Jul 222015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nineteen, maybe twenty of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Bust” by Royal Astronomers. It is hard to tell because the chronometers are offline. So are the engines, life support and every damn thing else. Honestly I should be dead but somehow I am still alive. Why the log function is still working is a fucking mystery.

Chairbot is offline and I am ashamed to admit that I miss him. I miss his sycophantic worship of my ass and I miss his multiple vibrators. His absence has reminded me of how alone I am out here in space.

The star is in visual range and I got to tell you, Royal Astronomers have a pretty loose definition for what counts as a star. This thing doesn’t look like any star I have seen. It’s ugly and it is giving off light, but it’s a brown light. The thing looks more like a gas giant. Actually, more like an asshole.

I should also report that I am hearing whispers constantly now. They keep telling me to come. I’m not sure if they want me to come closer or to get off. I’ve gotten myself off but the voice keeps whispering. Maybe it is just greedy. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I should probably tell the Royal Navy about my encounter with my future selves a few days ago. I’m not sure what to tell them. One was scarred and fucked up that warned me that something called the Eye will make me an offer I have to refuse, while my other future self was some sort of weird altered version of myself that had said yes and was really happy about the choice. At this point I am leaning towards being happy.

Vaquel Di stood in the navigation bay of the probe ship. Weak sickly light came through the viewport and illuminated the skin tight green spacesuit she was wearing. Her short pink hair was dulled to a dim red in the odd light. The tightness of the suit clung to her heavy breasts and round ass.

Even though she was breathing with zero life support, she was too cautious to take off her spacesuit and helmet. She expected to be exposed to the cold vacuum of space at any moment.

She was standing because even the fucking navigation chair had broken. The base had snapped and the seat was in a permanent slope.

Vaquel looked out the view port at the brown ‘star’. It was hard to tell without instruments but the ship seemed locked in a course straight for the star. Attempts to steer the ship had failed yet the ship made course corrections on its own.

“Come,” someone whispered.

Vaquel ignored it.

“Come,” it whispered again.

Vaquel’s hand went between her thighs. She pressed down with her fingers over her sex. The thin suit felt slippery against her wet sex.

“Come,” the voice whispered.

Vaquel rubbed herself harder. “You want me to come?” she whispered back.

“Come!” the voice insisted.

Vaquel paused in mid stroke. “Make me,” she said.

A wave of pleasure swept over her. Shivers ran down her spine and to her sex. She felt her nipples harden in an instant. Her ass clenched tightly. Instinct caused her to widen her thighs and she fell to her knees.

“What are you?” Vaquel said. “Tell me!”

“Come!” the voice demanded.

Vaquel put both of her hands flat on the ground. Her sex clenched tighter with desire. She bit her tongue as another wave of pleasure swept over her. A mad desire to touch herself filled every inch of her body.

“No!” Vaquel yelled. “Not another damn stroke until you tell me what you are!”

The pleasure stopped. The voice laughed. The cruelty in the voice drove away any feeling of lust Vaquel had and replaced it with fear.

“I am EVERYTHING!” the voice said. “I am ALL in my universe. I am the Beginning and I was the End! A billion, billion, billions souls were mine to play with and use but they are gone and now there is only ME!”

“I got news for you,” Vaquel said. “There is still a lot of living creatures in the galaxy.”

“Your galaxy,” the voice said. “Not mine. I played with them all.”

“What happened to them?” Vaquel asked.

“This,” the voice said.

Vaquel found herself kneeling on desert world. Sand blew against her glassteel helmet. Twin suns burned overhead.

In front of Vaquel was a party. As far as the eye could see, red alien bodies fucked and danced. Wooden statues burned and within those statues were more fucking bodies.

The party speed up. It was as if Vaquel was watching a recording played faster. Bodies fucked. Bodies danced. Bodies built statues and burned them. Bodies burned.

A moment later, corpses covered the ground. A moment after that, sand covered them.

“That was the Burning Game,” the voice said. “I like that one.”

