Jun 012015

Secret Project is almost done. It is a male sub story which is something I don’t write that often. Back when I wrote for Usenet, it was a conscious choice not to write male submissive stories because it was so easy to get classified and then confined as a writer. It was hard enough getting people to read me when I wrote silly stories AND serious romance stories. Eventually I stopped caring and wrote whatever I liked but some habits linger.

It is interesting to me that I rarely write male sub stories because when I was younger, almost all of my fantasies were of being dominated. It was due to the high shame factor my parents attached to sex. It was comforting to fantasize about the hot bookstore clerk punishing me with sex for shoplifting as opposed to fantasies where I am choosing to do something that will send me to Hell. Also as a young person I had no idea what sex was so I liked the idea of an older more experienced partner initiating me into sex.  Shit, with my hostile parents, I probably just liked the idea of anyone taking an interest in me.

These days I write male submissive stories because I want to play with non-consensual themes and I find it easier to do that with a male character than a female. I know some women enjoy non-consensual fantasies but man, with all the examples of rape culture around us I have a hard time contributing to it. It is easier for me to use a male character who often not-so-secretly craves it than it is for me to have a female character in the same position. I am familiar with all the arguments about why I should/can do either, but when it comes to writing I go with what makes me comfortable.


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