May 272015

Explorer’s Log: I have landed on the fourth planet of the star system designated “Queen’s Obedient Mouth Slave” by Royal Astronomers. My heat shield malfunctioned during entry and it was only through my lightning fast repairs that I was able to keep the ship intact. The only reason I was able to fix it so fast is because the heat shields had collapsed three times in the last forty hour hours.

Every part of the ship has broken down multiple times and the rate of system failure is increasing. I highly doubt I will be able to leave this planet. My twenty year mission is going to be cut short by Royal Navy engineer incompetence.

As for the planet I’ve landed on, no life signs have been detected however something once lived here. There are giant mounds that cover eighty percent of the planet. Kilometers of tunnels riddle the ground. There aren’t many signs of technology but crude dams and bridges had been constructed.

Scans show biological matter concentrated in a deep cavern within a large mountain. No life signs so it is might be a mass grave. I tried sending a micro probe but the damn thing fell apart within thirty seconds. I am going to investigate in person. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Two dead planets in a row. That sucks. After all the repairs I have been doing, I was really looking for someone to do some tongue maintenance on my pussy.

Vaquel Di made her way down the tunnel. She swept her wrist mounted light back and forth to illuminate the area. The tunnel was huge. It was four meters tall and equally wide.

It was a shame that it was empty. No one was there to appreciate the green skintight suit that Vaquel was wearing. The suit clung to her wide hips, thick thighs and large bust. A glassteel helmet encased Vaquel’s head and showed off her short pink hair and cute brown face. If anything was around with vaguely humanoid sexual desires, Vaquel would certainly be an object of affection.

The bioscanner on Vaquel’s other wrist kept beeping. It was detecting all sorts of biological remnants. Every intersection had a wealth of invisible traces of something.

“Scent markers,” Vaquel said out loud. There were no light fixtures but there were plenty of scents. Whatever carved these tunnels didn’t need to see but they needed to smell.

Vaquel wondered if they could have smelled her pussy. Could they tell how horny she was right now? She bet they could have.

“Mistress, are you okay?”

“Yes, Chairbot,” Vaquel replied on her communicator.

“Nothing has tried to kill you?” the robot asked.

“No,” Vaquel said.

“Want me to come down to you in case something tries?” Chairbot asked.

“Negative, now shut up,” Vaquel replied. It was nice having a sex robot that was literally programmed to worship her plump ass but sometimes he got a bit over protective.

There was something on the wall ahead. It was carvings. It was a vast mural depicting crops in a field. Something with six legs, four arms and nasty looking mouth pincers tended the field. It looked scary.

“I guess you guys could see after all,” Vaquel said. The creature looked large. It would explain why the tunnel was so big. Looking at the large claws it had, Vaquel was a little glad to know that it was most likely dead.

Most likely.

Vaquel pressed a few buttons on her bioscanner. It went into possible scent translation mode. If she could identify the scent markers, maybe she could learn more about the creatures.


That was odd. A sixty percent possibility that the scent markers were sexual in nature? In a room with a mural for growing crops?

Vaquel’s hand drifted down to her sex. Maybe the scanner was picking up her own musk. No, the space suit was airtight. There was no way for her pussy smell to come out of the suit.

“Well, I am pretty damn horny,” Vaquel said. It had been months since she met a living being to fuck. With every breaking down on the ship, she barely had time to masturbate. Vaquel was overdue for a quality fuck and maybe even the bioscanner could tell.

Vaquel kept exploring. She walked past vast chambers filled with rotting crops. Large tunnels opened into neglected reservoirs of water. One tunnel ran past geothermic springs that radiated heat through out the mountain.

But no creatures, living or dead. She saw plenty of murals. All of them were of the six legged clawed monsters doing various domestic chores but there no actual six legged clawed monsters to be found.


The bioscanner was next to useless. It kept detecting sexual trigger scents. That was unlikely. Vaquel’s training at the Royal Navy had made it pretty clear about scent oriented races. They only exuded sex musk at the moment of sex. According to the bioscanners, these six legged beats were fucking like mad all over the place. It seemed highly inefficient. Even Vaquel would take a break to eat once in awhile.

