Jun 242015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day ten of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Bust” by royal Astronomers. Ship malfunctions have increased to a fatal rate. The atmosphere recycler has completely shut down as well as the hull integrity field. Vital systems have broken down at a rate too fast for me to repair. By my calculations, I expect total system failure in an hour.

Nice job, Royal Navy. You sent me out in death trap. Put that on your fucking recruitment posters! Make sure you tell all your space explorer cadets how they won’t make it through their twenty year mission because you incompetent fucks will send them out in a ship that won’t last five years!

FUCK ALL OF YOU! I hope some space anomaly resurrects my corpse and I come back to destroy you all! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It must be the impending doom but I have had the weirdest sense of déjà vu all day long.

Vaquel Di floated inside her ship. The artificial gravity kicked out hours ago. The emergency lights were running and there was only the barest level of illumination.

She was naked. Large brown breasts floated and got in her way. Her short pink hair formed a halo around her. Long brown legs swam in the open air.

With the ship about to fall apart Vaquel should have been in her spacesuit but she was passed caring. This was ridiculous. She couldn’t believe that her journey was coming to an end because of hardware failure. It was so unfair that her only response was to simply quit trying. She would die out here and hope the force of her hatred would strike down those responsible.

Vaquel drifted near Chairbot. The purple robot was offline. She wasn’t sure why. The robot’s internal technology was beyond her and she wouldn’t know where to start.

Still, it was weird that he broke down too.

Vaquel drifted near Chairbot. The robot chair was offline. She wasn’t sure-

Vaquel shook her head. There it was again. That weird déjà vu had been bothering her all day. Maybe the air was so toxic that she was hallucinating.

“Who turned out the lights?” someone yelled from the back of the ship.

Vaquel turned around. The voice was familiar.

A brown woman floated down the corridor. Large brown breasts floated ahead of her. Short pink hair floated in a halo around her head. A black patch covered her left eye. Her right arm was made of purple metal.

Vaquel gasped. It was her. She knew those large tits anywhere!

The other Vaquel groaned. “I forgot about this. I’m back here. Fuck.”

Vaquel drifted towards her double. She saw lines on the woman’s face that didn’t match the face in the mirror. Scars accented the woman’s brown limbs. The purple arm was attached to a burned shoulder.

“You’re an older me,” Vaquel said.

“By about ten years,” the other Vaquel said.

“So I don’t die in this ship?” Vaquel said. “How the fuck do I survive with everything broken?”

“Reality is weak here,” the other Vaquel said. “Laws of science, rules of electronics and other shit don’t apply. The ship will stop working but it will keep traveling and it will keep you alive.”

“How?” Vaquel asked. For a moment she was distracted by the other Vaquel’s breast. Damn, they were big. She reached out and touched one of the other Vaquel’s tits. It was soft and plush in her hand.

“It’s because of the-FUCK!” Other Vaquel’s face contorted in sudden pain.

“What’s wrong?” Vaquel asked. She didn’t let go of Other Vaquel’s tit.

“I can’t say,” Other Vaquel said. “It told me to shut up. It wants to keep its secrets for now.”

“Who told you?” Vaquel said. “And how? Is it related to those two dead planets I found? Wait, I heard a voice on those planets. Is that what you are talking about?”

Other Vaquel shook her head. She reached for Vaquel’s sex and metal fingers brushed Vaquel’s pink pubic hair. “I can’t say no matter how close you might be. It is for you to discover and overcome, just like I did.”

A shiver went up Vaquel’s spine. Other Vaquel’s fingers were warm despite being made of metal. The fingertips grazed the outside of Vaquel’s’ lips.

“You need a break,” Other Vaquel said. “You’re exhausted from fixing things that are going to break no matter what you do. You need an orgasm to clear your mind so you can prepare for what is to come. I felt much better after this encounter.”

Vaquel gasped. Other Vaquel had pushed her fingers in. Vibrations radiated from the metal fingers. The vibrations were wonderful and very familiar.

“Wait, is this arm made of Chairbot’s chassis?” Vaquel asked.

“Chairbot!” Other Vaquel said. “I have been trying to remember his name all day. Yes, when I lost my arm he gladly sacrificed himself.”

