Apr 292015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-one of my fifty-two day journey to the stars system designated “Queen’s Obedient Mouth Slave” by Royal Astronomers. This is despite the incompetence of the assholes that created my probe ship. I am logging seven breakdowns a day ranging from inconsequential systems like radiation signal translation to vital systems like my damn pulsing water massager! I have been doing repairs non stop and have put Chairbot to work as well although he lacks fingers.

This is insane! How the fuck am I supposed to make to another star system with such a piece of shit vehicle? Did the warranty expire? Execute all of the people who fabricated my ship. Execute the engineers who designed it! Kill them all! KILL THEM ALL! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Gods of the Underworld! The fucking propulsion drive just kicked off again! Queen damn it!

Vaquel Di leaned back on Chairbot. The space explorer was naked and sweaty. The air cooler system had stopped working two hours ago and it wasn’t as vital as the oxygen recycler she had just finished repairs on. Her dark brown body glistened with sweat and her short pink hair was plastered to her head.

She was leaving a wet spot of sweat on Chairbot’s chassis but the robot seemed to like it. Everything was falling apart but as long as her plump brown ass was on Chairbot, he didn’t care. She envied his simplicity and resented it at the same time.

The space explorer knew she needed to get up and fix the propulsion drive but shit, she would have to crawl through a service duct and pray she could repair it from her limited vantage point. If she had to leave the ship to fix it, she would then have to pray that the environmental seals held and she wouldn’t lose her atmosphere.

Vaquel shook her head. It was better if she just stayed here. Either way she was fucked but if she didn’t check on it, then she wouldn’t know how fucked she was. Maybe she should savor the moment of not knowing a little longer.

Something beeped on the control panel before her. It was a sound she didn’t recognize.

“What is it, Mistress?” Chairbot said. “You don’t need to get up, do you?”

Vaquel stood up just to spite the ass-loving robot. The groan of disappointment was the one joy she had experienced in the last seventy-hours.

She reached the panel and pressed a flashing button. A tiny door opened and inside was a small box. There was a label with the Royal Navy seal on it.

“Emergency Morale Booster”

Vaquel smiled. There must be a program in the logging software that looked for signs of depression or despair. She had no doubt that she qualified for whatever emergency moral boost the navy could give her. It was a surprise that she hadn’t triggered it earlier but the last month had been true shit.

Was it drugs? A rare alcohol? Chocolate? Vaquel couldn’t wait to find out.

The box was heavy and Vaquel hoped that meant it was a lot of drugs. She opened the lid and peeked inside.

It was a butt plug.

Vaquel pulled it out. The plug portion had a beautiful image of Queen Erishella imprinted on it. The queen was naked and her long curly black hair did nothing to hide the curves of her body. She held the lips of her sex open as if inviting a licking. The power of her stare and the smile of her lips made it clear that licking her sex was less of an invitation and more a command.

Something was written along the circumference of the plug. “Feel my strength inside you.”

Vaquel frowned. The plug was rather large. She gave it a squeeze. It was firm and unyielding, much like the queen herself. It would be a painful beast inside her. Fuck that.

“How is that supposed to boost morale?” Chairbot asked.

“Fuck if I know,” Vaquel said.


“Yes, I know!” Vaquel snapped. If she delayed any longer, it would have a noticeable effect on her arrival time at the next star system and at this rate, Vaquel might need to make it to an inhabitable planet before her ship fell completely apart.

Vaquel took another look at the butt-plug. Fuck, what did she have to loose?

“Lube me, Chairbot,” Vaquel said. She bent over and pointed her ass at the robot. She reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks.

Chairbot rolled into position. She was glad that she had added a lube squirter to his frame back before everything started breaking down. The robot sprayed her ass with lubricant warmed by his internal motors. Hot lube sprayed onto her round backside and Vaquel made sure her asshole got plenty of it.

“Ninety percent lubrication has been achieved!” Chairbot said. There was pep in his mechanical voice. The next best thing to touching ass was spraying it.

Vaquel took the morale boosting butt-plug and pressed it against her tight asshole. She wondered if her plug had been designed specifically for her ass or if it was just standard issue. She tried to relax and pushed the plug against her ass.

The plug slid slowly in. her ass struggled to surround it. It was too big. It was too much. There wasn’t enough lube and there might not be enough lube in the entire galaxy.

Vaquel kept pushing. It seemed to sink a millimeter at a time into her ass. Fire burned in her ass but Vaquel kept pushing. She was already at her mental limit with all of the breakdowns; she might as well hit her physical limits as well.

“Keep going, Mistress!” Chairbot cheered. “Take it all!”

Vaquel groaned and kept pushing. She imagined it was the thick cock of a Navy Admiral. No, it was the cock of one of the Queen’s personal bedslaves. No, it was a pseudo-cock wielded by Queen Erishella herself. The Queen was penetrating her ass and would accept nothing less than her complete submission.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out as the plug slipped in. It was inside her. Only the handle was sticking out. Her ass was being stretched and violated by the cruel morale aid given by a crueler Queen.