Vaquel was in the sky. Great cities floated around her, sharing space with clouds. Powerful engines of a design Vaquel didn’t recognize kept them afloat.

“This is the Falling Game,” the voice said.

One of the engines ceased working. An entire city screamed. The city tipped and fell. It pierced the skies as it began its long descent.

As the city fell by Vaquel, she saw the inhabitants. They were odd winged creatures with violet feathers. Instead of flying to safety, they were humping each other.

They were still humping as they smashed into the ground.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore.

“This is the Eating Game,” the voice said.

The world changed. Vaquel was underground. Complex tunnels stretched around her. Segmented aliens with crushing teeth swarmed around her.

These aliens were fucking too. Strange phalluses entered stranger vaginas. The tunnels were hot with the heat of sex.

Vaquel watched as one alien climaxed and then had its head eaten by its lover. Blood exploded and covered the other aliens. The fucking continued but now they were eating as well. They fucked as they ate each other.

“ENOUGH!” Vaquel shouted and she was back on her ship. “Fuck! That is some messed up shit! You caused all of that? What are you?”

“I AM,” the voice said.

“And you ran out of toys? Are you telling me you killed everyone where you are from?”

“They were toys and I played with them,” the voice said. “But one day there was no more toys.”

“That’s what you get for breaking them, asshole,” Vaquel said. “That is the first rule of owning slaves: if you want to fuck them tomorrow, you have to not kill them today.”

“I was alone when the last toy died,” the voice continued. “I tried making my own toys but it never worked. After many long ages, I found a weakness in the structure of reality. I found a place where I could push and when I pushed through, I found your reality.”

“Oh,” Vaquel said.

“Here is where I first pushed through,” the voice said. “I changed this useless ball of flames into something I could reach through.”

Vaquel looked at the ugly brown sphere in space. A shiver ran down her spine. Such immense power wielded by such a cruel being.

She was also very turned on.

“Your universe is not my universe,” the voice said. “I have to push through awful matter and foreign space. I have to exert myself for far too long just to reach the nearest star systems. It is worth it. Once I can reach far enough, I can play with other toys.”

Vaquel thought of the last world she was on. The entire population of insect creatures had fucked themselves to death. A mountain of corpses was all that remained.

“Yes, the Queen game,” the voice said. “Before that, you saw the Crystal game.”

Vaquel shuddered as she thought of the previous world. There were giant crystals that felt awesome on her body until they turned into rampaging tentacles. She had barely escaped with her life.

“What game are you going to play with me?” Vaquel said.

The voice laughed.

Vaquel thought about her weapons. Nothing worked any more. She doubted the plasma grenades, lasers or sonic tools would even work. Besides, how does one kill something from another universe?

“I have a new game for you,” the voice said. “A very important game. I am going to let you leave and go to new toys. You will seek out toys for me to play with. Every world you touch shall become a new game for me to play.”

“That sounds like you need me alive,” Vaquel said.

“Oh very alive,” the voice said. “I don’t want to wait any more to reach new toys with just the force of my thought. You will bring me to those toys far faster than I could travel.”

Vaquel started to relax. It was better to be a transporter of doom than a doomed person herself. “How am I going to bring you there?”

The ship around her rumbled. Metal twisted and shaped itself before her eyes. Hard metal hands rose from the floor and grabbed her ankles. Cables detached from the ceiling and wrapped around her arms. She was lifted into the air with her arms and legs pulled into a star formation.

“You’re going to carry a piece of me inside me,” the voice said. “We are going to play the Fucking game.”

Euphoria crashed into Vaquel. She cried out as every erogenous zone in her body cried out at once. She soaked her spacesuit from within with a flood of pussy juice. Her nipples felt like they could cut her spacesuit with their hardness.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out.

“Forget your Queen,” the voice said. “She merely rules worlds. I command a universe and you shall help me command a second. I am your GOD.”

The viewport glass exploded inwards. A thousand shards of allegedly unbreakable glass flew at her in a hurricane of shrapnel. She clenched her eyes shut as the deadly fragments came at her.