Other Vaquel pulled Vaquel’s down to one of her breast. Vaquel opened her lips and sucked as much of the big brown breast into her mouth as she could. Her future self shuddered as Vaquel sucked on her breast just the way she liked it.

While Vaquel sucked, Other Vaquel continued to stroke her sex. They rotated slowly together in the zero gravity of the ship. Vaquel shook as the vibrating fingers fucked her. Long solid thrusts reamed her sex, just the way Vaquel liked it.

Vaquel closed her eyes and kept sucking. She did need this. Mentally and emotionally exhausted, not even the Queen’s anal plug was helping. What she needed was a fucking.

Questions roamed through Vaquel’s mind. The Royal Navy had explicit rules about what to do if she encountered people from the future. She was to gather as much information as possible for the Queen. Paradoxes would be dealt with on a case by case basis but tapping future knowledge for the Glory of the Queen was top priority.

It was just so hard to think of a good question when Vaquel was sucking on a large tit and her pussy was getting finger fucked. All Vaquel cared about was licking soft flesh and spreading her thighs wider.

Fortunately for Vaquel, Other Vaquel had a clearer mind. “I’ll tell you one thing, if you like having peripheral vision, never let an alien creature with acid blood come on your fucking face. And another thing, never visit a planet that has been set aside as a sanctuary for large reptilian meat eaters.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Vaquel said with a tit in her mouth.

A vibrating thumb pressed against Vaquel’s clitoris. Vaquel shook as her orgasm claimed her body. She jiggled from head to toe in the zero gravity.

Other Vaquel pulled Vaquel up and away from her tit. Lines of spit floated around her mouth. Other Vaquel pulled Vaquel’s mouth to hers and they kissed.

Identical tongues explored identical mouths. Equally passionate mouths took each other. Matching lips claimed each other.

They pressed together. Vaquel slipped her thigh between Other Vaquel’s. The older explorer’s thighs locked tightly around her. Vaquel slipped her fingers down and danced over Other Vaquel’s sex lips.

“Let’s do this,” Other Vaquel said.

The two grinded together. She was not surprised by how quickly they fell into a rhythm together. Other Vaquel humped Vaquel’s thigh while Vaquel played with Other Vaquel’s sex. Their bodies were in perfect sync with each other.

They continued kissing. Vaquel’s mouth would be dominant before surrendering to Other Vaquel. Their brown breasts jiggled against one another in the zero gravity.

“Come,” Vaquel commanded. She stroked faster.

“Make me come,” Other Vaquel commanded. She humped harder.

“Glory to the Queen!” Other Vaquel cried. Vaquel pulled back so she could watch her future self come. She had seen herself come many times in the mirror or on a recording screen but it was completely different to see it in person.

Queen’s tit!” a voice called out. “A time anomaly! I’m only a week out from Royal space!”

Other Vaquel and Vaquel disengaged in an instant. What they saw made both of them gasp.

It was another Vaquel but just as alien as the one that was fucking her. Short pink hair floated in a halo around bright energetic eyes and an open smile. She had a little bit of real food weight on her; making her hips, ass and breasts all the more luscious. Like them, she was floating naked but her body was shiny from a recent shower. Shiny spheres of water drifted around her body.

“Queen’s tit,” Other Vaquel and Vaquel said together.

“This is amazing,” Young Vaquel said. “If I am experiencing time anomalies so soon, then my explorations are going to be statistically significant! Wait here, I’m going to get some recording equipment. We need to interview both of you to satisfy the Royal Navy Temporal Prime Command.”

“Wow, I was much more obedient,” Vaquel said.

“Almost a perfect servant of the Royal Navy,” Other Vaquel said.

Young Vaquel smiled. “This is great! You two can tell me what you did wrong on my future voyages. I want to make sure I keep my body parts and don’t end up looking as old and tired as you two.”

“I kind of want to punch you in the face, even though you’re me,” Vaquel said.

“I felt the same way when I saw you had two eyes and two arms,” Other Vaquel said.

Young Vaquel’s beaming smile faltered a little. “Remember, you have to tell me what you have experienced. It is right in the Royal Navy Handbook.”

