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Darren awoke to the sound of moans. He was face down in his bed with his hard cock trapped beneath him. His hips ground into the bed in urgent reflex.

It was dark in his bedroom. The heat was bearable and he had kicked off the sheets at some point. He thought about opening his window further than the crack he had left it but that would involve getting out of bed.

He stayed where he was and thought about the dream he was having. It was about Mrs. Lee and she had come in to the shop to get her bra fixed. In his dream she insisted on staying until he mended her 34C bra with the double lace design. She leaned on the counter topless with her tanned breasts inches from his face.

At some point she began to masturbate. Darren remembered the moans she made and groaned. His hips ground into the bed again.

Wait, he heard her moan. A chill ran down his spine despite the heat. That wasn’t Mrs. Lee. Someone was moaning in the room.

Darren rolled over. His cock pushed upwards against his boxers. He felt terribly vulnerable.

Something blocked the lights of Atlantica from coming into his window. It was the outline of a woman. He knew it was a woman because of the shapely hips, slender thighs and the round curves of breasts pressed against the window.

The woman was still. Darren was frozen as well. He wondered if she could see him. Probably not because his light was off.

It was a window cleaner. The fee for the window cleaner was a part of his rent. He remembered hearing that they only worked at night. It had something to do with sun glare.

The moans had stopped. Maybe it wasn’t sexual but the moans of laborious work. Perhaps his cock had assigned a sexual meaning.

The window cleaner began to move again. Her hand was between her thighs. The roll of her hips couldn’t be anything but sexual.

The moans began again. There was no doubt that they were sexual.

Darren’s cock throbbed. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Not only was it happening but it was happening outside his very window.

His hand moved to his crotch.

The window cleaner stopped. Darren froze as well. They were both as still as a statue.

Nothing happened. Darren was too afraid to move. Perhaps she could see inside. Or maybe she heard him. Was that possible? Well, he could hear her so maybe it worked both ways.

The window cleaner started masturbating again. She stroked herself slowly and this time Darren could hear the wet sounds of her pussy.

His cock throbbed but Darren ignored it. He knew that if he moved, she would stop again and the next time, she might move on to someone else’s window.

He tried to get a better look at the woman. The glow of the Atlantica skyline provided poor illumination. All he could see was a negative outline of her body.

She pressed herself against his window. Her breasts flattened against the glass as she moved back and forth. His expertise told him that she was a 40F at least. He would have to hold them in his hands to be sure.

The window cleaner stroked faster. Her hips swayed back and forth as she lost herself in the moment.

Her moans grew louder. They grew so loud that he almost couldn’t hear the wet squishy sounds of her sex.

Darren’s cock throbbed painfully. He wanted to grip his cock and pump it. Desperately he considered how slowly he could move without disturbing her. He bargained with himself, promising that he would only need ten or less slow tight strokes to climax. Surely, he could stroke ten times with her noticing, right?

He didn’t really think so. His hand stayed by his side while his cock throbbed helplessly.

There was a gasp. The window cleaner’s body froze. A low shuddering moan come from the window. Finally her entire body shook.

She was done. The window cleaner stood up and smeared her hand on the glass. She reached for a lever and the platform she was on inched upwards. A minute later, she was gone from sight.

Darren climbed out of bed. He walked softly to the window for fear that she would somehow hear him. His cock pulsed urgently inside his boxers.

There on the glass was a wet streak. He wondered if he would be able to see it in the morning.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: The Window Cleaner”

  1. Very cool, I liked this. Nice and mysterious. Bloody mysterious, one might say.

  2. Hmm… we have a highly sexual couple, where the wife goes to ordinary places but then ends up in some kind of weird, fantastical sexual world, where she’s exposed and put through a lot of risks.

    And we have a bra-repairing guy, who’s shy, reserved, honest but not confident enough to take risks and therefore is suppressed and forever longing.

    Are the two new character series I’ve noticed you’ve began to write. Not sure where you’re taking them genre wise, but slightly intrigued, will go along the ride for now.
    I guess they’ll also be a incredibly talented scientist who continues his quest of educating the world and your readers with technological inventions and sexual intelligence? ;)

    • I find myself deep in a mood where I prefer my fiction to be as mysterious as possible. Felicia fixed a need for mysterious exploration. Once I wrote her a few times, things started clicking for an old idea I had years ago so I decided to revisit them.

      I find it neat that Felicia seeks out and enjoys sexual adventure while Darren is found by sexual adventure but is too afraid to take it. He might get some at some point but I bet it won’t be by his choosing.

      Poor Otto, I really should get back to him one day

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