The shards ripped into her spacesuit. A million cuts shredded the thin material but miraculously none of them impaled her. They flew around her in a tight whirlwind of slicing glass.

Vaquel wasn’t completely unharmed. The sharp fragments nicked and stung her flesh. Thin slices of pain that didn’t break the skin crossed her heavy brown tits. Hundreds of stings that didn’t draw blood caressed her thighs. Shearing blades kissed her round buttocks.

The glassteel helmet cracked and exploded away from her face. A second into Vaquel’s scream, all of the swirling glass suddenly vanished.

The cracked viewport twisted in front of Vaquel. She knew that the vacuum of space should have killed her by now. Instead, she watched as the breach widened and pulled itself apart. A giant hole ripped into the front of her ship until she had a clear view of the vile brown intrusion that took the place of a star.

“No,” Vaquel corrected herself. “The hole didn’t open to let me see out. The voice wants to see in.”

The floor twisted. A protrusion of metal, electronics and cables rose before her like a snake. The tip glowed and the raw materials changed into a red crystal tip of considerable girth.

Vaquel knew where it was headed. The protrusion rose and snaked around her thigh. The tip rubbed against her pink pussy hair. It wiggled against the lips of her pussy and pushed inside her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. Her sensitive body was primed for this. The red crystal penetrated her sex and she felt like a missing piece of herself had finally come home.

“Come,” the voice demanded.

That wouldn’t be hard. Every centimeter of Vaquel’s body was tingling with desire. The crystal phallus slid in and out of her sex. It grew thicker with each thrust. It expanded inside her and filled her completely.

Vaquel pulled on her restraints. She wasn’t trying to escape; she just wanted to fuck the red crystal. She wanted to grab it and ram it deep inside her.

The brown mass shifted in space. Something was moving across the ugly dark sphere.

“Come,” the voice demanded.

Vaquel was surprised that she hadn’t. She was certainly wet enough. Her nipples were so hard that they ached. She felt her ass clench with every thrust. Lesser cocks had gotten her off and this crystal was perfect.

More protrusions formed out of the pieces of the ship. The pads of her navigation chair split apart and pressed against her breasts. A piece of the fuselage curved and rubbed against the crack of her brown ass. Small cables detached from the ceiling and massaged her scalp.

“Come and accept a piece of me,” the voice said.

Vaquel understood. The voice controlled this section of space but it couldn’t control her. Oh, it could control her body but not her mind. It needed her acceptance. The act of coming had to be her choice.

She laughed. Denying herself orgasms had never been a part of her personality profile.

But still, Vaquel thought about what she would become. The future version of her that had accepted was greatly different from her. She had scales, gems for eyes and a way of speaking that was unnatural. Accepting a piece of the voice would change who she was on a fundamental level.

A tube snaked down from the ceiling. Vaquel watched the metal melt and form the shape of a thick cock. It plunged towards her mouth and she opened her lips just in time. It pushed into her mouth and fucked her.

She was being fucked at both ends now. The one in her pussy was hard, thick and felt so damn good. The one in her mouth tasted of metal but she couldn’t help sucking on it.

“Come,” the voice said.

Vaquel thought about the other future self; the one that hadn’t accepted. She was missing an arm and an eye. Her face was scarred. She looked tired and worn. That Vaquel was herself but she had been through so much and still had so much further to go. Was that future any more desirable?

Something wiggled against her anus. The warm feel of alien crystal pushed against the tiny ring of her ass. Vaquel knew it was another protrusion and she welcomed it as it invaded her ass.

She was being fucked at three ends now. The restraints pulled on her arms and legs as her holes were taken. She was filled completely. Her pussy was wet, her ass was tight and her mouth was sucking.

“Come,” the voice said. “Come and play the Herald game.”

Vaquel saw herself on another world. She watched as a mass of alien bodies worshipped her. They masturbated to her glory and she accepted their obedience. They began to kill each other with their bare hands and she accepted this as well.