“Yes,” Vaquel whispered. She stood up on uncertain legs. Chairbot rolled out of her way.

She took a step and groaned. The plug was massive in her ass. She swore she could feel the plug pressing against her empty sex. She kept walking while the weight shifted painfully within her.

Vaquel moved her hand down to between her thighs. She was soaked. Her fingers lingered before she remembered her task.

“Computer, open service hatch #8,” Vaquel said.

The service hatch on the floor opened. Vaquel squatted down, wincing with discomfort. She realized that she had forgotten her tools. A groan left her lips as she thought about standing up. It would be unbearable.

She stood up anyway. It was just as she imagined. The heavy plug shifted and held her asshole open while her butt clenched in pain. New desire surged between her thighs and Vaquel was tempted to forget the repairs and just finger herself silly.

“Later,” she promised herself.

Vaquel grabbed her tool pouch and squatted back down again. The plug made her ass feel like it was about to burst. She winced and crawled into the service hatch.

It was hotter inside the small crawl space. Light activated automatically to guide her way although half of the lights didn’t come on at all. A small circulation fan turned on but it only went half the speed it was supposed to.

Vaquel shook her head and pushed her tool pouch ahead of her. There was barely enough room to be on her hands and knees. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth; dripping sweat onto the floor. Every movement of her knees sent a jolt to the heavy weight inside her ass. No matter what Vaquel tried, the plug was a constant reminder of the ongoing penetration of her sensitive ass.

The discomfort was offset by the arousal in her sex. Desire dripped down from her soaked sex. The presence of the plug that filled her ass so completely reminded her of how empty her sex was. It had been weeks since she had a good relaxing masturbation without worrying about something breaking down. It had been even longer since someone had actually fucked her. Why couldn’t the emergency morale boost be a vibrator instead? A good buzzing fuck would cheer her the fuck up.

Vaquel crawled to the end of the service corridor. The panel for the propulsion drive was in front of her. An orange glow surrounded the panel.

The sight of the glow was bad news. The glow was from the Gortug field that should be surrounding the outside of the ship, not the inside of the drive itself. The Gortug field was what allowed the ship to travel at beyond light speed and did funny things to the laws of physics. Vaquel had no idea of the field itself was safe to touch.

She stayed there in the corridor and thought about her training. Sweat continued to drip down her nearly exhausted body. The plug enforced a constant pressure inside her ass.

Vaquel tossed a sonic driver at the field.

The drive hit the field and fell to the ground. It shook a little but didn’t blow up or burst into pieces.

All that proved was that any exposure to the field didn’t cause any visible harm. For all Vaquel knew, it could be radioactive or fuck up her blood stream. The smart move would be to crawl back to the hatch and consult her ship wiki.

Vaquel’s ass clenched around the plug. She would have to crawl backwards. If anything was in her way, she wouldn’t know it until her ass bumped into it.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. She reached out and put her hand in the field.

A tingling sensation came from her hand. It was hard for Vaquel to describe. It wasn’t the tingling of sleeping on your arm, and it wasn’t the tingling from grabbing something that vibrated. This was different. It was prickly, stingy, and tingly at the same time.

“It’s my nerves,” Vaquel said. It made a kind of sense. The Gortug field altered light and mass. Maybe it was altering how her sensory nerves were receiving signals.

She pulled her hand out. The tingling stopped. Still, that didn’t guarantee that long term exposure wouldn’t cause permanent damage.


“No,” Vaquel said. She couldn’t allow that to happen. Permanent damage wouldn’t mean a thing if she was marooned out in space.

Vaquel crawled to the drive. Her fingers tingled as the opened the panel. Once the panel was open, the Gortug field expanded to envelop the top half of her chest.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. Her lips tingled with what felt like tiny microscopic bites. A million pricks jabbed the flesh of her face and neck. Her nipples hardened as the tingling engulfed her swinging breasts. A stinging sensation went down her back that wasn’t unpleasant at all.

There were other effects. She saw triples of everything and the colors were wrong. It sounded like twenty different songs were playing at the same time. She tasted meat and sugar on her tongue.

Vaquel yanked her head back. It took a moment for her senses to return to normal. There was no way she could fix the drive with her brain messed up like that.

She leaned in a few centimeters away from the glow and took a look inside the drive. A projector dish had fallen out. A power cable was disconnected. A collection of screws rolled around on the ground.

“Gods of the Underworld,” Vaquel swore. How did screws undo themselves? Was it some sort of vibration? Shit, she needed the find the source of that vibration and hump it.


“Yeah, I know,” Vaquel said. She picked up the sonic driver and went to work.

The tingling returned to her hands as soon as she entered the field. It was hard for her to keep a grip on things. It felt like she was holding a cube of ice, a rolling ball and a rubber grip at the same time. She ignored the sensations and relied on her eyes instead.

She had to lean in closer to pick up the projection disk. The front half of her tits entered the Gortug field. The prickling, biting, tingling swept over her nipples and sensitive flesh.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned.

She involuntarily clenched down on the plug in her ass. The plug didn’t budge. It stayed in her ass, pulling and pushing her poor asshole beyond its limits.

