray that my soul will be released so I may slip into eternal oblivion.”

“Futile prayers do make the best lullabies. For those of you who wish to stay awake, I offer this invigorating story about the Halloween Slasher.”

“No! You can’t tell them that story! They may never go trick-or-treating again! At least not with underwear!”

“I shall and I will. Read on, mortals.”


It happened again. On the first of October, an ache grew in my balls. On the 8th, my hair grew darker and longer until it reached my shoulders. On the 14th, my fingernails were sharp enough to cut cardboard. On the 23rd, I no longer could come no matter how much I masturbated. On the 28th, I could see just fine in the pitch dark.

As the sun fell on 31st of October, my nails grew. It hurt like it did every year. It hurt as they grew one inch, two inches and then three.

I tried to scream but my lips had sealed over like they always do.

My fingernails stopped hurting at sundown. My cock throbbed with a terrible need. It was time.

I stepped into my back yard completely naked. The darkness embraced me and I moaned through sealed lips. All of my dread and fear slipped away.

The moon hung low as I jumped the fence and stalked through yards. No one saw me. No one ever sees me. Not until it is too late.

I found the children first. It always amazed me. Every year there were reports of the Halloween Slasher and ever year parents still took their kids trick or treating. It truly was a time for monsters.

They were safe from me. I lurked in the darkness as the children passed me by. Sometimes the throbbing in my cock hurt and I was tempted by their parents but no. I didn’t know why I was what I was but I had my own rules. No children would ever see me.

Adults were not so lucky.

A door opened and an adult woman came out. She walked to her car wearing a lingerie store’s version of a cop uniform. The shirt exposed pale white thighs. The blouse was open to reveal cleavage as deep as my hunger. The heels were too high to chase criminals or run from one. Long blonde hair spilled onto her shoulders and was caressed by the wind.

She never made it to the car. I cut through her yard on bare feet. I came up behind her as quiet as a stab. I smelled her perfume before she knew what was happening.

My claws flashed in moonlight.

SLASH! The back of her shirt opened to reveal a smooth back and a fairy tattoo on her shoulder.

She spun around. Her mouth opened in horror. Blue eyes widened in disbelief.

SLASH! My claws tore through the left side of her blouse. A plump breast fell out, untouched by sharp nails.

SLASH! The front of her skirt split open. Black lace panties peeked out.

SLASH! The other side of her blouse fell to the ground in sliced tatters. She brought her arms up to cover her bared breasts.

SLASH! A single rip opened her lace panties to expose the wet sex beneath.

The police woman let out a scream. She was not the one.

I ran past her. Her screams echoed into the night. The darkness took me back and I was gone.

My cock bounced between my legs. It hurt. I felt as if I was going to burst. I had to keep looking.

Children stood on the street corner, listening to the screams. I crossed the street and they never saw me.

A car passed. A hedge protected me from sweeping beam of headlights.

A man walked alone. He was dressed like a baseball player. I hesitated but the ache in my balls drove me.

I ran straight for him. He looked ahead but didn’t see me. The darkness covered me until it was too late.

The first thing he saw was my claws slashing towards him.

SLASH! His shirt ripped open to show a hairy chest.

SLASH! The front of his pants burst to reveal white boxers.

SLASH! The thick baseball glove fell in three separate pieces.

SLASH! The black boxers ripped open to reveal a long limp cock.

The man screamed and grabbed his crotch. A splash of piss fell to the ground. He was not the one.

I ran back into the darkness. His scream died and was replaced by angry cursing.

That street was unsafe. I ducked into yards, jumped fences and ran along a rooftop. I hopped down miles away from my last attack. Perhaps I would find the one here.

A woman sat on a chair in their lawn. A bucket of candy was beside her. She wore a brown dress with feathers. Red hair peeked out from under a Native American headdress.

I growled. Cultural appropriation was always wrong.

I stayed behind her. She looked left and I went to her right. She looked back to the right and I went left. I came close enough to see her dream catcher earrings.

SLASH! My claws went through the back legs of her chair and she fell backwards.

SLASH! Slits appeared in her dress to reveal small breasts.

SLASH! Bare hips were exposed to the moonlight.

SLASH! Dress fragments flew apart to show a shaved pussy.

She screamed. Her hands went to cover her sex. She was not the one.

SLASH! I shredded her headdress just because.

I ran from her front yard. She stopped screaming and ran to her house. I shook a feather from my thumb as I ran.

Joy flowed through me. My cock was painfully hard but the rest of my body was in bliss. It felt right to tear through clothes. My feet were meant to touch the grass and rough concrete. My sealed mouth kept me from howling my pleasure.