The world shifted and she was somewhere else. Here aquatic creatures threw themselves onto dry shores. They humped the ground as they suffocated in the dry air. They did this at her feet and she looked down on their self destruction and it felt good.

“World after world will be ours,” the voice said. “You will bring me to new toys and together we will play. You will no longer be a mere explorer and recorder of treasures for a Queen you may never meet again. Instead you will be a Goddess bringing sex and death to toys that are ours to consume.”

The three protrusions fucked Vaquel harder. She was on the edge of climax. She felt like a star about to go supernova. Her pussy was trembling with delayed bliss.

Maimed weary explorer or fabulous destroyer ofworlds? It seemed like an easy choice. All she had to do was accept the pleasure her body was craving.

The brown mass shifted again. Vaquel watched as she was face, ass and pussy fucked. The brown pulled away from the center to reveal something.

It wasn’t a star. It was an eye. It was a giant massive eye of alien design. It was pink with sharp angles around the iris.

Vaquel screamed. The protrusion in her mouth muffled her cry but she kept screaming. The eye was too large. It was literally astronomical. Her brain could barely comprehend the size of it.

More disturbing was what Vaquel saw in the eye. It was alien but there was no mistaking the malevolence in that cosmic gaze. It stared at her with hatred, lust and cruelty. It was the eye of a monstrous god.

“Come,” the voice said. No, the Eye said.

Vaquel shook her head. There was no fucking way she was letting that thing inside her. The one-armed, one-eyed future self was right. Better to be fucked up than to let that fucked up thing live inside her.

“Come,” the Eye repeated.

The ship continued to twist around her. The protrusion in her sex vibrated. The phallus in her mouth tasted like chocolate. The probe in her ass reached deeper and stimulated depths no one else had ever reached.

“No,” she said with a chocolate phallus in her mouth.

The Eye glared at her. She felt it’s rage from a billion miles away.

“Come,” the Eye commanded.

Vaquel shook her head as she protrusions fucked her silly.

“COME!” the Eye screamed inside her mind.

“Make me,” Vaquel said.

The protrusions pulled out of her. The ship let go of her. Vaquel fell to the floor. The rough landing was annoying but it was nothing compared to the sudden emptiness of the lack of penetration.

“What now?” Vaquel said. “Going to kill me?”

“No,” the Eye said. “You will change your mind. You are still within my reach. You will visit other games of mine. You will want to play.”

Vaquel snorted. “Awfully sure of yourself,” she said.

“I am sure of you,” the Eye said.

The ship began to mend. The breach sealed and the glass fragments flew back into place to form the viewport. The floor twisted and melted back into shape. In not time at all, her ship was back to normal.

Vaquel however, didn’t feel normal at all.

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  1. Oh! Sexy plotty goodness!

  2. You cunning, cunning writer you! I see where this has all been going :)

    xx Dee

    • It is nice to finally explain a few things after 7 months of keeping it to myself :)

  3. Holy S$^^&T
    Sensory overload.
    Brain not computing.


    So you’re finally revealing the big bad in this series huh. I was waiting for it to say ‘I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse’, but it didn’t come. (she’d have said no, I guess) but it’s gonna play with her until it can get her.

    Suddenly the scale of the story has widened so much, it feels like the glass floor has dropped beneath my feet.

    I’ve been backtracking through 6 months of archives, so you may have already written another part to this by now but just putting in my two pence (couldn’t comment in the older posts) and saying ‘hi’ ^^

    • Last year I had a theme of Vaquel encountering species that were neighbors. I thought it might be fun to explore a balance of power between diverse races. It also gave an over all theme to a year’s worth of stories which I enjoyed.

      This year I wanted to play with a dead world or two where the race was gone before Vaquel got there. I got to wondering why they were dead and came up with Voice. An all powerful yet spatially limited being gave me fodder for the year.

      I am not sure what next year will look like. I doubt I will have another Big Bad again as I kind of like episodes. We’ll see.

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