Vaquel scooped some screws and tried to reinstall the dish. It was a delicate balancing act. She had to use both hands and she couldn’t lean on anything because it would put her head back into the Gortug field. The tingling running up and down her arms were distracting but nowhere near as distracting as the tingling on her tits. They felt like they were being squeezed, bitten, pulled, slapped, kissed, caressed and mauled.

As powerful as the Gortug field was on her tits, somehow it didn’t compare to what was happening to her asshole. The Queen’s plug was unchanging and rigid. It didn’t pulse or vibrate; it simply was. Vaquel’s ass was stretched around an unforgiving object and despite everything happening to her tits and arms, Vaquel couldn’t help focus on the plug.

She remembered the words on the plug. “Feel my strength inside you.” Vaquel felt it. On her world, there was no one more important, no one more indomitable and no one more essential than the Queen. The Queen simply was and Vaquel felt a piece of the Queen’s unconquerable strength inside her.

Vaquel kept working. The dish had six points of connection and each had to be carefully screwed back in. That meant more time with her hands and tits in the Gortug field. Her back began to ache with the unusual arch she was maintaining but she ignored it. She tried to turn her attention instead to the Queen’s plug which exerted far greater demands on her ass.

The Gortug field was not so easy to ignore. Every inch of her tits was alive with sensation. Her breasts felt impossibly large as every nerve fired contradictory stimuli. Pain became pleasure and became pain again in an endless cycle.

Vaquel’s attention wondered. Every time she felt a bite, she wondered how long it had been since someone actually bit her tits. When she felt a caress, she tried to recall who the last sentient being to grope her was. On and on the sensations came and while they were arousing, they were also reminding her of her loneliness out here in deep space.

She dropped one of the screws. “Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She fished around for it and found it with her fingers. Luckily the screw hadn’t rolled somewhere she couldn’t reach.

Vaquel realized that she might not be so lucky next time. She needed to focus more. With nothing else to rely on, she clenched down on the enormous plug in her ass.

Pain blossomed from the core of her ass. There was no confusing neural response there. It was all pain and discomfit.

Queen Erishella would have approved.

The last screw locked into place. The dish wouldn’t activate until the power cable had been reattached. Once it was powered up, the Gortug field should realign itself and surround the ship. The power cable was easy enough to do and she could do it one handed.

A smile crossed Vaquel’s lips. Since she had to endure the peculiarities of the field, she figured that she might as well get something good from it.

Vaquel pulled her right hand free of the field. Her skin still crawled as the misfiring neurons calmed down. Not caring to recover first, Vaquel plunged her fingers into her wet sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel shouted in the small service corridor. Her fingers couldn’t feel shit but her sex certainly did. She clenched tightly around her fingers as she fucked herself.

The weight of the plug pulled at her ass. The stimulation of her breasts by the Gortug field continued. Her back hurt from keeping this pose but the pain was just another added sensation for her aroused body.


“Fuck off!” Vaquel yelled. “Give me one damn minute!”

The power cable was in her other hand. All she had to do was stretch it and plug it in. It would take ten seconds if not less.

Vaquel had no intention of doing that anytime soon.

Feeling returned to her fingers. She could feel how slick she was. Pubic hair and pussy lips rubbed against her hand.

She thought about plunging her sex into the Gortug field. What would it be like? Bites and thrusts? Pinches and licks? Burns and thick cocks?

The thought was tempting. It would be glorious or disastrous. Vaquel debated it as she stroked deeper.

While she daydreamed, the Queen’s plug stayed in her ass. She could feel it with her hand on some of the deeper thrusts. It was a painful reminder of her service to the Queen as well as a reminder of the Queen’s mercy.

Vaquel shook her head. She wasn’t going to plunge her sex into unsafe space flight field. The girth of the Queen’s plug was all the glory she needed today.

She stroked deeper. Her fingers were a blur inside her wet sex. She leaned in closer to the Gortug field and let the weird sensations creep up her neck. The plug in her ass shifted and exerted new pressure on her poor ass.

The climax was sudden. Pleasure exploded from her sex that was elementally pure bliss. The plug shook in Vaquel’s ass as her body quivered.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried out and she meant every word. It was as if the Queen herself was fingering Vaquel’s ass.


“Fuck it!” Vaquel said and she plugged the power cable in. The message cut off and the field retracted; hopefully redirected outside.

“Can’t even enjoy a damn orgasm,” Vaquel swore.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled over the comm. “Engines are back online and compensating for the velocity variant.”

“Another damn thing fixed on this damned ship,” Vaquel said. She pulled her wet fingers out of her sex and gathered her tools. By the time she was done, the tool pouch was shiny from her pussy juices.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “The hydrogen probe just went offline!”

Vaquel laughed. Of course it did. She would handle it though. If she could handle the Queen’s gift, she could deal with anything.

She began to crawl backwards, the Queen’s moral booster impaled in her sweaty brown ass.

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  1. I love that one. Personal, visceral, and completely absurd. Thank you.

  2. This was fantastic! So bizarre, and so hot :)

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