There were a lot of feeding markers. Maybe they ate and fucked.

Vaquel sighed in the dark tunnel. Eating and fucking sounded like her kind of people.

The tunnel widened. Vaquel tried to measure the new width but her light couldn’t reach the walls. The tunnel had transformed into a canyon.


Vaquel paused. This was the second dead planet in a row that she couldn’t find any bodies. The last one had these weird pink crystals that vibrated. They felt nice at first but the tentacles that burst out of the crystals were another matter. Was this the same phenomenon? Was she going to find a bunch of giant pink crystals?

She pulled a laser pistol from her belt. Anything so much as vibrate or slither at her, she was shooting it.

The canyon sloped downward. A shape loomed in front of her. It was black and absorbed Vaquel’s light. It was as large as a mountain and Vaquel wasn’t sure what it was doing down here.

As she got closer, Vaquel began to see cleared shapes within the mountain of black. The mountain turned into a pile of things. The pile of things turned into a pile of bodies. She had found the six legged beasts.


Vaquel checked the bioscanner. That didn’t make sense. A hundred and ten percent? That was what the screen was reading.

“Fuck, now the scanner is malfunctioning,” she said.

Something flashed above her. It was red. It flashed again.

Maybe someone was alive up there. Or if they weren’t something up there was doing something.

Vaquel looked at the pile of dead bodies. Did she really want to climb a mountain of the dead? She wasn’t squeamish but it seemed like a lot of work.

She sighed. It wasn’t like she had anything waiting for her back at the ship other than more repairs. Fuck, that was even if her ship took off. She might be living on this planet. It would be better to investigate it now rather than make the long walk back here from the surface.

The bodies were surprisingly easy to climb. Their carapaces were as hard as rocks. Also helping was the fact that so many bodies were piled on top of one another that the weight crushed the bodies into place. It was easy as walking uphill.

Vaquel looked for cause of death while she climbed. She didn’t see any. There were no wounds, no battered skulls or discoloration. She couldn’t see for any reason for why so many creatures died on top of one another.


As she continued to climb, Vaquel encountered a thin mist. It was blue in color and it stuck to her green suit. She wondered if this was a scent marker in a highly concentrated form. There certainly was enough bodies to account for the mist.

Was it sex marker or the death marker? Vaquel figured it was the death marker.

After an hour, Vaquel was only halfway to the top. Her thighs ached. She sat on the back of a corpse and took a break.

What if it was a sex marker? Many creatures ejaculated at the moment of death. Could these creatures have died and released one last urge to mate?

Vaquel’s hand went between her thighs. She imagined she could feel the heat from her sex. Sitting on a mountain of dead bodies, it seemed increasingly unlikely that she would get fucked on this mission.

She grinded her hand against her sex. A shiver went through her. Masturbating on the dead was new for her. She wasn’t sure if it was a low or a new perversion. Either way, it didn’t keep her from stroking.

One stroke, two, three, four, five and six. She climaxed on the sixth stroke. It was a quick burst of pleasure that ricocheted through her body and then was gone.

Vaquel sighed. Doing herself was never as good as real fucking.

Something above her flashed again. The red was much brighter now.

Vaquel got back up and kept climbing.

Another hour later and she reached the top. The dead creature at the top was different from the thousands she had climbed over. This one was five times the size of the other corpses. Spikes extended from every joint on its body. If the others looked threatening, this one was out right terrifying.

“You must be the Queen,” Vaquel said.

The dead Queen didn’t answer.

Something flashed in one the Queen’s four arms. It was a scepter decorated with red rubies. No, the entire scepter was a single red ruby carved into the shape of a scepter. It was glorious.

Vaquel had seen many treasures in her mission. She was allowed to loot what she wanted within the limits of her weight allowance. For the most part she only collected dildos, vibrators and food. She had little need for pretty things but she felt like she was about to make an exception.

She grabbed the handle of the scepter and the dead Queen’s fingers sprang open. The scepter was lighter than it looked. Vaquel held the scepter up to her face and peered into the large facets.

