Sep 162015

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at a moon orbiting a gas giant at the star system designated “Queen’s Forbidden Secret” by Royal Astronomers. The moon was once heavily populated as evidenced by the cities but once again I am detecting no life signs. There isn’t even a single germ alive on the planet.

Obviously this is due to the extra-dimensional being I call Voice. The sick entity likes to kill things as I have witnessed many times before. I almost flattered that it wants me to become a vessel for it to spread its hobby of mass murder to other worlds.

Oddly though, Voice has been quiet lately. It might be due to having moved away from the being’s influence but I doubt it. If it has the power to kill all life on this moon, talking to me shouldn’t be that hard. We’ll see if Voice gets chatty when I land on the moon and look around. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I rather not land on the dead moon at all. The sooner I get away from Voice the better. Unfortunately, the Royal Navy protocols insist I touch down and take a survey just in case Queen Erishella decides that whatever is there outweighs the danger the lives of Royal Navy crewmen.

Vaquel Di stood in the middle of the largest city on the moon. The glow of the blue gas giant above her turned her skintight yellow spacesuit into a deep shade of green. Short pink hair floated inside her glassteel helmet. Her dark brown skin looked sickly in the blue light.

Dead bodies surrounded the explorer. Naked blue corpses filled the streets. Shreds of clothes bounced in the low gravity.

“What killed you?” Vaquel said out loud. A light device was strapped to her wrist and she swept an illuminating beam back and forth. No answers came to light.

The bodies hadn’t decayed. Decomposition was tricky without carrion eaters or microbes. They looked like they had died yesterday. Their necks were bruised. If Vaquel had to guess, it looked like they all died from strangulation.

It was too much. Vaquel turned her light beam towards the buildings. Murals covered the walls and every mural depicted males and females stroking one another and themselves. Judging by the murals, this race was bisexual and therefore fully civilized.

They also really loved hand jobs. There were no murals of oral or copulation.

She had a theory about that. Looking at the murals, the males had cocks that turned five revolutions like a screw. Scans of the female corpses revealed that their vaginas were similarly shaped. The hip motions necessary to complete that connection must have been a science to itself. Hand jobs really probably a hell of a lot easier.

Vaquel smiled. A hand job would be nice right about now. When was the last time someone brought her to orgasm not with tongue or cock but by fingers?

She reached between her legs. Her fingers pressed against her flimsy spacesuit. Wet moist heat was one thin fabric away.

Vaquel let out a sigh and moved her hand away. She had a survey to complete.

The space explorer jumped and the light gravity let her hop nearly a block away. Scanners had detected an abundance of raymonite. The rare element was extremely useful in anti-gravity engines as well as constructing environment resistant clothing. The amount detected was astonishing and Vaquel was duty bound to at least verify its existence.

She slowly jumped through the city. The steady hops gave her plenty of time to observe the blue lit scenes of death. Patterns emerged although she wasn’t sure what to make of them.

Vehicles had been brought together to face huddled groups of the dead.

Candles had been left in the windows of every building she passed.

Some of the strangled corpses had some clothes on but all of them had their crotches exposed.

Every street light had been shattered.

“What game did you play here?” Vaquel asked the Voice. “What manipulation of the laws of reality killed these people? How did they entertain you?”

The Voice was silent.

Vaquel reached the location of the raymonite. It was a massive building with a large entrance. The signs were in an unknown language although Vaquel thought a more appropriate term would be to call it a dead language.

There were pictures though. Painted around the entrance were depictions of corridors, turns and twists. There were scenes of blue aliens walking and smiling.

Vaquel entered the building. There were more corpses. She hopped over them to go further in.

Yellow walls surrounded her. There was a metallic sheen to the wall that was familiar. She touched a wall and felt warmth through her spacesuit gloves. It was raymonite. They had coated the walls in it.

She floated towards a junction and turned right. It curved to the left. Another corpse lay on the ground. The walls were smooth except for a smashed electric light. The path continued and another way branched to the right.

Vaquel smiled. It was a maze. If the maze took up the entire space of the building she had seen outside, then this maze might be the largest she had ever seen. It was astonishing. When you factor in the amount of raymonite involved, it was downright exhilarating.

Who knows? Some poor royal Navy Captain might be charged with coming here after all.

She kept going. Slow controlled jumps let her fall into a lazy rhythm. For the last few months, Vaquel had been buried within the presence of Voice. It was nice to be immersed in something simple like a maze. If she got lost she could always use her scanner to find the way out.

It was completely dark except for her wrist beam. The yellow walls sparkled like the sun when her beam swept over it. Deeper and deeper she went.

As Vaquel stood at a five way intersection, something touched her ass. She spun around and drew her plasma pistol. There was nothing there.

