May 202015

Felicia Grafal Flores drove down the highway. She was headed to the used bookstore with a stack of read books. It was that perfect time of the morning for the driving. Everyone else was at work and lunch was another hour or so.

Hopefully the bookstore would be just as empty. That would let her linger and watch the face of whoever processed her used books. All of Felicia’s books were erotica and she loved seeing the employees’ reactions. Sometimes they said nothing and tried to keep stoic faces. Other times they would blush and try to flirt with her. Either way, it would turn her on and give her something to fantasize about when she rubbed herself back in the car.

It was a fun game but for some reason, Felicia wasn’t feeling it today. Maybe it was the heat. Summer had come early and it brought a dry heat that even her Puerto Rican upbringing found oppressing. It did give her an excuse to wear her lightest summer dresses and she liked the way she could expose more of her dark skin but it was still just too hot. She was thinking more of the air conditioning at the book store than she was the blushing employees.

Exit 385 came up. Felicia drifted towards the exit. 385A was on the right and where she needed to go to turn off towards the book store. She had come this way a hundred times and knew it by heart.

Felicia licked her lip. It was a pretty summer day. Maybe she should try something new.

She went past Exit 385A and turned towards 385B. She had never been this way before.

The highway curved around a hill. The trees became a lighter shade of green and bright red flowers dotted the side of the road. A billboard advertised a chicken finger place she had never heard off. The road was damp from a recent rain.

A woman stood up the side of the road. Felicia thought she was wearing a small bikini at first but no, the woman was actually topless. Her large tanned breasts jiggled as the woman waved at Felicia.

Felicia thought she might be a hitchhiker. She thought about slowing down and asking when she saw another woman further down the road. This woman was black and much thinner but topless as well. That woman was waving too.

A third woman was further down the road and behind her, a fourth. They either wore shorts or bikini bottoms but all of them were topless. They stood by the side of the road and waved at her to stop.

Felicia felt a heat between her thighs greater than the heat outside. She knew that she had to stop. It wasn’t clear what they were offering but it didn’t matter. Felicia could always say no.

The only question was who to stop for? Did she stop for the cute short girl with the blonde pigtails? What about the bald black woman with the huge tits? The number of choices available was its own dilemma.

Felicia saw what she wanted. It was another Hispanic woman with dark skin, round tits and wide hips. They could have been cousins although none of Felicia’s cousins could have pulled off looking that good in blue jean shorts.

She brought the car to a stop next to the Hispanic woman. The window rolled down and warm moist air came in. It was so much cooler than where Felicia had come from. She was instantly jealous.

“Hi,” the woman said as she came closer. Long black hair framed her face on either side. She leaned down and her large tits dangled inside the window.

Felicia resisted the urge to lick the firm nipple in front of her. She tried not to stare and failed. The smell of coco butter drifted from the woman’s breasts.

“I just need to see your Driver’s License first,” the woman said.

“Of course,” Felicia said. She didn’t understand why but it didn’t matter. Felicia had learned to adapt in new places. She took her wallet out and fished out her license.

The woman took it from her and gave it a careful look. She nodded with satisfaction and pulled out a small device from her shorts pocket. The edge of the card went into the device and there was a click sound. She passed the card back to Felicia and she stole a quick glance. A small circle had been punched out of her card.

“Is that all?” Felicia asked.

The woman chuckled and leaned into the window. “Of course not,” she said.

The woman’s hand pulled up Felicia’s skirt to reveal Felicia’s hairy sex. Felicia never wore panties on her trips to the bookstore. The woman moaned and ran her fingers through Felicia’s thick bush. She was already wet.

“Fuck,” Felicia moaned. She spread her legs wider and shifted her hips. Felicia reached down and pressed the woman’s hand hard against her sex.

The woman leaned towards Felicia and pressed her breast to Felicia’s lips. Felicia was eager to kiss and bite gently down on the woman’s full tits. She tasted sweat, lotion and the sun on her skin.

Felicia groaned into the woman’s tit as the woman’s fingers sunk into Felicia’s sex. Nimble fingers slipped easily into the wet grip of Felicia’s pussy. The woman’s thumb pressed against Felicia’s clitoris as the other fingers glided deeper in.

“I love getting girls off,” the woman said. “We don’t get nearly enough girls on this road.”

Felicia answered with a groan. She sought out the woman’s nipple and flicked her tongue over it. The woman shuddered but she never stopped stroking Felicia’s sex.

The woman knew what was doing. Chills ran up and down Felicia’s body. The fingers slipped and pushed and stroked and fucked like they were made for Felicia’s sex. How many pussies had this woman stroked? How many women had she gotten off? It must have been a lot because she was doing better than even Felicia’s husband.

Felicia groaned as she thought of her husband. He would love to come down this road. He would have Felicia sit in the passenger seat and watch this hot Hispanic woman jerk him off. When he was about to come, he would force Felicia’s head down onto his spurting cock as the woman kept jerking him.

The woman reacted to Felicia’s clenching sex. She stroked faster and plunged her fingers deeper into Felicia’s wet pussy. She finger fucked Felicia hard and Felicia’s sex fucked her back.

“Fuck!” Felicia screamed into the woman’s tit. As the woman kept stroking, Felicia bit down hard on the woman’s abundant breast. She kept biting as the woman brought her to a second, a third and finally a fourth orgasm.

“Enough, enough,” Felicia groaned. The woman stopped immediately. She pulled her hand away and brought her fingers to her mouth. She looked Felicia in the eye as she sucked Felicia’s juices off her fingers.

“That was amazing,” Felicia said. A large bite mark remained on the woman’s breast.

“Just your tax dollars at work,” the woman said. “You have three more left on your card for this year.”

“That’s good to know,” Felicia said. It was rare that she could ever return to a new place but it had happened. It wouldn’t hurt to try.

“Take care,” the woman said as she stood up. She backed away from the car and waved. “Drive safely.”

Felicia blew the woman a kiss and started her car. She left her skirt pulled up and placed a hand on her sex. She was still quivering from the orgasms.

She drove down the road. She saw a few more topless women but they were gone after the next turn. The sun came back out and there were no more red flowers. A mile later, she saw a street name she recognized and turned onto it. The bookstore would be about two miles away.

Felicia pressed her hand against her sex. She was still wet. The taste of the woman’s breast lingered in her mouth.

She was going to tease the fuck out of whoever was working at the bookstore today

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