“That’s it,” Other Vaquel said. “You’re eating me out.”

Vaquel and Other Vaquel lunged for Young Vaquel. The younger version resisted with all of her recent training. Both of her older versions had more experience in zero gravity combat and both of them really resented her younger better body. Experience and resentment beat healthy enthusiasm easily.

Other Vaquel trapped Young Vaquel between her thighs. Vaquel grabbed the Young Vaquel’s waist and grabbed a handful of Young Vaquel’s pubic hair. She pulled harshly on the pink hair and she could hear Young Vaquel screaming into Other Vaquel’s sex.

Vaquel released Young Vaquel’s pubic hair and slapped her sex instead. Young Vaquel jumped but the screaming stopped. Other Vaquel grinded her sex against Young Vaquel’s trapped head.

Slowly Young Vaquel’s fighting stopped. Vaquel kept slapping her pussy and she could see and smell Young Vaquel’s pussy getting wetter.

Other Vaquel groaned. “I forgot how good I am at licking my own pussy.”

Vaquel felt there was a story there but she let it go. After months exhausting herself on a shitty ship, she was happy to be engaging in some recreational sadism. She kept slapped Young Vaquel’s furry pussy as the young explorer squirmed with pain and delight.

She slapped harder. Short sharp slaps rained on Young Vaquel’s pussy. The young explorer twisted and struggled but her hands never came down to protect herself. She was enjoying the suffering too much.

Vaquel had a sudden flash of memory. She recalled the feeling of powerful thighs around her head. The taste of pussy was smothering her but brief flashes of pain descended on her most sensitive area. Her pussy felt enflamed and also energized at the same time. It brought her to the edge of climax but never enough to get off.

The memory was vivid in Vaquel’s mind. She hesitated before her next slap and then slapped twice as hard. Young Vaquel screamed into Other Vaquel’s sex.

A moment later, Vaquel remembered that vicious slap on her own sex. She also remembered that it made her climax.

She shook her head. The idea of creating memories on the spot was a bit too abstract for her. She tried to remember what was going to happen next but couldn’t. Was it because it hadn’t happened yet? Then how did the older Vaquel remember things?

Vaquel felt her head spin. She was too exhausted for such complexities. Hell, even if she was well rested she wasn’t sure she could handle it.

Fuck it, she wasn’t going to think about it.

“My turn with her mouth,” Vaquel said.

“Deal,” Other Vaquel said. She released Young Vaquel from her thighs. Young Vaquel’s face was shiny with pussy juice.

Vaquel grabbed Young Vaquel but the nipple and cruelly pinched her. Young Vaquel squealed as Vaquel pulled her to her sex. The young explorer didn’t need any force as she dived into Vaquel’s sex with her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” Vaquel cried out. It was true; Vaquel was a good pussy eater! Her tongue was eager and willing. Nimble lips nibbled on Vaquel’s tender sex lips.

Other Vaquel pinned Young Vaquel’s legs together. Other Vaquel slapped Young Vaquel’s big round ass with her metal hand. The force of her impact made the ass shake.

Young Vaquel screamed into Vaquel’s sex. Vaquel shuddered as the younger explorer resumed licking. A moment later, Vaquel winced as she recalled that metal hand smacking into her ass.

Other Vaquel kept spanking. The blows to Young Vaquel’s ass were brutal. There was no mercy in the older woman’s swing.

Young Vaquel screamed and licked. She held onto Vaquel’s thigh and ass for dear life as her bottom was spanked. Her mouth licked faster and harder as if trying to stop the spanking through talented licking.

Vaquel held onto Young Vaquel’s head and just enjoyed herself. She loved watching herself spank a big round brown ass. She loved remembering the merciless spanking she took five years ago. Most of all she loved the feeling of her young tongue on her wet pussy.

“Faster, you little slut,” Vaquel said to her younger self. “You’re fresh from the Academy, eager to explore new worlds and make your fortune but first you have to explore my wet pussy. My ass is tired from planets you can’t even imagine yet. Give me the licking that I have earned you naïve little slut.”

Young Vaquel obeyed. Deeper and deeper she licked.