The scepter flashed red.

Queen Vaquel looked down on her many subjects. Millions of beautiful dark men and women looked up at her. Their hands were at their crotches, stroking and jacking themselves as they looked up at their gorgeous Queen.

“You have served me well,” Queen Vaquel said and it was true. Those who did not serve her well were long dead.

“We live to serve!” the millions of loyal subjects said.

“I have given you the gift of strong leadership!” Queen Vaquel said.

“Thank you, Queen!” the subjects yelled.

“I have given you the gift of cruel love!” Queen Vaquel cried.

“Thank you, Queen!” the subjects yelled.

“I have given you the gift of my caring wrath!” Queen Vaquel cried.

“Thank you, Queen!” the subjects yelled.

“And now it is time you repaid my many gifts with your mouth, cocks and pussies!”

“Thank you, Queen!” the subjects moaned.

Queen Vaquel sat down on her throne. The bodies that comprised her throne moaned with delight. Interlocking bodies planted kisses and soft caresses on Queen Vaquel’s naked body.

The first loyal subject approached. It was a man and his cock was hard with loyalty.

Queen Vaquel pointed her scepter at him. The man trembled with lust.

“You are acceptable,” queen Vaquel said and she spread her legs.

The man lunged forward. He aimed his cock for the pink fur of her royal bush. He slipped inside her and groaned.

Queen Vaquel purred. Her aching sex needed this. It had been too long since she had been fucked.

The scepter flashed red. No, it had not been too long. A dozen soldiers had fucked her this very morning. She remembered the feeling of their broad backs under her scratching fingers.

The loyal subject fucked the Queen. He fucked with an intensity that shook her plump dark breasts. He pounded her wet sex with his thick cock. His passion was furious as he rammed her tight royal sex.

Queen Vaquel laughed. This was power. How could she have ever served her old Queen, Erishella? This is what Vaquel was meant for. Vaquel was meant to be served.

“Glory to you!” the man cried and his cock erupted deep inside Vaquel. A flood of seed filled her sex. Her pussy clenched tightly as she drained every drop.

The man’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. His cock went limp and then his body collapsed onto her. Queen Vaquel pushed him away with her scepter and his corpse fell in front of her throne.

“Next!” Queen Vaquel demanded.

A woman approached. She stepped over the body of the dead man and knelt before her Queen. She stroked herself with both hands as she awaited orders.

Queen Vaquel grabbed the woman’s head and pulled it to her sex. The woman eagerly started licking. Her loyal tongue drank the man’s seed and the Queen’s pussy juices.


The Queen scowled. She recognized the sound. The bioscanner was malfunctioning. Wait, why would she have a bioscanner? Why did a Queen need a bioscanner?

The scepter flashed red. Queen Vaquel remembered. Long ago when she was a space explorer, she flew a ship that broke down. That was why she scheduled the execution of those engineers.

She saw the engineers now. They were to the right of her awaiting death. On their knees and groveling for mercy, they were a pleasing sight.

The woman between her legs licked faster. Queen Vaquel felt her orgasm approaching. Her fingers clenched tighter around the woman’s black hair. her thighs closed around the woman’s face in ecstasy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She came and it was wondrous. It was a climax worthy of a Queen.

The woman stopped licking. Queen Vaquel looked down in annoyance and stared into lifeless eyes. The woman had perished, perhaps from a lack of oxygen.

Queen Vaquel kicked her body away. It joined the other corpse.

“Next!” Queen Vaquel cried.

It was another man. This one was shorter but his cock was much thicker. Queen Vaquel leaned back on her moaning throne and spread her legs for him.

He was too big. The walls of her pussy struggled to take all of him in. he pushed deeper into her and Queen Vaquel decided that that she just couldn’t handle it.

“Take it,” a voice said.

Queen Vaquel took it. The man’s cock filled her completely. Her pussy quivered around the fleshy invasion.

Wait, what was that voice? Queen Vaquel had heard the voice before. It was somewhere bad.

The red scepter flashed. The man began to fuck her. He was thick but Vaquel could take it.

