Apr 222015

Felicia Grafal Flores pushed through the crowd of people. Aunts tried to kiss her, uncles tried to hug her, female cousins tried to remember her name, male cousins tried to look down her cleavage, nieces tried to hide their envy of Felicia’s body while nephews tried to hide embarrassing erections. It was a typical wedding for the extended Flores family.

Normally Felicia would mingle but the ceremony would be starting soon. One thing even a bad Catholic girl like Felicia knew was that wedding ceremonies took forever. There would be readings, invocations and speeches. Felicia’s plump bottom could handle the hard pews and her husband, Emil, would flirt with her to keep her awake but none of those could help a full bladder.

Felicia didn’t know her way around this church. They had traveled across state to her second cousin-in-law on her Emil’s father’s sister’s side for this wedding. She looked over the sea of brown faces for a restroom sign.

She saw her aunt Alma instead. Worse, her aunt Alma saw her. The woman waved at Felicia and pushed her way towards her.

Felicia looked for an escape. If Aunt Alma cornered her, it was a guaranteed half hour of Alma talking about her daughter. Felicia had no interest in learning what accomplishments her sainted cousin had achieved this time.

She saw a hallway no one was using. Felicia mouthed “Sorry, restroom!” to her aunt and ducked into the hallway. There were three doors and none of them were marked. She went through the first one and hoped her aunt would give up looking for her.

“Kneel,” a voice said. Powerful hands grabbed both her arms and held them straight out.

Felicia dropped to her knees with practiced ease. She learned to adapt fast in new places. Two robed figures stood to either side her. Their hands were pale white under their green robes and certainly not family members. Hoods covered their faces.

“What’s going on?” Felicia asked. The robed people didn’t answer so she looked around. Red candles illuminated a cavern too large for the church she had just left. Blue lines had been painted into the rocky ground and formed strange designs. A hot wind came from deep within the cave.

A robed man stepped out of the darkness. She knew he was a man because his cock was sticking out of his green robe. It was large and thick though not as large as Emil’s. The man was carrying an open book and he read from it as he approached her.

“Kozza Joiu, Kozza Freq. Vakkaz Roo Ghriq Odda.”

It was gibberish. Feicia understood none of wit. He stopped in front of her, his pulsing cock inches from her face.

She knew what she was to do but she waited. Felicia was a bad catholic woman but she was enough of one to recognize a ritual in progress. Doing the wrong thing in a ritual was bad in any religion.

A hand grabbed the back of Felicia’s head and pushed her forward. She opened her mouth and the thick cock entered her lips. The two men to either side maintained their grip on her arms; holding them straight out as if some sort of parody of the crucifixion.

Felicia giggled at the thought with the cock in her mouth. Aunt Alma would die of horror if she could see her now.

The hooded man kept reading. It was all nonsense but then again so was much of Latin. She didn’t understand it but she felt its importance to the others.

The hand in her hair moved her head back and forth. Felicia wondered if they were male or female. The hand was too strong to resist, not that Felicia was. It moved her back and forth along the length of the cock with steady ease.

For her part, Felicia sucked. She closed her lips tightly around the reading man. Her tongue flicked along his cock as she was pulled back and forth. She tried to look up at the man she was sucking but all she saw was the leather cover of the book he was reading.

“Kozza Joiu!” the man shouted.

“Kozza Freq!” the voices around Felicia answered.

Desire pooled between Felicia’s thighs. Being forced to suck someone off was in her top five fantasies. Doing something nasty in a church was in her top ten. Being used in a mysterious ritual wasn’t on her list but it was now.

Felicia wanted to reach between her thighs. She wanted to hike her conservative church skirt up and rub her hairy sex. She had skipped wearing panties because they had travelled across state and she never knew what could happen at new places.

“Kozza Deem!” the man shouted.

“Kozza Ahm!” the voices answered.

The hand at her head went faster. It gripped her long black hair painfully tight. Her scalp burned as her hair was pulled. Felicia choked and spit fell from her lips. She had been face fucked before many times but never like this.

The hooded man kept reading. His cock throbbed in her mouth as she sucked him. He hit the back of her throat many times as she was forced onto his cock. His balls slapped against her chin with every thrust.

“Kozza Lozza!” the man shouted.

Kozza Ia!” the voices answered.

Felicia parted her thighs. She hoped one of her assailants would take the hint. If Emil was here, he would stroke her. He would reach under her skirt and rub her hairy pussy. Her husband would whisper terrible things to her as she sucked another man’s cock.

There was a rumble from the ground. A great shaking vibration travelled up Felicia’s kneeling legs. She tried to sit back to press her ass or her sex to the vibrating ground but the hooded figures held her arms tightly.

“Kozza Ereg!” the man shouted.

The hand shoving Felicia’s head suddenly stopped. Dizziness swept over her but she kept her lips tight. The hooded man groaned and a deluge of seed filled her mouth. It tasted sweet and was thicker than she was expecting. She swallowed and swallowed but yet he kept coming. Eventually she choked and his seed spilled from her mouth.

The robed people picked her up from her knees. She cried out as the one holding her hair yanked her head back. Her eyes stared up into the dark corners of the cavern as they turned her around. They opened the door that she came in from and pushed her back out.

She was free. Felicia looked at the church hallway as the door closed behind her. She stumbled a few steps down the hallway. Her jaw was sore, her scalp hurt and her knees were almost numb from the ground shaking.

The crowd of family members was lining up to be seated. Emil spotted her and walked over to her. Felicia smiled as she took his arm for support.

“The wedding is starting soon,” he said. “Where were you?”

“I’ll tell you when you fuck me later,” Felicia said.

Emil groaned and his eyes brightened. He loved hearing about the new places she went.

“You have some come on your chin,” he whispered as they took their place.

Felicia wiped it off and realized she never did get to use the restroom.

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  1. Heh, a very fun story. I liked the submission but also how not everything is explained.

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