Vaquel quivered. Her tits jiggled wildly in the zero gravity. She felt her orgasm coming like a speeding comet.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She pinned Young Vaquel’s head to her pussy as she came.

“Brown flesh grinding hard. Pleasure is a flat circle. Three new heralds come.”

Vaquel looked across the ship. A new Vaquel was here but the sight of her made Vaquel’s skin crawl. She pushed Young Vaquel away from her sex and she noticed Other Vaquel had adopted a fighting stance.

The Strange Vaquel drifted towards them. She was naked but her skin was covered in something. Red scales glittered from splotches on her body. Her nipples were solid red encrustations of some sort. Long pink hair snaked in weird patterns around her head.

The eyes were the worse. They appeared to have been scooped out and replaced with large multifaceted rubies. They pulsed with an unholy energy.

“Oh shit, is this another future self?” Young Vaquel asked. “Are we going to be fucked like this further down the timeline?”

Vaquel shook her head. “Look at her face. She could be my age. I don’t understand.”

“She is your age, because is a possible you,” Other Vaquel said. “This is what happens if you join the-FUCK!”

Other Vaquel clutched her head. Tears ran down her eyes. “I don’t fucking care what you do!” she screamed at the voice in her head. “I’m warning myself! Don’t join the Eye! Refuse the offer!”

ZZAP! A bolt of red flashed from Strange Vaquel’s nipples to Other Vaquel. The older explorer was slammed into the wall of the ship with tremendous force.

“Are you insane?” Vaquel yelled. “You nearly killed our future!”

Strange Vaquel shook her head. “Time is not straight line. Time is a jiggling tit. Ever changing shape.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Vaquel said.

“Wait,” Young Vaquel said. “My Temporal Teacher had a theory about this.”

“The old guy with the weird beard?” Vaquel said. “I can’t remember his name much less his class.”

“I do,” Young Vaquel said. “He said there was a theory that time was constantly being rewritten by cosmic forces. In his theory, multiple timelines exists simultaneously until some unknown final outcome has been determined. Our older Vaquel is part of a timeline where she never became this weirdo. Both can exist until some crucial point in the time space continuum when the true timeline is determined.”

Vaquel struggled to wrap her head around it. She also experienced more déjà vu as the Strange Vaquel drifted closer. Memories entered her head and were instantly rewritten.

“So what you are say is that time is a jiggling tit,” Vaquel said. “It’s not solid, it’s malleable?”

“Metaphor solid. Choices have yet to be made. Fates peak like nipples.” Strange Vaquel said.

“My older self said I have to make a choice,” Vaquel said. “I take it something wants to change me. You accepted it; do you like what you are?”

Strange Vaquel reached out to Vaquel. She placed a pink scaled hand on Vaquel’s breast. Vaquel reached out and touched a hard crusted nipple. They looked eye-to-ruby.

“Answer her,” Young Vaquel said. “Do you like what you are?”

Strange Vaquel smiled and nodded her head yes.

Déjà vu swept over Vaquel. She saw herself watching Strange Vaquel smile. She saw herself looking out through ruby eyes at two unchanged Vaquels. She remembered nightmares of this moment and she remembered nightmares of knowing this moment was coming.

Vaquel clenched her eyes shut. Dizziness made her sick to her stomach. She let go of Strange Vaquel’s hard tit and curled into a ball. Her body clenched tightly until the overwhelming wave of déjà vu passed.

Eventually it did. Vaquel opened her eyes and looked around. She was alone. The other Vaquels were gone, if they were ever here at all.

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  1. Despite my hatred of time travel in general, this was a wonderful, plot-oriented story. Thank you, I loved it.

    • Thanks! That means a lot considering how much I hate badly done time travel stories.

  2. That’s a crazy story. Ok, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. I am so impressed, Shon! Each of the Vaquel’s was really individualised, and yet still Vaquel. And hot :)

    xx Dee

    • I found the key to writing Vaquel’s timeline was to always remember the selfishness :)

  4. Joining in the chorus of “wow,” which is about all my red-eye from SFO brain can manage. Also, jiggling tit sounds much better than wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

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