Jun 172015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked through the mall. It was the morning of a weekday and not many people were around. Her high heels echoed in all directions around her.

Bored mall employees turned to look at her. Felicia was wearing a white summer dress that clung to her dark Puerto Rican curves. Her pink bra was barely visible under her white dress but most people were too busy staring at the deep valley dark brown cleavage. She turned her head often as if she was looking at the different stores but really she was just finding an excuse to toss her long black curly hair from side to side.

Felicia was tempted to stop at the lingerie store and see if there was anything her husband might like. She was equally tempted by the shoe store as she wasn’t wearing panties and she often enjoyed flashing the very helpful store associates. A cute man at a massage kiosk pleaded with her to stop but she kept walking.

Nothing the mall could offer would be as good as what she might discover on her own.

She reached her destination. It used to be a toy store but now it was being remodeled for an electronics store. Flimsy partitions blocked the view of the construction from the rest of the mall. The sound of circle saws and hammering came from behind the walls.

Felicia smiled. The area behind the wall was somewhere new. There was no telling what would be there.

Years of practice told her what to do. She walked right to the side of the partition like she belonged there. With no hesitation and certainly no fear, Felecia stepped behind the false wall.

The sounds of hammers and saws vanished. In their place were the sounds of moaning and screams. The rumble of heavy machinery made the ground vibrate.

There was a track in front of Felicia. The tracks led off to a wall of curtains. On the track was a chair facing her.  The legs of the chair had straps for the feet of whomever would sit there. The chair had two handles on the arms of the chair to be gripped. A box was attached to the side of the chair.

A sign hung behind the chair. The figures were genderless and neutral like the people in pedestrian signs. A sequence of panels instructed a person to take off their clothes, put them in the box and then sit. The last panel instructed the person to grip the handles.

Felicia studied the chair. She wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen. The straps worried her but she wondered why the hands were left free. As much as she liked new things, she tried to be a little sensible.

A scream came from behind the curtains. It was a powerful scream of pleasure. Felecia’s sex clenched in response. Whoever was screaming was enjoying themselves.

She made a decision. Felicia stripped off her summer dress and put it in the box. Her heels went next followed by her bra. She almost took her wedding rings off but she left them on.

Naked, she sat down on the chair. The seat was soft and wide enough for her plump ass. She spread her legs to place her feet near the open straps. Did she need to strap them herself? If that was the case, wouldn’t the sign had said so?

Felicia grabbed the handles. They were simple rubber grips. Her fingers closed around them and they reminded her of cocks.

The straps wrapped around her ankles on their own. The edge of the seat near her sex retracted. It left her sex hanging over the edge of the seat. The chair tilted back suddenly. Something wrapped around her neck and tightened. The chair shook as it began to roll down the track.

Felicia let go of the handles. The chair stopped immediately. The straps around her ankles instantly released. Whatever held her throat pulled away. Her chair returned to an upright position and her seat returned to normal.

“Ahh,” Felicia said. So she was in control. Still, who knows what was behind the curtain. Maybe she should stop now.

There was another scream. It was much louder and lasted a full minute. Someone just came and they came hard.

Felicia gripped the handles. The straps went around her neck and ankles. The seat retracted as her chair leaned back. The chair rumbled down the track.

She went through the curtains. It was dark. Light peeked in through various cracks. It was dim but she could see shapes. The sound of machinery was deafening.

The chair stopped. A single light came on from above. Her body was illuminated.

Something pressed against her sex. She tried to look down but the strap held her neck. The thing was round and as big as a baseball. It pressed against the outside of her sex.

It vibrated. Felicia moaned. It was a weak vibration but just enough to make her sex clench. Her nipples hardened and her legs pulled against her straps.

She wanted to reach down and pull the object against her sex but she didn’t. If she let go of the handles, Felicia had no doubt that everything would stop. She needed to relax and just let it happen.

The object pressed harder against her sex. It rubbed up and down the lips of her pussy. The gentle vibrations teased and excited her lips.

Felicia grinded back. It was hard to move but she could be very determined when she was horny. The object was wide but the vibrations were too weak. All she did was just turn herself on more.

The object pulled away. The light above her turned off and the chair rolled down the track.

A light mist fell on Felicia. It was a warm spray. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It was water.

The chair stopped again. Another spotlight illuminated her body.

