Aug 172015

I have a hunch that there are more Choose-Your-Own-Erotica parody books than there are serious Choose-Your-Own-Erotica books. I think this is because the original CYOA children’s books we grew up on were so hilariously unfair. For a series aimed at kids, there sure were a lot of deaths in those books. In fact, I have an easier time remembering the horrible ways I died then I do the happy endings. Comedy is a natural reaction to those merciless books. As readers we share a common bond of post-choice-stress-disorder.

I recently came across two comedy erotica CYOA ebooks that I think are worth your time.

51DBwdJSHiL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_The first is Sextrap Dungeon: Book One by Kurt Knox. The ‘story’ is that you are a guy trying to get laid. The narrator sounds like a dudebro from Jersey who’s vocabulary comes exclusively from Maxim magazine. He berates you constantly to man up and get some action. He also tells you that you are Level One and that you have to get laid to advance in levels. The overall effect is feeling like you are being run in a personal tabletop role-playing game by your most assholish cousin.

Now I admit that this sounds like a nightmare and something no sensible person would enjoy but you are wrong.  This is written by a very self-aware person who lulls you into a sense of alpha male jerk behavior and then ruthlessly murders you for acting like an alpha male jerk. Trust me, any time you act remotely like a man who treats women as objects to be conquered and captured like trophies, the book calls you out on it and reams you hilariously for it.

It is an interesting balancing act. It is a parody of CYOA books with the frequent deaths but it is also a parody of pick up artist culture and a brutal condemnation of it.

The question becomes though, is it erotic? Not really. A lot of the sex scenes are short to the point of “you fucked her.” I am sure this is deliberate as the writer is much more interested in parody than arousal.  You are not meant to find it erotic as the objective of the book is to show you how misogynistic pick up sex is.

61oAr3EchEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The other book I want to bring to your attention is Sex Dungeons of the Rich and Famous by Aurora Sparks. This book is about being a woman who’s best friend gets a password to a secret sex club frequented by the rich and powerful. You are crashing the club to see what fun you can find and also to keep your friend out of trouble.

This book tackles the genre of billionaire dominants with a razor wit. The billionaires are far more realistic here than they are in most erotica in that they are old, unattractive, arrogant assholes. You have the option of playing along with the kinky sex games but there is more fun to be had by not playing the role of an overwhelmed ingenue. This book delights in mocking its genre.

It also isn’t afraid to get completely weird. You may encounter mad scientists and demons along with selfish rich bastards. It flirts with other erotic genres and skewers them with the same relish. You will also die quite a few times as no CYOA parody can resist killing their readers.

Unlike Sextrap Dungeons, Sex Dungeons of the Rich and Famous is often erotic. Sex scenes are given serious attention even if the plot is ludicrous. It is not an easy thing to do to combine sexy stuff with silly stuff but this writer does it well.



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