Jun 212015

The following are articles I found interesting or useful for my writing.

Shut up & Sit Down is a great blog for board games on a normal day but their account of one player’s experience in a poker tournament is riveting. I love researching gambling but never actually gamble because it is one giant system designed to deprive you of money. This gives a great outsider’s peek into the casino environment.

Week in Weird had a wonderful article about the demons who possessed every other nun in a convent in 17th century France. Okay, it was probably less a demonic invasion and more of a frame job to convict a heretic but hey, the alleged demonic activities are bizarre. Mostly it seemed to involve planking.

Have a pothole in your city that the government refuses to fix? Try drawing a giant penis around it. Hell, I bet if you did a vagina that they would do it twice as fast.

This week’s music is “We Don’t Die” by Tricky.

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