Something licked her sex. Felicia shuddered as a skilled tongue flicked across her pussy lips. Up and down the length of her pussy lips it licked.

It wasn’t a person. Felicia realized it was something mechanical. The tongue was too precise and the motion never changed. Up and down, up and down, up and down the tongue flicked and licked her sex.

Felicia squirmed on the chair. Mechanical or organic, she wanted that tongue inside her.  She wanted to reach down and pulled her pussy lips apart. She wanted to sit on whatever or whoever was licking her.

Someone screamed from down the track. Felicia felt a pang of jealousy. The scream sounded like sex. Surely it couldn’t all be teasing on this track, right?

The spotlight turned off. The unknown tongue moved away. The chair rumbled again into the darkness

Something grabbed her tit. It squeezed as her body rolled by in the chair.

Something pinched her nipple. It was over in an instant.

Something licked her other nipple. It happened so fast she wondered if she imagined it.

The chair stopped again. The spotlight came back on. Felicia moaned as she waited for the next thing to happen.

Something sprayed against her sex. It was water. It pulsed like her shower massager at home.

“Fuck,” Felicia moaned. This was good. The water pressure was strong and the pulses were perfect. She could come on this. She would come on this. There was no doubt.

The pressure grew stronger. Water splashed off her pussy and drops landed on her tilted body. Felicia came closer to coming.

The pulsing increased in speed. It was like getting finger fucked by water.

Felicia’s hips gyrated in her seat. She bit her lip and focused on her pleasure. She was so close.

The water stopped. The light turned off. The chair rolled into the darkness.

Felicia screamed. It was a scream of frustration and her orgasm denied. She gripped the handles tightly as the chair carried her.

Air blew onto her. Felicia shivered as powerful gusts of air blasted her. The air was strong enough to push her large tits around. A gust of wind blew onto her pussy and Felicia’s sensitized sex clenched.

The chair stopped. Felicia realized she was completely dry. The light came back on.

“Please, please, please,” Felicia moaned.

Something pressed against the lips of her sex. It pushed and then slid inside her. It entered her and stopped only when her entire sex was filled.

“Yes,” Felicia moaned.

The object began to move in and out at a steady pace.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Felicia moaned.

The object picked up speed. It fucked her like her husband after a long day of flirting.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Felicia shouted.

It went even faster. Lubricant sprayed onto her sex but she was already soaking wet. It was pounding her sex like her husband after a week’s separation.

“YES, YES, YES!” Felicia cried.

The power of the thrusts increased. The chair shook as her body took the fury of the thrusts. Her tits jiggled and her hair bounced. It fucked her. It rammed her like her husband had been watching her fuck other men.

“YES! YES! YES!” Felicia screamed.

Felicia held on as it fucked. Her knuckles turned white as she kept a grip on the handles. She took the fucking like the wet horny housewife that she was.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. Her orgasm was an explosion.

The object kept fucking. More lubricant sprayed onto her sex. The thrusts didn’t falter for a second.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. She writhed in her chair as the straps held her down.

The object picked up speed. She was pounded into the chair. Her body went limp as it took all that the object had to give her.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Felicia howled. Her third orgasm crashed over her. Darkness crowded around her vision.

The fucking suddenly stopped. The light went off. The chair began to move.

Felicia wondered why it stopped. Her pussy was tingling but she wanted more. She half sat up in the chair and then fell back into it.

That was when she realized that the straps were gone. The chair was back to an upright position. She had let go of the handles. It must have happened with the last orgasm.

Felicia gripped the handles again. She hoped she could resume whatever she had started. Her hands clenched with all her might.

The chair passed through a set of curtains. The light hurt Felicia’s eyes. She was back at the beginning.

She kept squeezing but the chair wouldn’t restart.

Felicia let out a sigh and climbed out of the chair. Her legs almost gave out. She steadied herself and touched her sex. It was sore. It hadn’t been fucked like that since the time she fucked her husband’s bowling team.

It was time to go. She took her clothes out of the box and put them back on. It took much longer to get dressed than it did to take them off.

When she was decent, Felicia walked out the side of the partition. The sounds of hammering and sawing resumed behind her. The comforting smells of the food court beckoned.

Felicia walked on unsteady feet towards an early lunch.

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  1. Heh, that was a lot of fun. I always imagined something naughty going on around a corner, and this fits that perfectly.

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