Had she imagined it? No, the memory was fresh. Something had dragged its fingers across the curve of her buttock down to between her crack and back over the other buttock. She wouldn’t have imagined that.

Perhaps it was time to leave. Vaquel turned around and went back the way she came.

A turn, a curve and a straight walk later, something touched her armpit. Vaquel giggled at the tickling touch before swinging her elbow around. She connected with empty air.

Vaquel spun around with her wrist beam. Except for a single prone corpse, there was nothing but shadows and yellow walls.

Some mysteries were better left unsolved. Vaquel continued on her way back. She walked briskly down a curving path and took the second turn.

Something moved up ahead. She only got a brief glance at a dark figure before it ducked down an intersection. Her thumb activated the warming sequence for her plasma pistol.

Vaquel thought about chasing the figure but decided against it. Chasing things in a maze was easily a bad idea. It was better to just leave, return to her ship, take off and file her report.

A flicking touch at the base of her spine made her giggle. She spun around and fired her pistol. A bright ball of plasma emerged and illuminated the corridor before obliterating a wall.

For one brief moment she saw the dark figure again. Despite the red glow of the plasma, she only saw a dark outline as the thing jumped to the side. It had too many arms.

Darkness returned and Vaquel aimed her wrist beam. Back and forth she swept her surroundings as her pistol recharged.

“Come out!” she yelled.

All she heard was the melting of the wall.

Vaquel made a quick decision and took off running. There was no Royal Navy bonus for space explorers killing enemies. She kicked off a wall and the low gravity sent her flying down the corridor. When she reached her next intersection and grabbed the corner and flung herself in a new direction.

Something tackled her in mid jump. She slammed against a wall and gasped. Her pistol hand was grabbed with a strength she couldn’t fight. The vice grip forced her hand to open in pain and her pistol floated away.

Vaquel’s other wrist thrown against the wall. The sound of her wrist beam breaking echoed down the maze.

Darkness surrounded her. A snarl came to Vaquel’s lips. She lashed out with a kick and punch. There was nothing but air.

Something fluttered against her stomach. A giggle was forced from her lips. There was more fluttering under both armpits. Something light danced behind her knee.

Vaquel started to laugh. She couldn’t help it. The thing was tickling her and the spacesuit was thin enough to feel every glancing touch.

She laughed as the tickling intensified. Years of combat training were forgotten as she flailed and rolled. No matter how much she struggled, the shifting touches kept tickling her.

It was impossible to think. All she could focus on was avoiding those fluttering touches. She writhed on the ground and tried to grab the tickling hands. They were always gone before she could reach them; tickling some other vulnerable part of her body.

Among the tickles were also sharp nicks. Tickle, tickle, snip, tickle, tickle. A brief graze of claw tore through her spacesuit before nimble fingers tickled helpless areas. As Vaquel rolled around, she felt more and more of her body exposed to the shadowy tickler.

Her glassteel helmet fell off. Vaquel barely noticed it as relentless fingers danced over her ribs. She breathed in the stale dead air that had a taste of raymonite.

Breathing became a problem. The damn hands wouldn’t stop. How many were there? Four? A dozen? More? They tickled and they tickled and Vaquel couldn’t stop laughing.

Suddenly the tickles stopped. Vaquel gasped for air. She was naked on the ground. Her body felt sensitive from head to toe. The tickling had stopped but she felt phantom flutters from fingers that weren’t there.

A hand reached between her thighs. It was a welcome change to feel something solid and steady after so many glancing touches. It pressed down hard on the soaked bush of her pussy. Vaquel was stunned by how wet she was.

Another hand grabbed her throat. The strong grip tightened around her throat. Vaquel grabbed the arm but it was like pushing a mountain.

The hand on her pussy moved. It stroked the outside of her sex. Vaquel’s hips lifted towards the hand instinctively.

One hand tightened and Vaquel gasped. Another hand stroked and Vaquel moaned.

Both hands released her. Vaquel barely had time to suck in air before the tickling returned. She lashed out with her arms and legs but the tickling touches were all over her.

She felt the tickles on her heavy breasts. Every inch was of her curves were sensitive to the touch. Her nipples were harder than diamonds.

She felt the tickles on her long legs. Up and down the tickling fingers toyed with her flesh. When the undersides of her feet were touched, she screamed with hysterical laughs.

She felt the tickles on her sweating back. Down her spine the marauding fingers tickled her at will. No matter how much she rolled on the ground, the fingers kept tickling.

The hands tickled her at that spot inside her hip. The fingers tickled her neck right under her hair. The tips of shadows tickled her between her toes. The unknown creature tickled her without mercy.

Vaquel screamed with laughter. She writhed in indignant rage. She howled for the thing to stop.

Once again the tickling stopped. Vaquel was shaking with exhaustion from being tickled so cruelly. She was almost grateful for the fingers back around her neck. She spread her legs for the hand upon her sex.