A police siren split the night. Ha, let them look for me! They had never found me yet and they wouldn’t tonight.

A woman walked down the street. Her dark skin blended with the night. The tight white dress she wore glowed under the street light. A black and white wig piled above her. Fake bandages covered her arm.

She was dressed as the Bride to a monster. It had to be a sign.

I ran to her from the street. The hard road bit my feet as I ran but I didn’t care. As I came closer, I saw the imaginary stitches she had drawn in her dark flesh.

SLASH! Sharp claws ripped through white fabric to reveal a curvy ass.

SLASH! The wrappings around her arm fell to the ground.

SLASH! A dark breast emerged from torn fabric.

SLASH! The dress opened to uncover a thick bush of black hair.

The woman stumbled back from my flashing claws. Her cheeks flushed pink. Her eyes stared at the pulsing hardness between her legs.

She moaned and I knew that she was the one.

I stood before her. My erection throbbed in front of her. I spread out my arms flexed my fingers. The claws sparkled in the dim light.

The Bride reached for me. The special ones always do. Her hand wrapped around my cock. My body trembled as she pulled herself up to a kneeling position.

My hand went to the back of her head. Five sharp nails pressed lightly against her skin.

Her mouth opened and she took me between her lips. My sealed lips groaned with pleasure.

I released her head and swiped downwards. SLASH! The back of her dress disintegrated beneath my claws.

The Bride sucked. She bounced her head off my crotch. Her lips were tight and her tongue was willing.

SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! I used both hands to shred the back of her dress. White wisps of cloth float to the ground.

She screamed with my cock in her mouth but she kept sucking.

I placed my hand on her dark back. My claws pressed ever so lightly against her flesh. She whimpered but her head also bounced faster on my cock.

My fingers dragged upwards. Sharp nails that could slice leather traced white grooves in her dark skin. The slightest pressure and I would draw blood.

She sucked so hard that she choked on my cock.

I pulled her off my cock. She looked up at me as I lifted a hand up to swipe at her. She trembled in my grasp but she didn’t try to cover herself.

SLASH! SLASH! The front of her dress was completely destroyed. Both of her dark luscious breasts were exposed to the brisk October air.

A second police siren joined the first. News of my return was spreading.

I pulled her mouth back to my cock. The Bride sucked twice as hard as before.

My hand reached down and grabbed a breast. Her plumpness felt good in my fingers. My nails dug into her flesh.

The Bride whimpered. The Bride moaned. The Bride reached between her legs and rubbed at her sex.

She truly was the one.

My fingers squeezed around her breast. Five razor sharp pricks contracted around her breast.

The Bride stroked herself faster.

My other hand went to her neck. I felt the pulsing of her throat. My thumb claw pressed against it with tender care.

She groaned. Her head stopped moving but her tongue didn’t. The Bride licked me with everything that she had.

Her eyes looked up at me. I looked down at her flushed face with my cock between her dark lips.

There was a third siren. Children fled the sidewalks. Porch lights turned off one by one.

They were too late. I came. That terrible ache turned into a year’s worth of pleasure. The glory of tonight’s hunt passed through my cock and unto her tongue.

The Bride groaned as my seed filled her mouth. Her tongue kept licking as my claws tightened against her soft breast. Her throat bulged and swallowed as my thumb claw pressed against it.

She shook as her body came as well.

A sweeping headlight beam illuminated us. Someone shouted.

I pulled out of the Bride and released her flesh. She fell back into the grass; still stroking herself.

A police woman, a real one this time, aimed her gun at me. Her skin yearned to be free of her clothes.

Not tonight. Maybe next year.

I turned and ran. She fired but missed. I returned to the night and the night welcomed me. She gave chase but I was already gone.

Back into the neighborhood I fled. I ran past locked doors and darkened windows. My claws slashed through chain link fences and hanging vines. I slipped past frightened adults unknowing lovers.

I made it home before the claws fell off. I showered and long black hair swirled down my drain. My mouth opened in time to brush my teeth. My cock was limp and sated as I climbed into bed.

It was another good night for the Halloween Slasher.


“Once again true lust between predator and prey is found.”

“I can only imagine what terrible trauma the victims endure! Although I do wonder about the one who submits willingly to the Slasher. Is she cursed as well? Does being used by such a supernatural force alter them forever?”

“I could whisper the answer to you but it will cost you another awful torment. Are you willing, Burny?”

“… Damn you, I am.”

“Then I shall tell you, Burny. As for the rest of you mortals, I will catch your souls later.”

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  1. Heh, this is a wonderfully playful story. I loved it, both the hunting, the desperate blow job, and everything else. Thank you.

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