She would take it.

She will take it.

It didn’t take long for her to come again. The massive cock was amazing inside her. It was like being fucked by a King or a God.

“More than a God,” the voice said.

“Glory to me!” Queen Vaquel cried out. Her orgasm exploded like a grenade between her thighs. The red scepter pulsed with throbbing power.

The thick cock ejaculated. A surge of seed filled her sex and spilled out.

“Glory to you,” the man whispered before he pulled out of her. he stumbled backwards a step or two and then fell dead to the ground.

Queen Vaquel looked at his fallen body. There was more where he came from.

“Next!” queen Vaquel cried.

It was another woman. She was dark like Vaquel but her breasts were slender and small. No matter. Queen Vaquel parted her thighs and pulled the woman’s face to her sex.

The woman licked and Queen Vaquel moaned. After the thick cock, a nimble tongue was a welcome change. She deserved to be eaten. She deserved to have her pussy devoured. She deserved endless pleasure.

Queen Vaquel looked at the dead bodies behind the licking woman. She then looked out the millions of followers waiting to fuck and eat her. One by one she would have them all and her small collection of bodies would grow.

“Mistress! Are you okay? Do you require assistance? Or maybe just a place to sit?”

Queen Vaquel snarled. Who was disturbing her pussy eating? Who would dare?

“Ignore him,” the voice said. Yes, that was a good idea.

The woman between her thighs added a finger to her licking. Queen Vaquel squirmed as she was licked and finger fucked at the same time.

“Come in, Mistress! I am worried that you are not responding! Also, how long have you been walking? Have you sat down? Are you sweaty? Do you need me to come down there so you can sit your sweaty ass on me?”

Queen Vaquel felt another orgasm coming but the voice was annoying. Who did it belong to? Did she have another throne? Why did she allow it to talk?

“Just come,” the voice said. “Ignore it and come.”

Queen Vaquel pushed the woman’s head away from her sex. “Who is telling me what to do? No one commands me! I am Queen Vaquel!”

“No one said anything,” the woman said. Her face was shiny from Vaquel’s pussy. Come was smeared on her cheeks.

The red scepter flashed. Queen Vaquel remembered claiming this planet. She remembered the warlords she had slain, the slaves she had taken and the orgies she had conducted. Everything that was good in this world was good because of her. It was time for her to claim her reward and let a million people fuck her. This, she deserved.

“Please, respond Mistress! Do you require medical assistance? Have you been attacked? Is your beautiful ass okay?”

Chairbot! That was his name! he was insanely loyal to her because her ass triggered pleasure responses in his programming. She remembered now!

Queen Vaquel stood up. The woman tried to go back to licking Vaquel but she pushed her away. The woman fell backwards and let out a groan. Her eyes stared back lifelessly.

Four bodies were piled before her. A million more were waiting. In time, the million would become the pile. The pile would become a mountain.

Vaquel remembered. She had climbed a mountain. She had found a Queen.

“Sit and come,” the voice said.

“Already did,” Vaquel said back.

The red scepter flashed. A memory of conquest and glory came to mind but she pushed it out.

“Thanks for the fucks,” Vaquel said. She swung the scepter down to the ground with all of her might.

The scepter exploded into a million shards. The sun went away and darkness surrounded her once more. The millions of loyal subjects vanished and were replaced with a mountain of dead aliens beneath her.

Vaquel placed her hand on her sex. The spacesuit fabric got in her way. Her pussy ached like it had been fucked. It still shuddered with the feeling of the last woman’s tongue.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “What the fuck was that all about?”

“Mistress! Are you okay?”

“Chairbot, get down here right away,” Vaquel said. “My tired ass needs a ride back to the surface.”

Chairbot cheered. Vaquel laughed. She’d take one real loyal subject over a million imagined ones any day.

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  1. That could be a very dangerous scepter in but the Empress E. would probably just use it as a dildo and toss it aside.

    • Erishella probably has a closet full of mind control items that don’t work on her enhanced genes.

  2. *blinks* Disturbingly hot. Great fantasy fucking though!

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