This time the fingers entered. Thick strong digits parted her sex lips and slipped inside. She cried out as she was fingerfucked on the floor.

Her cries turned into a choking gasp. The hand around her neck was too tight. She couldn’t breathe. Her lungs, already burning with laughter, was now aching for air.

“Come,” the Voice said.

Vaquel couldn’t speak her answer. Even if she wasn’t being choked there was no way she could talk while being this vigorously fucked.

“This is going to kill me,” Vaquel thought.

“Come and die,” the Voice answered.

The fingers fucked her harder. Vaquel’s sensitive body arched as orgasm was moments away.

“You wanted me to take you other worlds,” Vaquel thought. “I can’t do that if I am dead.”

The fingers around her throat clamped down. Stars burst in front of her eyes.

“The Tickle Game would be worth it,” Voice thought.

She was going to come. She was going to die. Both were about to happen.

The hands released her. Vaquel gasped for air and moaned her frustration.

The tickling returned. It was more intense this time or perhaps Vaquel was too sensitive. The quivering touches forced her to laugh and to squirm but now it also evoked pain wherever she was touched.

Vaquel’s laughs turned to screams. She was exhausted but her body kept twisting under the tickling touches. She could barely breathe but her sex was wetter than it had been in months. She wanted to escape but she also didn’t want to leave before the strong hands returned to her sex.

Something bumped against her spastic hands. Her fingers closed around it and recognized her plasma pistol. She almost fired it but remembered how little good it did last time.

The tickling intensified. Vaquel clutched the plasma pistol to her sensitive breasts as the tickling fingers ravished her body. She couldn’t think of a plan but she knew she had to hold onto the pistol.

The tickling was too much. Her lungs were about to burst. Aches formed in her legs from kicking too much. Maybe it wasn’t strangulation that killed this race but simple exhaustion. Perhaps the only escape would be to fire the pistol on herself?

The tickling stopped. Vaquel sobbed with relief even as the hand returned to her throat. Other fingers entered her sex and Vaquel quivered with joy.

It fucked her hard. It was too rough and the fingers were too big but Vaquel’s body responded anyway. She fucked the fingers back with exhausted hips.

The fingers around her throat tightened. This was it. It would never let her go until she had died.

A plan came to mind. The simplicity of it shamed her.

She waited.

The thing finger fucked her to orgasm. A wave of bliss swept through her. Her toes curled as the thing’s hand tightened around her throat for the last time.

Vaquel’s thumb hit a switch on the plasma pistol. Light erupted from all over the pistol. For one brief moment she saw the horrible multiple armed winged thing that held her down and then it was gone.

She gasped and rolled over onto her side. Her body began to float in the low gravity. A choking spasm came over her and she let it happen. It was good to breathe once more.

The plasma pistol lit up the area around her. It contained super heated gases at all times so emitting some of the light it contained was a little used emergency function. In her panic and arousal, Vaquel had completely forgotten about it.

“I lived, asshole,” Vaquel said.

Voice was quiet. Perhaps he was sulking because he didn’t get to enjoy the Tickle Game. Maybe he was indifferent because he knew she could now be his vessel.

Vaquel floated in the hallway and stretched out her limbs. Her neck was tender. Beads of her sexual desire were forming spheres in the low gravity. Bruises from her struggles were already forming.

She held the glowing plasma pistol in front of her as she kicked off the wall. The darkness retreated in front of her as she floated down the hall.

Some of the shadows had arms.

Vaquel thought about the future Royal Navy soldiers who would come to loot the raymonite. They would carry over lapping light projectors. Their suits could be rigged with lights. The roof could be removed to allow the light from the nearby gas giant.

She thought about the shattered lights on the labyrinth walls. She remembered the extinguished candles and the dead vehicle lights outside. She wondered how safe the aliens who loved here felt until the darkness came for them.

Nothing tried to stop her as she exited the maze. Nothing waited for her outside. The blue light of the gas giant turned her dark brown skin a sickly shade of purple.

Vaquel’s nude body hopped towards her space ship. A piece of paper debris glanced the back of her leg. She spun around and fired her plasma pistol instinctively. The paper vanished into ashes.

The area of light around Vaquel was temporarily disrupted. A shadow under an archway stepped towards her. A shadow on the ground rose and reached for her leg. A shadow next to a corpse stood.

The light returned to full force. Vaquel held the pistol up in the air. The shadows sunk back into the darkness.

Vaquel touched her sex. She was still damp. Her lungs were sore as well as the rest of her body but she thought fondly on the strong strokes of the unseen fingers. Was there a way she could stay just a little longer?

She touched her neck. The bruises on her neck made her wince.

Vaquel kept touching her neck for the rest of her journey back to her ship.

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